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Upland RightAnswers, formerly RightAnswers,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Certification

  • KCS Practices v6 Workshop & Certification (3 days)

Past certification courses

  • RightAnswers Knowledge Management Certification
  • RightAnswers Agent Certification
  • RightAnswers Center of Excellence Certification
  • Knowledge-Centered Service Practices V6 Workshop & Certification
  • Knowledge-Centered Support Practices V5**


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Training

  • Knowledge-Centered Service Coach Development Workshop (2 days)
  • Knowledge-Centered Service Leadership V6 Overview Workshop (1 day)
  • Knowledge-Centered Service Practices V6 Overview Workshop (1 day)
  • KCS 101 Overview Training (90 min)
  • Intelligent Swarming Insights Workshop (1 day)

Past training

  • Knowledge-Centered Support Practices Overview**
  • Knowledge-Centered Support Leadership**
  • Knowledge Management Training** (Solution Manager Authoring Tool, Portal Administration, Reports Overview, Portal Functionality – Train the Trainer, Best Practices for Adoption, Solution Manager I – Training for Authors**, Solution Manager II – Advanced Features and Administration Functions**)
  • KCS Fundamentals**


  • IMPACT – RightAnswers Knowledge Conference
    IMPACT is Right Answers’ Annual Knowledge (formerly User) Conference to showcase the impact using RightAnswers in your organization. Meet and mingle with other professionals who use RightAnswers and learn the Impact it has had on theirs. It brings together RightAnswers’ users with industry experts and RightAnswers staff to share their knowledge and learn about the latest in delivering superior service to your employees and customers.

    • 4th IMPACT Conference, October 20-23, 2014, Orlando, FL, USA
        Program n.a.

        Driving Agent Adoption
        Using Video Content for Smarter Service
        The Importance of Analytics
        Gamification: The Future of Work
        The Culturetopia Effect: Building a High-Performance Culture (keynote)
        Creative Deployments: Benefits of Thinking Outside the Box

    • 3rd IMPACT Conference, March 4-7, 2013, Orlando, FL, USA
        Pre-conference Certification & Training: (Mar 4-5)
        RightAnswers Knowledge Management Certification Class (2 days)
        Solution Manager Deep-Dive Training Class
        Reporting Deep-Dive Training Class

        Conference Sessions:
        Breakfasts with Birds-of-a-Feather sessions
        Interactive Round Table sessions
        RightAnswers Client Presentations
        Awards Luncheon

        Keynotes/Featured Talks:
        The Role of Social Media in Providing Great Support (Keynote)
        Dealing with Change in Your Support Environment (Featured Talk)
        Knowledge Centered Service (Featured Talk)

    • 2nd IMPACT Conference, October 11-13, 2011, Jersey City, NJ, USA
        Pre-conference Training: (Oct 11)
        Solution Manager Training
        Administration Training
        One-on-One meeting with management team

        Conference Sessions:
        Breakfast with Birds-of-a-Feather (2)
        General Sessions (2)
        Educational track Sessions (16)
        RightAnswers User Stories (2)
        Round Table Sessions (6)

        Keynotes: (1)

    • 1st IMPACT Conference, October 5-7, 2010,Red Bank, NJ, USA


Recorded webinars (available on-demand)

    Apr 2024: Mastering Knowledge Management with Content, KCS, and Consulting (roundtable)

    Sep 2023: Connected Knowledge: The evolution of connected knowledge delivery for the modern contact center; Unleash the power of knowledge management to deliver exceptional customer experiences
    Apr 2023: Reimagining knowledge with ChatGPT

