International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG)*

International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG)*

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The International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG), formerly the Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST), quasi-successor of the Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC), is an academic forum on Knowledge Graphs. The mission is to bring together international researchers in the Knowledge Graph community and other related areas to present their innovative research results or novel applications of Knowledge Graphs.

The Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST) was a joint event for disseminating research results regarding the Semantic Web, Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data and AI on the Web. The mission was to bring together researchers in Semantic Technology research community and other areas of semantic related technologies to present their innovative research results or novel applications of semantic technologies.

The Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC) was a conference on theoretical foundations, technological building blocks and practical applications of semantic technologies on the Asian continent. Targeted at both academia and industry, the conference presents the latest research and development of the Semantic Web and its related technologies. ASWC was established with the aim of emulating the success of the International and European Semantic Web Conference series in Asia.

Conference History:

11th IJCKG 2022, October 27-29, 2022, Hangzhou, China / Virtual venue

(Organizer: College of Computer Science and Technologies, Zhejiang University (TBC))

    Representation Learning for Knowledge Graphs
    Knowledge Graph Embeddings
    Graph Neural Networks
    Semantic Web and Linked Data
    Ontologies and Reasoning
    Knowledge Graph Construction
    Knowledge Graph Population and Information Extraction
    Knowledge Graph Completion
    Knowledge Graph Quality Assessment and Refinement
    Knowledge Representation and Semantic Reasoning
    Graph Processing Frameworks
    Graph Algorithms and Analytics
    Semantic Search, Question Answering, and Chatbots
    Graph Databases and Query Languages
    Multimodal Knowledge Graphs
    Contextualized Knowledge Graphs
    Cross-modal Semantic Understanding
    Trust, Privacy, and Security for Knowledge Graphs
    Blockchain Technologies and Knowledge Graphs
    Open and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs
    Knowledge Graphs for Explainable AI
    NLP for Knowledge Graphs
    Novel Applications of Knowledge Graphs

    Introduction to Enterprise knowledge graph Practice and Key Technologies

    Conference Sessions:

    Co-located Conferences:
    International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Oct 23-27

10th IJCKG 2021, December 6-8, 2021, Bangkok, Thailand Virtual venue

(Organizer: Asian Institute of Technology (ICT Department), Thammasat University (Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology), Artificial Intelligence Association of Thailand, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Language and Semantic Technology Laboratory); In cooperation with ACM/SIGAI)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    1st International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (KGR4XAI)

    Conference Sessions:
    Graph-based Learning
    Data, Queries, Semantics

    Knowledge Graphs: Theory, Applications and Challenges
    Knowledge-oriented Explainable Cognitive Reasoning
    Distinguishing Graph Neural Networks in terms of their power, and how to choose the right architecture
    Knowledge Graph and Machine Learning: Three Key Business Needs

10th JIST-KG 2020, November 20-22, 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

(Organizer: Asian Institute of Technology (ICT Department), King Mongkut Institute of Landkrabang University, Thammasat Unniversity, Oracle Thailand, Khon Kaen University, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Language and Semantic Technology Laboratory))

    Note: JIST-KG stands for Joint International Conference on Knowledge Graphs

    Conference Program TBD

    Workshops & Tutorials:
    PhD Symposium

    OpenKG Forum
    Industrial Forum

9th JIST 2019, 25-27 November, 2019, Hangzhou, China

Conference Theme: Open Web and Knowledge Graph
(Organizer: College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Virtual Knowledge Graphs
    Building the medical knowledge graph for smart clinical decision support
    The construction of open-domain knowledge graph

    Pre-conference Forums:
    OpenKG Special Forum

    Conference Sessions:
    Ontology and Reasoning
    Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Graphs
    NLP and Question Answering
    Machine Learning

    Poster Session

    Title: Completing Knowledge Graphs using Data from the Open Web
    Cognitive Graph for Understanding, Reasoning, and Decision
    Knowledge Graphs and Semantic technologies for Industry 4.0. and Industrial Automation

8th JIST 2018, 26-28 November, 2018, Awaji, Japan

(Organizer: Special Interest Group on the Semantic Web and Ontology, Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Joint International Workshop on PAOS2018 and PASSCR2018
    – 5th International Workshop on Practical Application of Ontology for Semantic Data Engineering (PAOS2018)
    – 3rd International Workshop on Platforms and Applications for Social Problem Solving and Collective Reasoning (PASSCR2018)
    Workshop on Semantic Government Open Data (SGOD2018)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    How to Build Your Own Triplestore Using Table Data
    Practical use of Knowledge Graph – with Case Studies using Semantic Web Publishing tools

    Conference Sessions:
    Knowledge Graphs
    Data Management
    Question Answering and NLP
    Ontology and Reasoning
    Government Open Data (Special Session Track)
    Semantic Web for Life Sciences (Special Session Track)

