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Entelechy, formerly Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting (MPPC), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Training/Courses

Radical KM Institute

  • Radical KM White Belt Certification
  • Radical KM Green Belt Certification

KM Institute

  • Certified Knowledge Specialist in Creative Knowledge Management (2 days online)


  • Knowledge Management Vision and Strategy Workshop
  • Workshops on Creativity and Innovation for Knowledge Management Programs
  • Creative Knowledge Management workshop1)
  • Law Firm Knowledge Management workshop**


  • Radical Knowledge Management course (13 weekly classes of 3hrs each; w. The Connecting Dot)
  • Radical Knowledge Management Implementation Support Program (1 year; Components: monthly group meetings, creativity workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching)

Knoco Training for Eastern Canada (Knoco Eastern Canada; 2010-2015)** 2)

  • Basic Knowledge Management Primer
  • Knowledge Management Awareness
  • Knowledge Management Master Class
  • Experience Knowledge Management for yourself
  • Community of Practice Launch
  • Project Knowledge Capture workshop
  • Knowledge Management Planning workshop
  • Knowledge Management Strategy workshop
  • Secrets of Community Leadership
  • Interviewing for Knowledge Retention

Coaching and Mentoring

  • (Radical) Knowledge management implementation
  • Creativity


Video/Podcast series on “Creativity and Innovation in Knowledge Management Programs” (w. John Girard, Sagology)

  • #1 Creative Leadership: A conversation with Stephanie Barnes
  • #2 Collective Intelligence
  • #3 Creativity and Honesty
  • #4 Creativity and Knowledge Management
  • #5 Organizational Mindsets
  • #6 Enabling Innovation through Diversity
  • #7 Value and Knowledge Management
  • #8 Value and Knowledge Management Cont.

KM Institute Webinar Series

    Radical Knowledge Management (Part 1 & 2)

Brickwall Chats

    E001 Intro
    E002 Silver Bullet
    E003 Culture Change
    E004 Rolling out Tech
    E005 Collaboration
    E006 Knowledge Management Metrics
    E007 Artistic Practice
    E008 Artistic Attitudes
    E009 Knowing where you’re going
    E010 Go big or go home
    E011 All of me
    E012 Bureaucracy vs Overhead
    E013 Case Studies, Part 1
    E014 Case Studies, Part 2
    E015 Leadership
    E016 Gamification
    E017 It Depends
    E018 Mistakes
    E019 Employee Engagement
    E020 Unique Selling Proposition
    E021 Social Media Noise
    E022 Listening
    E023 Honesty Part 2
    Special Episode Creative Leadership Presentation
    E024 Change Management
    E025 What it’s like to work with me
    E026 Technology has changed, or has it?
    E027 Place for People in XR-AI-Machine Learning
    E028 Women in Technology
    E029 Bias in AI
    E030 AI-XR in Language Learning
    E031 Design Thinking and Agile
    E032 Collaboration
    E033 Magic
    Covid-19 Episode
    E034 Communication
    E035 Toxic Positivity
    E036 Compassion
    E037 Radical Knowledge Management
    E038 Ambiguity
    E039 Metaphor Metamorphosis
    E040 Lessons Learned Storytelling

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