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Knowledge Associates International, now officially Knowledge Associates Cambridge and formerly Knowledge Associates, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Certified Knowledge Management Competency training workshop 1)
  • Knowledge and Benefits Management Certification 2)
  • Knowledge Asset Management Certification


  • Knowledge Management Practitioners Certificate
  • Knowledge Management Consulting Certificate (Online / Workshop)
  • 3/5 day Knowledge Management Consulting Methodology Accreditation

Graduate Programs

  • MSc in Knowledge Management (full-/part-time)** 3)


(public/in person, (specially designed) in-house, online)

  • Standard public courses 2017:
    – Strategic Knowledge Asset Management Executive briefing – 3 hours
    – Knowledge Management Certification Seminar – 1 Day
    – ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Standard Seminar – 1 Day
    – Knowledge Asset Management Certification and Masterclass – 2 Days
    – Knowledge Asset Management Accreditation and Consulting Methodology (Anglia Ruskin Cambridge University Accreditation, Masters level 7) – 30 hours lectures
    – 2 Day ‘Effective 21st Century knowledge working skills’ workshop, using KNOWLEDGER
  • Free Knowledge Management Practitioners Insight
  • 30 minute Introduction to Knowledge Management (Online)
  • Online Knowledge Management Fundamentals Seminar
  • Knowledge Manangement Fundamentals/Seminar/Workshop, in person
  • On-line ‘What is Knowledge Management?’ Discussion Forum, which has been specifically structured around the book and seminar
  • Knowledge Management Masterclass, in person
  • Customised, in-house Knowledge Management Education
  • New Thinking seminars
  • Knowledge Asset Management seminars / training
  • Knowledge Asset Management learning programmes
  • Knowledge Management Seminar Class
  • Writing a Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop
  • Effective virtual team working Workshop
  • Personal Knowledge Management (Online / Class)
  • Building a successful Knowledge Business online class
  • 5hrs Strategic Knowledge Management Executive briefing
  • 2 day Knowledge Management Fundamentals & Implementation Workshop
  • 1 day advanced Knowledge Management Masterclass
  • Specially Designed Courses on tipics in Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Management
  • 1 day Knowledge Management and Innovation Fundamentals Seminar
  • …Knowledge Management Education (Ron Young schedule)
  • Executive Briefing Series
    – Knowledge Management
    – Corporate Competencies for Strategic Advantage


  • International Conference on Knowledge Asset Management (KAM)
  • Knowledge Management Showcase, January 24th – 25th, 2002, Hong Kong 4)

Communities / Course Material

  • Knowledge Management Online


  • Knowledge Associates Annual Lecture, CASS Business School (City, University of London)

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