Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium*

Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium*

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The Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium, successor of the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Knowledge Management Summit, is organized by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), a United States Department of Defense (US DoD) combat support agency. The symposium will help participants identify and understand the interrelationships between knowledge, information/data and document management and learn how to implement knowledge management practices in their organizations.
DoD and Federal Government decision-makers will join Knowledge Management (KM) subject matter experts and thought leaders from around the world in offering briefings and presentations based on their experiences in adopting and implementing KM practices.

Conference History:

5th Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2024, June 25-27, 2024, Baltimore, MD, USA

Conference Theme: TBD
(Co-located with AFCEA TechNet Cyber, Jun 25-27)

    Conference program TBD

4th Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2022, April 26-28, 2022, Baltimore, MD, USA

Conference Theme: Knowledge Sharing: Collect, Collaborate, Innovate
(Co-located with AFCEA TechNet Cyber, Apr 26-28)

    Pre-Symposium Workshops:
    DOD Joint Knowledge Management Working Group meeting, Apr 25
    Knowledge Workshop – Mastering Internal & External Knowledge Transfer, Apr 26

    How Wolves Changed the Course of a River – Storytelling Focused on People, Process, Culture and Not Just Tech
    Working to Connect Knowledge, Information Management, and Library Communities
    Health and Human Services (CANCELLED)
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (becomes: session)

    Continuity through Employee Transitions: Knowledge Capture and Transfer
    Developing Knowledge Management Standards
    The Evolution of KM at the IRS
    Race for Talent: Developing KM Professionals for the Big Data Environment
    Army TRADOC Success Stories: From Knowledge Mobilization to Innovation
    Doctrinal Change Request (DCR) (CANCELLED)
    Accelerating our Competitive Edge: Leading Business Intelligence Operations by Applying KM & AI (becomes: session)

    Human-Centric KM to Build a Cohesive and Resilient Team
    Building, Connecting, and Maintaining a Thriving Federal Community of Practice
    Enabling Discovery of Legacy Data Using Knowledge Graphs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
    Accelerating our Competitive Edge: Leading Business Intelligence Operations by Applying KM and Artificial Intelligence (was: panel)
    Knowledge Management Strategy Share Session
    NSA’s Knowledge Journey: Movement, Mobilization, and Mindset (title was: Success Story of NSA – KM in an Information Restricted Environment)
    Knowledge Management 101 (CANCELLED)

    Theater Sessions:
    Spilling the Tea – Adopting Business Intelligence for Making Marines

    Networking Sessions (2x)

    TechNet Cyber Sessions:
    Engagement Theater: Data-Driven Knowledge Management Using Power BI (CANCELLEDM might change to Symposium theater session)

Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2021, June 8-10, 2021, Baltimore, MD, USA

(Co-located with AFCEA TechNet Cyber, Jun 8-10)

    Note: AFCEA TechNet Cyber was re-scheduled to happen virtually on Oct 27-28. The symposium was not co-located.

    Conference Program TBD

3rd Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2020, December 2, 2020, Baltimore, MD, USA Virtual venue

(Co-located with AFCEA TechNet Cyber, Jun 2-4 Dec 1-3)

    Note: The symposium was originally scheduled for June 2-4, 2020

    Empowering Knowledge with NASA Aeronautics (TechNet Cyber & Knowledge Management Crossover Keynote)

    Implementing Knowledge-as-a-Service Through the Digital Workplace
    Knowledge Management: Past, Present, and Future
    Chartering the Course for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise in Artificial Intelligence
    Human and Machine Knowledge-Based Project Management

    CANCELLED June 2-4 Schedule:

    Pre-conference Knowledge Café Table Topics:
    Knowledge Management Governance
    Knowledge Management Process
    Knowledge Management Collaboration
    Knowledge Management Metrics
    Knowledge Management Job Series

    Federal Data Strategy (People, Process & Culture Panel)

    TRACK Presentations: People, Process & Culture
    The Future of Work: Intangibles, Machines, & Cultures of Excellence
    How To Create a Knowledge Management Strategy
    Advancing Data Discovery through Smart Curation
    Crafting Knowledge Management Strategy: Winning Small For Long-Term Success
    Eating the Elephant: Establishing Knowledge Management At A Large Agency
    Are You Ready For ISO Compliance?
    Organizational Change Management
    Conversational Leadership: The Future of Knowledge Management?
    Information Management & Knowledge Management in the Fleet Marine Force
    Knowledge Management, People, Behaviours, Culture, & A Little Technology

    TRACK Presentations: Technology & Innovation
    Knowledge Management & Innovation at DARPA
    Modernizing Records Management in the Federal Government
    Human and Machine Knowledge-Based Project Management
    Charting the Course for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise in A.I.
    DoD Artificial Intelligence
    Applying Knowledge Management Principles to NASA’s Approach to Digital Capabilities
    Knowledge Management: Past, Present, & Future
    Implementing Knowledge-as-a-Service Through the Digital Workplace
    The Role of AI in Information Management and Regulatory Compliance
    Knowledge Management Career Series Update

    TRACK Presentations: Main Track
    Knowledge Management Keynote at TechNet Cyber (Kynote)
    Knowledge Management at NASA
    Knowledge Management at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    KM Symposium Closing Remarks

2nd Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2019, May 14-16, 2019, Baltimore, MD, USA

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: What is the Future?
(Co-located: AFCEA TechNet Cyber (formerly: AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium), May 14-16)

    Pre-conference Events:
    COCOM Session
    Increasing Government Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with GovLoop

