Knowledge Management & Innovation for Legal Conference (KM&I for Legal Conference)

Knowledge Management & Innovation for Legal Conference (KM&I for Legal Conference)

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The Knowledge Management & Innovation for Legal Conference (KM&I for Legal Conference), organized by InspireKM Consulting, is focusing on value, innovaton, and knowledge management for legal professionals. It is an event for Knowledge Management and innovaiton profressionals of all levels.

Conference History:

2nd KM&I for Legal Conference 2024, October 17-18, 2024, New York, NY, USA

(Co-organizer: TBD)

    Conference Program TBD

1st KM&I for Legal Conference 2023, October 12-13, 2023, New York, NY, USA

(Co-organizer: Fireman & Company)

    Leading Through Change, Complexity, and Disruption
    Winning Strategies for Winning New Business: Insights on Innovation from a Chief Legal Officer

    Plenary Sessions:
    Green Eggs and Knowledge Management: Building a Firm-Wide KM Program From the Ground Up
    Inside Innovation: Views From a Law Firm and In-House Legal Department
    Getting Buy-In for Process Automation and Legal Tech Adoption
    Transforming the Legal Lanscape: Gunderson’s Journey to Shape the Future of Law
    Client-first Strategies: Using Knowledge Management (KM) & Innovation for Business & Client Development
    No Hallucinations: Firms Share Actual AI Implementations
    Help Me Help You: Becoming an Ideal Client for Your Vendors
    Changing the Game: Lessons in Innovation from an American Classic
    Smooth Transitions: Ensuring Effective Succession Planning In KM & Innovation Leadership
    (CANCELLED) The End of KM as We Know It: Embedding Knowledge Management for Optimal Efficiency

    Breakout Sessions:
    C-Suite Roundtable
    Knowledge Management & Innovation 101 Roundtable
    Knowledge Management Attorney Roundtable
    User Experience Roundtable
    Practical Project Management Roundtable

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