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The International Knowledge Management Professional Society (iKMPro), formerly the Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro) and for some time the Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society (KMPro),1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

KMPro Learning Center

Certification Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Worker (CKW)™ **
    – 2 days KM Fundamentals Workshop

      Theme One: Demystify Knowledge Management – The Fundamentals
      Theme Two: Applying Knowledge Management Techniques to your Workplace
  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)™ / e-Certified Knowledge Manager (eCKM)™
  • Advanced Professional Certification Program
    • Certified Knowledge Management Professional (CKMP)™ **
    • Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP)™ **
    • Master Certified Knowledge Manager (MCKM)™ **
  • Certified Knowledge Agent (CKA)™
  • Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS)™ **
  • Certified Knowledge Manager Instructor (CKMI)® **
  • Certified Lessons Learned Coordinator (CLLC)™


KM Mentor™ Workshop Series**


    KM101: Knowledge Management Fundamentals
    KM102: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals


    KM111: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Workers
    KM121: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Sales/Marketing
    KM122: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for IT
    KM123: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Product Developers
    KM151: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Managers/Leaders
    KM191: Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Executives


    KM211: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Workers
    KM212: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Workers
    KM221: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Sales/Marketing
    KM222: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for IT
    KM223: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Product Developers
    KM251: Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Managers/Leaders
    KM291: Advanced Knowledge Management for ExecutivesWorkshops


    KM301: Introduction to Knowledge Management Practices, Tools and Methods for Knowledge Managers/Leaders
    KM302: Advanced Knowledge Management Practices, Tools and Methods for Knowledge Managers/Leaders
    KM401: Knowledge Management Leadership: Tools, Methods, and Practices
    KM500: Promote Strategic Knowledge Management Leadership


  • The Innovative Enterprise World Summit, October 19-22, 2003, Boston, MA, USA
    Conference Theme: Proven Solutions for creating, retaining & leveraging expertise
    (KMPro’s Annual Conference; supported by APQC)

    • Plenary: How to Kill Innovation and Knowledge Management Altogether; Knowledge Management Causal Mapping: Antecedents and Consequents of Knowledge Sharing; Narrative: The Carrier of Innovation; Relate People-Focused Knowledge Management to Business Goals; The Quest for Intelligent Organizations; What is the Future of Knowledge Management? Is Knowledge Management Dead…or Alive and Thriving? (panel); Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management
    • Track “Creating and Retaining Expertise”: E-Learning: A Key Strategic Knowledge Management Initiative (panel); A Change Agent’s Strategy for Implementing Knowledge Management at the Department of the Navy; Plugging the Brain Drain: Retaining Expertise in Today’s Organizations; Retaining Valuable Knowledge: Proactive Strategies to Deal with a Shifting Workforce; Building and Managing Enterprise Taxonomies; How to Foster an Open-minded Learning Environment for Innovation in Your Organization; A Penny For Your Thoughts?; Knowledge Management in Practice at a Management Consulting Firm
    • Track “Proven Knowledge Management Solutions”: Retaining Key Knowledge During Corporate Restructuring; New World; New Leadership; The Journey Begins: American Express Technology Organization Races into Organizational Networks to Drive Business Results and Employee Development; Twenty Years of a Best Practice: After Action Reviews at the Army’s National Training Center; A Continuing Journey to Define a Knowledge Management Framework; Collaborative Knowledge Management in a High Tech Call Center
    • Pre- & Post-Conference Workshops (Oct 19/22): Demystifying Knowledge Management: A Basic Primer on Knowledge Management Fundamentals and a Visionary Look at Where Knowledge Management is Headed; Create the Knowledge Imperative: Advanced Workshop on Why and How to “Create a Learning Organization” (the workshops provide ten (10) Certification Units towards the fifty required for Knowledge Management Certification)
    • Co-located Conference: ARMA International’s Annual Conference and Expo


