Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum (RKM Forum)**

Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum (RKM Forum)**

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The biennial Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum (RKM Forum) or International Conference aims to foster interdisciplinary worldwide dialogue on the state of the art Knowledge Management solutions and future agenda of integrating Knowledge Management tools into R&D, engineering and operations domains due to rapid advances in technology.

The RKM Forum is organized by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom» and its Academy.

Conference History:

4th RKM International Conference 2018, TBD

Conference Theme: Digital Economy. Prospects. Instruments. Solutions

    Note: On 30.10.2017 a planning meeting for RKM 2018 was held by the Supervisory Board of the Consortium in the field of knowledge management at the site of the Corporate Academy of Rosatom.


3rd RKM Forum 2016, 13-15 April 2016, Moscow, Russia

Conference Theme: Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions for R&D, Engineering, and Operations Societies

    Professional Development Workshops (Apr 14):
    Not to be afraid to share knowledge; Understanding the five dimensions of knowledge and innovation 2016; Mobilizing the effectiveness of nuclear energy agencies: Learning from the most admired knowledge organizations in the world; How do organizations develop the right organizational and human capital competencies to best optimize their knowledge resources; Valuation of Innovative Technologies – Licensing Analogy based Approaches according to Employees’ Inventions Remuneration Calculation in Germany; Products, tools and services to support Nuclear Knowledge Management

    Conference Theme Sections:
    Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions (1) to Support Technology Transfer (incl. plenary session), (2) to Facilitate Technology Development (incl. panel dicussion), (3) for Value Creation Chain (incl. panel dicussion), (4) for Knowledge Corporations, (5) Competency Model in Knowledge Management

    Demonstration of ROSATOM Knowledge Management Technologies
    Business Simulator «Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions for Knowledge Corporations» (day 3)

2nd RKM Forum 2014, 3 December 2014, Moscow, Russia

Conference Theme: Management of Intellectual Capital and Innovation
(Co-organizer: Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation)

    Plenary session: Competitive breakthrough – how Russian companies can monetize accumulated intellectual capital
    Strategies and policies for innovative breakthrough Creation of global Russian high technologies; The role of the national system of science and technology – can science change the economy in Russia?; Transformation of Intellectual Capital into Breakthrough Technologies; On the Way to a New Type of Economy – from Export of Raw Materials to Export of Knowledge)

    Panel Discussions:
    Management of technological development – how to form an investment portfolio of technologies. Viewpoint of investors and development funds; Knowledge Management – How to Maintain and Increase Technological Capitalization. View of Technological Leaders; Import substitution with export potential – knowledge transfer in large projects

1st RKM International Conference 2012, 3-6 December 2012, Moscow, Russia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management and Innovation: Learned Lessons from Technology Leaders
(Co-organizer: International Atomic Energy Agency)

    Pre-conference Events: (Dec 3-4)
    Panel discussion; Seminars; Master classes; Meetings of working groups n.a.

    Conference: (Dec 5-6)
    Penary session; Thematic sections n.a.

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