    Posters and Demos

    Keynotes/Invited Talks:
    Ontology Engineering at Scale for Open City Data Sharing
    Semantic Technology and Level 5 Autonomous Driving

    Co-located Events:
    Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Semantic Web and Ontology (SIG-SWO), Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), Nov 25

7th JIST 2017, 10-12 November, 2017, Gold Coast, Australia

(Organizer: School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    4th International Workshop on Practical Application of Ontology for Semantic Data Engineering (PAOS 2017)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Rapid Engineering of Modular Question Answering Systems using the lightweight Qanary Approach
    When Knowledge Graph Meets Chatbot: Opportunities, Challenges and its Applications

    Conference Sessions:
    Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery
    Linked Data and RDF
    Ontology and Reasoning
    Applications of Semantic Technologies
    Knowledge Graph Applications (was: Semantic Processing for Knowledge Graphs)

    Poster & Demo Session

    Keynotes/Invited Talks:
    Meta-Interpretive Learning of Logic Programs
    Semantics for Practitioners: Lessons from the W3C/OGC Spatial Data on the Web Working Group
    Business Process Compliance

6th JIST 2016, November 2-4, 2016, Singapore

(Organizer: School of Computing, National University of Singapore)

    Conference Program n.a.

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    4th International Workshop on Practical Application of Ontology for Semantic Data Engineering (PAOS 2016)

    Pre-conference Tutorials: (2)

    Ontology and Data Management
    Linked Data
    Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery
    RDF and Query
    Knowledge Graph
    Applications of Semantic Technologies

    Poster and Demo Session

    Keynotes: (2)

5th JIST 2015, 11-13 November, 2015, Yichang, China

Conference Theme: Big Data and Social Media
(Organizer: College of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology; College of Computer and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Semantics-based Biomedical Informatics (SEMBI 2015)

    Conference Sessions:
    Linked Open Data and Data Warehouses
    Information Extraction
    Knowledge Engineering and Management
    Question Answering
    Ontologies, Semantics, and Reasoning
    In-Use Track

    Poster and Demo Track

    The Web of Data: Do we actually understand what we built?
    The Progress of Knowledge-Based Question-Answering
    Philosophy of Semantics-based Data Intensive Science
    Recommendation for Web Search: From Big Data to Big Impact

    Co-located Conferences:
    3rd Conference on Chinese Knowledge Graph (KG2015), Nov 9-10
    Smart Data-Semantic Technology Industry-University-Research Cooperation Forum in the Era of Big Data, Nov 12
    Innovation Competition of Students, Nov 13

4th JIST 2014, 9-11 November, 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Conference Theme: Open Data and Semantic Technology
(Organizer: National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Language and Semantic Technology Laboratory), Chiang Mai University ( Faculty of Science), Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    3rd International Workshop on Semantic Web-based Computer Intelligence with Big-data (SWCIB 2014)
    2nd International Workshop on Linked Data and Ontology in Practice (LDOP 2014)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Open Data and Semantic Technology
    Description Logic Reasoning for Semantic Web Ontologies
    Ontology Building and its Application using Hozo
    Constructing and Understanding Knowledge Graph

    Conference Sessions:
    Ontology and Reasoning
    Linked Data
    Learning and Discovery
    RDF and SPARQL
    Ontological Engineering
    Semantic Social Web
    Search and Querying
    Applications of Semantic Technology

    Poster and Demo Session

    Linked Data and Open Data on the Web and within Organizations
    Knowledge is Power (now again)
    Knowledge Services Innovation for Life: When Language Engineering Marries Knowledge Engineering
    Open Data: a logical next step to e-Government

3rd JIST 2013, 28-30 November, 2013, Seoul, Korea

(Organizer: Korean Association of Data Science; Korea Intelligent Information System Society; Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)

    Post-conference Workshops:
    2nd International Workshop on Semantic Web-based Computer Intelligence with Big-data (SWCIB 2013)
    Joint International Workshop on LDPW and PAOS 2013
    – Linked Data in Practice Workshop (LDPW2013)
    – 1st Workshop on Practical Application of Ontology for Semantic Data Engineering (PAOS2013)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    An Introduction to Linked Open Data
    Implementation Patterns for Data Federation in the Semantic Web

    Conference Sessions:
    Semantic Web Services
    Multilingual Issues
    Biomedical Applications
    Ontology Construction
    Semantic Reasoning
    Semantic Search and Query
    Ontology Mapping
    Learning and Discovery

    Poster and Demo Session

    Ontological Engineering of Services
    Moving Intelligent IT to Smart Green IT
    Application of Linked Data in Clinical and Translational Research
    Industrial Big Data – when Big Data meets Big Business

    Co-located Conferences:
    2013 Korean Semantic Web Conference, Nov 30
    NAP e-Spine, Nov 30