  • Knowledge Management Month, October 2006


  • Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB) 2)
  • KMPro KM Credentialing Committee (KMCC) 2)
  • Regional Chapters:**
    • North America: Atlanta, Baltimore (Greater Baltimore, Baltimore/Annapolis Junction), Boeing (near Seattle WA), Charlotte, Chicago 3), Cleveland OH, Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach), Houston, Kansas City, Leavenworth, Los Angeles, Michigan State (Detroit Metro), New England 4), New Jersey (Central NJ, New Jersey State), New York (Greater NYC, NY City), Northwest (US) Chapter (Seattle, WA to Portland, OR), Pittsburgh, Research Triangle Park, Richmond VA, San Diego, San Francisco/Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, Silicon Valley, St. Louis MO, South Florida, Washington DC 5)
      Burlington Ontario, British Columbia, Burnaby (near Vancouver), Halifax, Montreal, Toronto
    • South America: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, Venezuala
    • Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Bulgaria, France (Paris headquartered), Geneva, Greece-Cyprus, Groningen, Lisbon, Lithuania, London, Lugano, Madrid, Munich, Pisa, Poland, Scotland, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich
    • Asia: Dubai, Bangalore, Gauteng, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Lahore, Malaysia, Multan, Mumbai, New Dehli, Pakistan, Philippine, Prune, Saudi Arabia, Selangor, Seoul, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tokyo, Viet Nam
    • Africa: Lagos, Port-Harcourt
    • Australia: Melbourne
  • CKM Net – The KM NETWORK for Certified Knowledge Managers (CKM) and other KM Certifications!!!
  • virtualCKM – a collaborative environment for those holding Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)™ certifications


KMPro Chicago Chapter Meetings 3)
(2nd Tuesday every month)

    Oct 2004: Blogs in Business – A Discussion with a Panel of Experts
    Sep 2004: How Knowledge Management is driving business improvements at EDS
    Aug 2004: KMPro Summer Social Event
    Jul 2004: Social Networking – A Discussion with a Panel of Experts (Special Topics Series 2 – Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques)
    Jun 2004: Enterprise Content Management – A Case Study: Aon Corporation (Special Topics Series 2 – Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques)
    May 2004: Portal & Information Architecture Lessons (Special Topics Series 2 – Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques) (announced was: A Knowledge Management Sales Effectiveness Toolkit (Special Topics Series 2 – Focusing on Customers with Knowledge Management Solutions))
    Apr 2004: Knowledge Work as Craft (Special Topics Series 1 – Knowledge Management Strategies to Improve Business Performance)
    Mar 2004: The role of “Best Practices” in Knowledge and Business Process Management (Special Topics Series 1 – Knowledge Management Strategies to Improve Business Performance)
    Feb 2004: Taxonomies and Metadata (Special Topics Series 1 – Knowledge Management Strategies to Improve Business Performance)
    Jan 2004: Report from the top: Overview of the CKO Summit

    Dec 2003: Knowledge Management in the University: Emerging Technologies and Trends at Northwestern (Special Topics Series 1 – Knowledge Management Strategies to Improve Business Performance)
    Nov 2003: What is a Real Time Enterprise?
    Oct 2003: ?
    Sep 2003: A Nuggets-based Methodology for Designing and Managing Knowledge Management Systems
    Aug 2003: Expert Database for sharing R&D core competency information and skill set
    Jul 2003: Knowledge Management at Hewitt Associates: Reflections on the Journey
    Jun 2003: Knowledge Management: Current Challenges and Future Prospects
    May 2003: Storytelling in Knowledge Management: The IBM Cynefin Model and Case Studies (IBM, NASA, WorldBank)
    Apr 2003: The Future of Integrated Knowledge Management / Overview of Organizational Network Analysis
    Mar 2003: ?
    Feb 2003: What is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM & PIM)?
    Jan 2003: Total Knowledge Management – The Role of Expertise Management Solutions in a Knowledge Management Infrastructure

    Dec 2002: The Importance of Managed Vocabulary in Knowledge Management and the Practical Application of the Concept in SNOMED
    Nov 2002: Lasted Knowledge Management Research / Plum Tree
    Oct 2002: Featured speaker: Jean Egmon, Northwestern University
    Sep 2002: Knowledge Management Strategies at Accenture
    Aug 2002: (1st meeting) Featured technology – Harvard Business Online (e-Learning & Knowledge Management)

New England KMPro Breakfast Meetings 4)

