Knowledge Management Reborn

Knowledge Management Reborn

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Knowledge Management Reborn is a two days conference organized by Unicom Seminars. It is a mixture of thought-leading presentations and a few in-depth workshop presentations of ninety minute duration. At these sessions, topics are delved into in detail with hands- on opportunity. The conference, therefore, is the perfect platform to find out what is happening in the Knowledge Management marketplace and also learn how to do it.

Conference History:

Knowledge Management Reborn, 15-16 June 2022, Virtual venue

Sub-title: Modern Knowledge Management: Latest Technologies, Strategies and Techniques

    Note: EMEA Time Zone; August 24-25: APAC Time Zone; Conference schedules may differ

    Narrative forms of knowledge using stories as a knowledge asset

    The status of Knowledge Management right now, and how it’s changing
    How Innovative is your approach to Knowledge Management?
    The Knowledge Graph as a Central Element of Enterprise Knowledge Hubs
    Radical Knowledge Management, specifically “Creativity: the missing piece of the Knowledge Management puzzle”
    Knowledge Hubs | Turbocharge your CX and AX with KX (Knowledge-Guided Experience)
    Embedding Knowledge into Operations Processes
    Build Predictions with Machine Learning and Graph Neural Networks
    Case Study: Reshaping Knowledge Management: Using the power of automation, analytics and smart design
    Knowledge Management & Six Sigma

    Panel Discussions:
    Panel with the Speakers of the Day and Invited Panelists
    Technologies & Techniques: Take Aways from the day

    Knowledge Asset Management
    Designing and Re-energising a Knowledge Programme

    Sponsors’ Booth viewing and Technology Schowcase

    Associated Events:
    Knowledge Management Reborn, 24-25 August 2022, Virtual venue (APAC Time Zone)


    Content Management Systems with regard to culture
    Evolution of KM – From preserving information to strategic action-oriented knowledge and Beyond
    … TBD

    Panel Discussions: (2)

    Workshops: (3)

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