UK Knowledge and Information Management Salary Surveys

Since 2015 Sue Hill Recruitment (SHR) and TFPL have published four Knowledge and Information Management salary surveys for the entire UK library, archive, knowledge, information and records management industry. The 2017 salary survey was published in association with the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS), the 2019 salary survey in association with IRMS and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). The surveys cover the full range of information-related roles across all sectors and enable the benchmarking of salaries by sector and location as well as discipline.

  • Steve Brennan (Ed.): Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey 2019. London: Sue Hill Recruitment / TFPL, 2019. Full text »
  • Chris Jones (Ed.): Salary Survey 2017. London: Sue Hill Recruitment / TFPL, 2017. Full text »
    • David Comins: Is there a vacuum in Knowledge Management? TFPL Blog, 28 May 2018 Read more »
  • Chris Jones (Ed.): Salary Survey 2016/17. London: Sue Hill Recruitment / TFPL, 2016. Full text »
    • Knowledge Management (Page 14)
      We are witnessing the ongoing evolution of roles within the Knowledge Management (KM) discipline… We have seen good salary ranges being offered across KM roles with definite growth for progression and career development.”
  • Chris Jones (Ed.): Salary Survey 2015: Library, archives, knowledge, information & records management. London: Sue Hill Recruitment / TFPL, 2015. Full text »
      “The majority of people working in the Commercial Sectors are in Research and Analysis – 33%. 22% are in Knowledge Management,… There have been some very clear areas of demand, demonstrated most clearly in Knowledge Management roles within law and professional services organisations.”

The most recent salery surveys can be accessed through the websites of SHR or TFPL.

Boris Jaeger: UK Knowledge and Information Management Salary Surveys. Knowledge Management Education Hub, September 23, 2020.

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