    The Impact of AI and Future Technologies on a Learning Organization
    Training the Knowledge Management Workforce – The Way Ahead
    DTIC DOD Research and Engineering (JDR&E) and Federal Labs Consortium (FLC) Panel

    Machine Learning: Human and Computer in Knowledge Harmony
    Creating a Connected Search Experience (Search Best Practices)
    Five Keys to a Federal Digital Transformation – A Way Forward
    OPM Knowledge Management Career Series – Status Update
    Leveraging Knowledge Management as the Foundation for AI
    Moving Towards Digital Government: NARA’s Federal Electronic Modernization Initiative (FERMI)
    The Future of Work; What it Means for Records & Information Management
    The Human Aspect of AI
    Modernizing the Analytics Workflow
    Knowledge Management Programs; Aim High, On Target, Be Bold, and Drive Action!
    Implementing Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS)
    Taxonomy and Knowledge Management
    The Key to Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation is Not Technology
    Data-Driven Knowledge – Skill-Link (Lunch Alternative)
    Information and Knowledge Management Transforming Government Services: How Information Management is Altering the Relationship with the Citizen
    Knowledge Management and Preservation in Selected Long-Term Activitie
    The Knowledge Model and Artificial Intelligence
    Becoming an Information-Driven Organization with AI-Powered Search & Analytic
    Introduction to Decision Modeling Notation
    Thoughtful, Responsible, and Human-Centric Adoption of AI
    Collaboration and Innovation in a Time of Knowledge Management & AI Convergence
    Reflected Intelligence: AI, Search, and the Disruption of Knowledge Management
    The Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Program
    Myth Busters: Can AI Really Change Knowledge Management?
    IKM in an “Operational” NATO
    Transforming Communities of Practice into Storytelling Communities
    “Will AI replace Knowledge Management”?
    The Challenges and Opportunities of Using AI and Machine Learning Tools in Humanitarian and Crisis Response
    Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence
    Managing Knowledge in a Defense Science & Technology Research Environment
    The Data Rich and Information Poor: Retention, Technology, Metrics, & IG

    IBM’s Knowledge Management Strategy
    Unlock your AI potential: Making the Most of Your Data
    Knowledge Management at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – A Transformational Journey

1st Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium 2018, May 15-17, 2018, Baltimore, MD, USA

Conference Theme: Global Knowledge Integration: Empowering Decisions
(Co-located: AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium, May 15-17)

    Day Themes: Integration, Empowerment, Decision

    Pre-conference Events:
    Knowledge Management Essentials for Success: “Past, Present and Where Knowledge Management is Going”
    The Knowledge Management Annex Workshop: Determining The Formula for a Successful Knowledge Management Annex (closed session)
    Storytelling as a Knowledge Management Methodology
    Learning and Leveraging Knowledge Management Victories (closed session)
    Identifying and Documenting Critical Knowledge
    KM Summit Working Groups: Out-briefs from DOD Strategy, Cyber Workforce Framework, and Knowledge Management Training (closed session)

    Knowledge Café Table Topics:
    Standing up a Knowledge Management Program
    The Role of Technology in Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
    Creating Excitement About Your Knowledge Management Program
    Knowledge Management, Succession Planning and Legacy Building
    Communities of Practice, Knowledge Centers, or Centers of Excellence

    An Academic View of Knowledge Management, Information Management, Data Management, Document/Records Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Knowledge Management Maturity Model (KM Readiness)
    Knowledge Management in a Coalition Environment
    Military Service’s Perspective on Knowledge Management
    Combatant Command’s Perspective on Knowledge Management
    DOD and Federal Knowledge Management Training Standards
    Document Management Discussion Straight From the Experts
    Global Knowledge Integration: Who Contributes to the Knowledge and Information Enterprise?
    Empowering Decisions: How Can the Decision Maker Be Better Informed?
    Knowledge Management in the Cybersecurity Workforce

    The Workspace of the Future: What It Means for Knowledge Management and You!
    Using American Productivity and Quality Center’s (APQC) Process Classification Framework and MosaiQ Demonstration
    Excellent Knowledge Work as a Strategic Imperative
    Searching for Intelligent Knowledge Management in Space: Insights from NASA
    Strategic Planning for Knowledge Management
    Turbocharging CRM with Knowledge Management to Drive Better Customer Experience
    Use of Knowledge Management in Disaster Response to Save Lives and Property
    Using Knowledge Management in Real World Military Emergencies/Contingencies
    Engaged Customer Strategy: Your Road Map to Success in 2030
    Knowledge Management Everyday: Tools and Methodologies
    Agile Knowledge Management
    Getting to Decisions and Action: What are the Knowledge and Information Enterprise Challenges?
    Federal Knowledge Management Community Overview
    Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Management Proving the Productivity Impact of CRM
    Knowledge-centered Service
    Where Does the Knowledge and Information Enterprise Go From Here?
    The Art of Doable: How Do We Support Informed Decisions and Decisive Action? (Symposium Conclusion)

    Knowledge Management Today at

Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Knowledge Management Summit 2017, November 7-9, 2017, Fort Meade, MD, USA

Conference Theme: Standardizing Knowledge Management Throughout the DoD
(Co-hosts: DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO); DoD Joint Staff)

    Opening Discussion

    Working groups: Standardizing Knowledge Management for the DoD
    Training WG – Creating a unified knowledge management training program for the DOD
    Strategy WG – Revising DOD knowledge management strategy, policy and doctrine
    Cyber Workforce Framework WG – Assessing the effect of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cyber Workforce Framework on knowledge management practitioners

    Working groups’ summaries and recommendations for the DOD CIO for Information Enterprise

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