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The Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro), for some time the Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society (KMPro), 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)™
  • Advanced certification program
    • Certified Knowledge Management Professional (CKMP)™
    • Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP)™
  • Certified Knowledge Worker (CKW)™ **
  • Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS)™ **


  • KM Mentor™ Workshop Series**
  • KM Fundamentals Workshop (CKW)™ **


  • The Innovative Enterprise World Summit (KMPro’s Annual Conference), October 19-22, Boston, MA, USA
    (supported by APQC; co-located: ARMA International’s Annual Conference and Expo)
    Conference Theme: Proven Solutions for creating, retaining & leveraging expertise
    Pre- & Post-Conference Workshops (Oct 19/22): Demystifying Knowledge Management: A Basic Primer on Knowledge Management Fundamentals and a Visionary Look at Where Knowledge Management is Headed; Create the Knowledge Imperative: Advanced Workshop on Why and How to “Create a Learning Organization” (the workshops provide ten (10) Certification Units towards the fifty required for Knowledge Management Certification)


  • CKM Net – The KM NETWORK for Certified Knowledge Managers (CKM) and other KM Certifications!!!
  • virtualCKM – a collaborative environment for those holding Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)™ certifications
  • Chapters worldwide
  • Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB) 2)
  • Regional Chapters:**
    • North America: Washington, DC; New Jersey State; Chicago, IL; New England 3); New York City; Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach); Silicon Valley, CA; Baltimore/Annapolis Junction, MD; Richmond, VA; St. Louis, MO; Cleveland, OH; Northwest (US) Chapter (Seattle, WA to Portland, OR); Burlington Ontario, Canada; Burnaby (near Vancouver), BC Canada; …
    • Europe: London, UK
    • Asia/SE Asia: Bangalore, India; Hong Kong; Malaysia; Singapore
    • Middle East: Kuwait; Israel


New England KMPro Breakfast Meetings 4)

  • Sep 2004: Techniques to Secure “Buy-in” for Knowledge Management Initiatives (by the independent New England KMForum)
    Aug 2004: Defining the “Content” in “Content Management”
    Jul 2004: Keeping Content Fresh
    Jun 2004: Examples of Taxonomies & Ontologies
    Jun 2004: Knowledge Assets: Leveraging their Value at Raytheon: A Case Study (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    May 2004: Differentiating Taxonomies and Ontologies
    Apr 2004: Identifying Communities of Practice
    Apr 2004: Knowledge Sharing: The Customer/Client Relationship: What We Can Learn from Healthcare Providers (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Mar 2004: Beginning Knowledge Mapping Workshop
    Feb 2004: Where is Enterprise Knowledge Being Captured?
    Jan 2004: The Role of Records Management in the Knowledge Organization
  • Dec 2003: IT Infrastructure and Applications for Managing Regulatory Information
    Nov 2003: Regulatory Content Resources
    Accelerating Innovation by Leveraging Intellectual Capital, November 4, 2003 (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Oct 2003: Informatics
    Aug 2003: Enterprise Search
    Jul 2003: Search and Retrieval on the Web
    Jun 2003: Taxonomy
    Jun 2003: Establishing the ROI of Investments in Knowledge Management Initiatives: Predicting & Measuring Success (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    May 2003: How do You Demonstrate that Your New Knowledge Management Initiative Has Benefits?
    Apr 2003: Knowledge Management Reaps Benefits from IT Innovations in Big Pharma (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Apr 2003: Collaboration
    Mar 2003: TextPipe Pro
    Feb 2003: KMPro, New England Chapter organizing meeting

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