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The University of Minnesota (UMN, the U of M, or Minnesota) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

UMN Twin Cities Campus > Carlson School of Management > Department of Information and Decision Sciences

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Business Administration PhD (Concentration: Information and Decision Sciences > Knowledge Management)


Management Information Systems Research Center (MISRC)

  • MISRC Research Symposium on Knowledge Management, March 14-15, 2003, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

      Note: The symposium is also known as the Minnesota Knowledge Management Symposium.

      Organizational Culture, Partnerships and Knowledge Management; Economics of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management and Firm Performance; Knowledge Transfer in Information Systems Development; Knowledge Exchange; Learning and Communities of Practice; Knowledge Sharing in Organizations; Design of Knowledge Management Systems; Knowledge Sharing in Interorganizational Contexts; Knowledge Delivery and Sourcing

      Opportunities in Knowledge Management for Information Systems Research
      Where we go from here?

Seminars & Workshops

Management Information Systems Research Center (MISRC)

  • Seminar Series (2003-13):
    – 10/14/2011 Acquisition Integration: A Knowledge-based Perspective
    – 10/8/2010 Leadership and Motivation in the Knowledge Economy
    – 2/1/2008 The Role of Knowledge Management in Organizational Innovation Processes
  • Friday Research Workshops
    2017: The Best Way to Have a Good Idea is to Have a Lot of Ideas: Customer Co-Creation, Partner Sourcing, and Knowledge Creation for Innovation
    2016: Search and Structure: Network Dynamics in Knowledge Intensive Organizations
    2012: spring (?)
    2011: spring (?)
    2010: Knowledge Repositories and Knowledgeable Action
    2008: Collaborative data modeling using Wiki; Effectiveness of knowledge management systems; Using wikis for IS Research, Teaching, and Publication; Learning Dynamics in Open Source Software Projects
    2006: Leveraging Social Networks and Team Configuration to Enhance Knowledge Access in Distributed Teams
    2005: Active Learning for Decision-Making; Knowledge Partitioning in Outsourced Information Systems Development
    2004: Understanding Boundary-Spanning in Knowledge Work: Implications for IT use
    2003: How Do I Know That You Know? Factors Used to Infer Another’s Expertise and to Communicate One’s Own Expertise; How Do Knowledge Management Announcements Affect Firm Value?: A Study of Firms Pursuing Different Business Strategies


Management Information Systems Research Center (MISRC)

  • Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum (TCKMF) Meetings @ U of M MISRC
      May 2016: Measuring and Demonstrating Value of Knowledge management Initiatives
      Feb 2014: Influence of Knowledge Repository on Knowledge Work
      Feb 2010: Business Use of Social Media
      Oct 2003: Social Networks
      Dec 1999: …

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