2nd JIST 2012, 2-4 December, 2012, Nara, Japan

(Organizer: Special Interest Group on the Semantic Web and Ontology, Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Semantic Web-based R&D Trend Analysis on Big Data (SWRTAB2012)
    1st International Workshop on Big data for Knowledge Engineering (BIKE2012)
    8th International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE2012)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Semantic Technologies: Beyond the Semantic Web

    Conference Sessions:
    RDF and SPARQL
    Query and Search
    Learning and Discovery
    Semantic Web Application
    Ontology and Description Logics
    Knowledge Building
    Linked Data in Practice and Database Integration (Special Track)

    Poster and Demo Session

    Invited Talks:
    Publishing and Using Cultural Heritage Linked Data – Why the Semantic Web Makes a Difference
    A Large Scale Text Processing for Semantic-Oriented Knowledge Management – Linking Meanings with Knowledge
    Transforming Education with Linked Data
    Building Cross Lingual Knowledge Graph for Global Knowledge Sharing

    Co-located Events:
    International Asian LOD Challenge Day, Dec 1

1st JIST 2011, December 4-7, 2011, Hangzhou, China

(Organizer: College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University; Joint 5th Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC) and 5th Chinese Semantic Web Conference (CSWC))

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Local Closed World Reasoning with OWL 2
    Semantic Mediawiki
    Semantic Mobile Web

    Conference Sessions:

    Invited Talks: (3)
    How to Travel the Web of Data at Warp Speed…
    Semantics and the Crowd

4th ASWC 2009, 7-9 December, 2009, Shanghai, China

(Organizer: Google Research; STI International; School of Computer Science, Fudan University)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Asian Workshop on Scalable Semantic Data Processing
    Asian Workshop on Social Web and Interoperability

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Semantic Wikis and Applications
    Semantic Search
    Explanation of OWL Entailments and Its Role in Inconsistency Handling in OWL

    Conference Sessions:
    Semantic Web Application
    Semantic Web Services
    Semantic Web Technology

    Posters and Demos

    Government Linked Data: A Tipping Point for the Semantic Web
    Chinese Web Infrastructure

3rd ASWC 2008, 2-5 February 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

(Organizer: Asian Institute of Technology; National Electronics and Computer Technolgy Center (Language and Semantic Technology Laboratory); Shinawatra University)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 8-11 December 2008. The co-located Asian Semantic Web School was not postponed to February 2009

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Collective Intelligence
    Data Integration through Semantic Technology
    New Forms of Reasoning for the Semantic Web
    Human Factors and the Semantic Web, a Global Perspective
    State of the Art of Semantic Technology Adoption Results (CANCELLED?)
    Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences (CANCELLED?)

    Paper Sessions:
    Scalable Reasoning and Logic
    Human Language Technologies and Machine Learning
    Ontology Mapping
    Ontologies and Tags
    Ontology Modeling and Management
    Semantic Web Services and Semantic Web Applications

    Demos and Posters

    Industrial / Software Solutions Track

    Computing for Human Experience: Sensors, Perception, Semantics, Web N.0, and Beyond
    Common Web Language for Humans and Computers
    Supporting Knowledge Management in Large Distributed Organizations Using Semantic Web Technologies

    Co-located Events:
    2nd Asian Semantic Web School (ASWS2008), Dec 8-12 1-6

    Introduction to Semantic Web
    Ontologies and Ontology Engineering
    Semantic Web Services

2nd ASWC 2007, November 11-15, 2007, Busan, Korea

(Organizer: Department of Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; In conjunction with ISWC 2007 – the 6th International Semantic Web Conference)

    Conference Program: see ISWC

    Co-located Events:
    6th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2007)
    1st Asian Autumn School on the Semantic Web (AASSW), Nov 5-10

    Introduction to Semantic Web
    Ontologies and Ontology Engineering
    Semantic Web Services
    Semantic Web Application

1st ASWC 2006, September 3-7, 2006, Beijing, China

(Organizer: Asia-Link East Web project; Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Semantic e-Sciencee (SeS2006)
    Semantic Web Education and Training
    Semantic Web Applications and Tools Workshop
    Web Search Technology – from Search to Semantic Search
    Service Discovery on the WWW
    Making the Semantic Web Services Relevant to Industry (CANCELLED?)
    Semantic Technologies, Educational Standards, e-Learning Application Vocabularies, and OpenCourseWare (CANCELLED?)

    Pre-conference Tutorials:
    Semantic Web Services ­ State of Affairs
    Tools and Applications for the Corporate Semantic Web
    XML Query Reformulation for XPath, XSLT and XQuery (CANCELLED?)

    Research Track:
    Ontology Alignment
    Document and Recommendation
    Ontology Integration and Interoperability
    Social Network and RSS
    Information Search
    Semantic Web Services
    Ontology and Tool
    Ontology and Theory

    Industrial Track / Day

    Invited Talks:
    The Semantic Web: A Network of Understanding
    Transformation from OWL Description to Resource Space Model
    Next Generation Semantic Web Applications

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