    Sep 2004: Techniques to Secure “Buy-in” for Knowledge Management Initiatives (by the independent New England KMForum)
    Aug 2004: Defining the “Content” in “Content Management”
    Jul 2004: Keeping Content Fresh
    Jun 2004: Examples of Taxonomies & Ontologies
    Jun 2004: Knowledge Assets: Leveraging their Value at Raytheon: A Case Study (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    May 2004: Differentiating Taxonomies and Ontologies
    Apr 2004: Identifying Communities of Practice
    Apr 2004: Knowledge Sharing: The Customer/Client Relationship: What We Can Learn from Healthcare Providers (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Mar 2004: Beginning Knowledge Mapping Workshop
    Feb 2004: Where is Enterprise Knowledge Being Captured?
    Jan 2004: The Role of Records Management in the Knowledge Organization

    Dec 2003: IT Infrastructure and Applications for Managing Regulatory Information
    Nov 2003: Regulatory Content Resources
    Accelerating Innovation by Leveraging Intellectual Capital, November 4, 2003 (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Oct 2003: Informatics
    Aug 2003: Enterprise Search
    Jul 2003: Search and Retrieval on the Web
    Jun 2003: Taxonomy
    Jun 2003: Establishing the ROI of Investments in Knowledge Management Initiatives: Predicting & Measuring Success (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    May 2003: How do You Demonstrate that Your New Knowledge Management Initiative Has Benefits?
    Apr 2003: Knowledge Management Reaps Benefits from IT Innovations in Big Pharma (Bentley Symposium with Boston KM Forum)
    Apr 2003: Collaboration
    Mar 2003: TextPipe Pro
    Feb 2003: KMPro, New England Chapter organizing meeting

KMPro New Jersey Chapter Meetings

    Dec 2003: When Bad Things Happen to Good Communities and the case at Arthur Andersen
    May 2003: Piloting Knowledge Management: Lessons Learned from the Small-scale Approach to Design & Implementation – Insights from Educational Testing Service (ETS)
    Mar 2003: Measuring Learning for Innovation and Linking It to Performance in Companies, Collaboratives, and Knowledge Networks
    Feb 2003: Developing and Implementing a Knowledge and Knowledge Management Strategy, including lessons learned (Knowledge management offerings and lessons learnt during their implementation)

    Dec 2002: Performance Through Learning: Using a Knowledge Management Framework
    Sep 2002: The Emerging Role of the Chief Knowledge Officer: Some Make or Break Factors

KMPro New York Chapter Metings

    May 2004: Portal Work vs Email Work

KMPro Richmond (VA) Chapter Meetings

    Sep 2004: (1st meeting) What is Knowledge Management, what can Knowledge Management do for me and my organization, and what does the future hold for Knowledge Management? / How Capital One has implemented Knowledge Management to improve productivity through better work practices

KMPro Washington DC Chapter Meetings 5)

    Dec 2004: Pioneering Knowledge Management at NASA: A Overview of the Process Based Mission Assurance Knowledge Management System
    Jan 2004: Addressing the Human Capital Crisis in the Federal Government: A Knowledge Management Perspective

    Nov 2003: Knowledge Sharing at FHWA, Challenges and Successes
    Sep 2003: Business Performance Communities
    Jun 2003: Knowledge Sharing in a Difficult Environment – the Challenges of Knowledge Management in a Legal/Professional Services Organization
    May 2003: eDiplomacy in the 21st Century” – Knowledge Management at the US Department of State
    Jan 2003: Knowledge Cafe (Tables: (1) Learning What You Know , (2) Uncertainty, Paradox and Ambiguity in Organizational Life: What about the Unexpected? (3) Knowledge Starts with Interaction and Communication (4) What is IT’s Role In KM? (5) Using Collaborative Technologies to discover/cultivate implicit Team Knowledge (6) Technology is just a Tool, it’s not Magic! (7) Using Storytelling to leverage Knowledge Sharing (8) Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture)

    Nov 2002: Department of the Navy 21st Century Digital Transformation
    Sep 2002: Applying Knowledge Management to Improve Performance of Virtual Teams
    Jul 2002: How to Leverage Your Organization’s Intangible Assets to Increase Your Competitive Advantage
    May 2002: Road to Knowledge Production: The Role of Data Warehousing in Knowledge Management
    Apr 2002: Using Knowledge Management in Scenarios of the Future / Highlights/Trends in Government Knowledge Management
    Mar 2002: Performance Metrics for the Learn Organization
    Feb 2002: (1st meeting)

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