On-demand Webinars

    Ask Me Anything: KCS Edition
    Maximize your Investment in ServiceNow with Added Knowledge
    KCS for Better Self-Service
    [KCS WEBINAR] Coaching Lessons for Successful KCS
    A Connected Knowledge-Strategy for the 2020’s Enterprise
    Challenges of Implementing KCS and How to Address Them
    KMWorld – Game Changing Breakthroughs in KM
    Leadership Lessons for Successful KCS
    Customer Talk Webinar Series: How Paychex Leverages Knowledge Management during the COVID-19 Crisis
    Customer Talk Webinar Series: Fiserv’s Knowledge Transformation
    I’m Knowledge-Centered Service Certified – Now What? 5 Tips to Prepare you for Knowledge Management Success
    The Do’s and Don’ts of Knowledge-Centered Service: A Case Study from Paychex
    Accelerate Your Knowledgebase Transformation
    Knowledge-Centered Service at the Core of Your Service
    Top 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Should Be Powered by Knowledge Management
    5 Easy Steps to Maintain a Successful Knowledge-Centered Service Implementation
    Knowledge Health Check Your Way to Success
    What’s Your Return on Knowledge?
    How to Progress with Knowledge-Centered Service
    Getting Started with Knowledge-Centered Service
    Onward and Upward with Knowledge-Centered Service
    Knowledge is Power. And Customer Loyalty. And Increased Revenue.
    Knowledge Support Communities: Collaborative Transformation
    Knowledge-Centered Service® v6: W hat’s in Store?
    It’s Budget Season – Justify Your Investment in Knowledge Management
    Is Knowledge-Centered Service Lean? And Why Does it Matter?
    Leverage Your Knowledge Business Processes to Maximize Growth
    Transforming Support Across the Enterprise with RightAnswers Knowledge Hub for ServiceNow
    Knowledge Management Is Not Optional at First American
    5 Things You NEED To Do To Become a Knowledge-Centered Service Shop Now!
    6 Ways to Increase Agent Adoption of Your Knowledge with Knowledge-Centered Service So You Think You’re Doing Knowledge-Centered Service
    Creating a High Quality Knowledge Base

    So You Think You’re Doing KCS?
    Doing KCS Right: How Paychex Won the HDI Knowledge-Centered Support Award
    6 Ways to Increase Agent Adoption of Your Knowledge with KCS
    Abracadabra! Answers Appear Like Magic: Deliver Instant Knowledge with Online Contextual Help
    Knowledge Management Success Story – Viewpoint Improves the Customer Experience and Reduces Costs
    CRM Magazine Roundtable – Next Step in Intelligent Support – KM+CRM
    Enabling KCS Adoption – A New Game in Town, co-hosted by Greg Oxton
    Keep Salesforce – Add RightAnswers for KCS and Beyond
    Knowledge Services (KaaS) – The Difference between Failure and Success
    How Paychex Transformed Customer Service by Adopting a Knowledge Culture
    Creating a High-Quality Knowledgebase: Lessons from the MasterChef Kitchen
    The ABCs of KCS
    A Pink Elephant & RightAnswers Webinar – Your Infrastructure Is Incomplete Without Knowledge Management
    Gamification to Increase Knowledge Quality, Adoption and Usage
    Get the Killer Combination: Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) and ServiceNow
    Critical Factors for KCS Success
    Ensure Your Long-Term Success with Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)
    Thinking About Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)?
    Now That’s ROI! Your Knowledge Initiative Live in 90 Days or Less
    Watch the webinar
    Building a Business Case & Justifying Knowledge Management
    Moving Knowledge Management into Your ServiceNow Environment


Connected Knowledge Podcast (selected episodes)

    #18 The Dos and Don’ts of AI Knowledge Assistants
    #15 Knowledge’s Impact on Change Management
    #14 How to Know if Your KMS Needs an Upgrade
    #13 How Knowledge Management Guides Employee Journey Mapping
    #12 Keeping Your Knowledge Compliant with Ever-Changing Systems and Regulations with Rosemary Kirk
    #11 Trends, Tools, and Human-Centered AI at KMWorld

    #09 How to Maximize Knowledge Management for Agent Effort and Productivity
    #08 How Connected Knowledge Enhances Patient Access and Experience with Rosemary Kirk
    #07 Behind the Knowledge-Centered Service Curtain
    #05 Unpacking the Role of Generative AI for Knowledge Management
    #04 Connected Knowledge via Integrations, Delivery, and Self-Service

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