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Entelechy, formerly Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Workshops on Creativity and Innovation for Knowledge Management Programs
  • Creative Knowledge Management
  • Law Firm Knowledge Management**


Brickwall Chats

    E1 Intro; E2 Silver Bullet; E3 Culture Change; E4 Rolling out Tech; E5 Collaboration; E6 Knowledge Management Metrics; E7 Artistic Practice; E8 Artistic Attitudes; E9 Knowing where you’re going

Video/Podcast series on “Creativity and Innovation in Knowledge Management Programs” 1)

  • #1 Creative Leadership: A conversation with Stephanie Barnes
  • #2 Collective Intelligence
  • #3 Creativity and Honesty
  • #4 Creativity and Knowledge Management
  • #5 Organizational Mindsets
  • #6 Enabling Innovation through Diversity
  • #7 Value and Knowledge Management
  • #8 Value and Knowledge Management Cont.


Knoco Training for Eastern Canada (Knoco Eastern Canada)** 2)

  • Basic Knowledge Management Primer
  • Knowledge Management Awareness
  • Knowledge Management Master Class
  • Experience Knowledge Management for yourself
  • Community of Practice Launch
  • Project Knowledge Capture workshop
  • Knowledge Management Planning workshop
  • Knowledge Management Strategy workshop
  • Secrets of Community Leadership
  • Interviewing for Knowledge Retention

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