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The Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum (TCKMF) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(in general five times a year)

    Nov 2023: Knowledge Management: Trends and Projections @ Online

    Apr 2019: Knowledge Sharing Challenges in a Business Environment @ Medtronic
    (Building a Knowledge-Sharing Culture,…)

    Apr 2017: TCKMF Meeting @ ?

    May 2016: Measuring and Demonstrating Value of Knowledge management Initiatives @ U of M MISRC
    (How do you currently measure KM Outcomes?; Demonstrating Value from KM Initiatives; Small Group Discussions: Ideas for Measuring and Demonstrating Value of KM Initiatives; A Brief History of TCKMF; TCKMF Business Meeting)

    Feb 2016: TCKMF Meeting @ Honeywell

    Jun 2014: TCKMF Meeting @ ?

    Feb 2014: Influence of Knowledge Repository on Knowledge Work @ U of M MISRC
    (What are you working on? Anything new for you?; Influence of Knowledge Repository on Knowledge Work; Group Discussion: Measuring and Articulating ROI from KM Initiatives; KM Lifehackers; New Member Presentation and Q&A; TCKMF Business Meeting)

    Feb 2013: Making Culture Change Stick/Change Fatigue @ Ameriprise Financial
    (Main Topic Presentation & Small Group Discussions; Consortium for Service Innovation Knowledge Managers’ Brown Bag)

    Apr 2010: TCKMF Meeting @ General Mills

    Feb 2010: Business Use of Social Media @ U of M MISRC
    (The Potential of Social Media w. Q&A, Roundtable Discussion; Microblogging (Yammer) at Cargill – wasting time or a useful business tool? w. Q&A, Roundtable Discussion; Wrap up – so where is this going in terms of business value?; TCKMF Business Meeting)

    Oct 2003: Social Networks @ U of M MISRC
    (Competing in the Knowledge Economy: Global Knowledge Networks and New Industry Creation; Knowledge Management: Leveraging Social Networks through Information Technologies; Knowledge Cafe: Why do we care about Social Networks?; TCKMF Business Meeting)

    Jun 2001: TCKMF Meeting @ Xcel Energy
    Apr 2001: TCKMF Meeting @ 3M
    Feb 2001: TCKMF Meeting @ Cargill (CANCELLED?)

    Oct 2000: TCKMF Meeting @American Express
    Aug 2000: TCKMF Meeting @H.B. Fuller
    Jun 2000: TCKMF Meeting @ St. Paul Cos.
    Apr 2000: TCKMF Meeting @ Control Data
    Feb 2000: TCKMF Meeting @ 3M

    Nov 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ U of M
    Oct 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ Oracle
    Aug 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ Unisys Corp.
    Jun 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ West Group
    Apr 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ The Pillsbury Company
    Feb 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ CEST & TCKMF
    Feb 1999: TCKMF Meeting @ H.B. Fuller

    Dec 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ St. Paul Company
    Oct 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ Medtronic, Inc.
    Aug 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ Cargill
    Jun 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ Northern States Power
    Apr 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ American Express
    Jan 1998: TCKMF Meeting @ 3M

    Oct 1997: TCKMF Meeting @ The Pillsbury Company

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