World of Learning Conference & Exhibition (WoL)*

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition (WoL)*

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The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition (WoL or WOLCE), formerly the World Open Learning (for Business) Conference and Exhibition (WOLCE), organized by the Venture Marketing Group, is a world class event looking at the essentials of learning, development, training and coaching. It presents Learning & Development (L&D) professionals with an opportunity to share experiences and learn from others how to best overcome the hurdles and ensure you are delivering the solutions the business needs to stay ahead.
By combining extensive research with authoritative input from key industry figures, the conference programme provides an up-to-the-minute overview of the vital issues facing the senior L&D professional.

Featuring high-profile cases studies, interactive seminars and discussion forums, the World of Learning Conference programme focuses on the current issues of most concern to L&D professionals. You will come away with genuine and inspiring solutions for your day-to-day and long-term business objectives.

The World of Learning Conference presents delegates with a fascinating combination of first-hand case-study presentations, lively panel debates and discussions, and interactive workshops.

Conference History:

28th WoL Summit 2020, October 13-14, 2020, Birmingham, United Kingdom

27th WoL 2019, October 15-16, 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Special events: Learning Design Live (sponsored by the eLearning Network (eLN)); Live Demo Zone (New!); Free seminars @ Exhibition
Fringe seminars (free): How to create a learning environment where individuals can perform their best; Business as unusual: redesigning learning to deliver higher value; The art of demonstrating return on investment with L&D
Exhibition seminars (free): Shedding the light on the black box of networking communication; How emotion impacts performance and business results; Let them learn and show your staff they are valued; Select the right LMS: 10 factors for your business to consider; Using quizzes and gameshows to engage and educate; 4 examples using games and immersive technologies to set people up for success; Supercharge your leadership and management using money you have already spent!; The 3 pillars of human resilience; The changing role of L&D: what do modern practitioners need to be?; How to change a learning culture; Leading remote workers in the digital era; How elearning has improved our culture and revolutionised the way we train; The Learning Imperative; Better by design: transforming culture through learning; Gender balance: but not as we know it!; Empowering inclusive leaders for a diverse world; Negotiating in the digital age; How to give everyone in your organisation the capability to coach; The fourth sneaky elephant; Avoid death by data – how to make people analytics work for you; Creating magical content for human beings; Why personal development is the power behind creating sustainable and diverse talent pipelines; Shift happens – accelerating organisational change through people; Demystifying and designing digital learning transformation; Implementing an inclusive mobile learning strategy at Vanquis Bank; Murder in the boardroom: why the positive impact of team building shouldn’t be underestimated

26th WoL 2018, October 16-17, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Pre-conference Video Sessions (premium): Delivering learning at the speed of business: Enabling a more responsive L&D team; What L&D can learn from the way brands understand and connect with consumers; Creating a great customer experience for learning; Measures to show business impact and that L&D is adding value
Special events: Learning Design Live (sponsored by the eLearning Network (eLN))
Seminars: Fringe seminars (free); Apprenticeship seminars (free)

25th WoL 2017, October 17-18, 2017, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Pre-conference Video Sessions (premium): Developing an organisational strategy led by people capability; How to get the best out of your people; Becoming a purpose driven organisation; Conference round-up exploring themes, insights and highlights from the event; How to build learning transfer into your interventions
Seminars: Fringe seminars (free); Apprenticeship seminars (free)

11th WOLCE 2003, 18-19 November 2003, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Co-located: Training Solutions! (New); World of Learning Awards
Free seminars: Towards a unified e-learning strategy: the government vision; Training for Health & Safety; Choosing the right training provider; The US Navy’s revolution in training: blowing up the system to get on with the future; How is the role of the trainer developing?
Chargeable seminars: Creating a learning culture; Identifying training and development needs in your organisation; Effective management and leadership development; Evaluating effectiveness to prove the business case; Instilling motivation in the learner; The role of entertainment and interactivity in learning; Gaining board commitment and budget; Prioritising learning in your organisation; Getting your new starters up to speed; Creating an effective blend to address learner & company needs

    Note: Name change to “World of Learning Conference & Exhibition”

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