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The Information Africa Organization (IAO) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Library, Information and Knowledge Management Workshop

IAO Monthly Mentorship e-Workshop Series

  • May 2024: Automation of Records and Information Systems (#3)
  • Apr 2024: Document Management System (DMS) (#2)
  • Mar 2024: Digital Re-engineering in Libraries and Information Centres: Issues and Trends (#1)

IAO Monthly e-Workshop Series (aka ‘Africa Transformative Knowledge Caravan’ (Afri-KMTC))

  • May 2024: Global and Regional Security Challenge and Implications on Africa (46th e-Workshop)
  • Apr 2024: Climate change predictions and preparedness in the context of Africa (45th e-Workshop)
  • Mar 2024: Climate Change and Security in Africa (44th e-Workshop)
  • Feb 2024: Climate change ownership and accountability in Africa (43rd e-Workshop)
  • Jan 2024: Climate Change Conversation and Status of African Communities (42nd e-Workshop)
  • Dec 2023: Media in the African Context, Part II (41st e-Workshop)
  • Nov 2023: Media in the African Context (40th e-Workshop)
  • Oct 2023: Media in the African Transformation Agenda (39th e-Workshop)
  • Sep 2023: Media and Community Development in Africa (38th e-Workshop)
  • Aug 2023: Knowledge Production and Sharing for Democracy and Political Governance in Africa (37th e-Workshop)
  • Jul 2023: Role of Knowledge Sharing Platforms: Reflections from Three Years of the African Knowledge Management Transformative Carvan (Panel; 36th e-Workshop)
  • Jun 2023: Knowledge Production and Sharing to Promote Pan-African Ideas (35th e-Workshop)
  • May 2023: Pan Africanism Voices in the Digital Era (34th e-Workshop)
  • Apr 2023: Decolonization, Knowledge and Development in Africa (33rd e-Workshop)
  • Mar 2023: Women as Custodians and Transmitters of Indigenous Knowledge (32nd e-Workshop)
  • Feb 2023: Creativity and Preservation of African Identity (31st e-Workshop)
  • Jan 2023: Indigenous Knowledge Sustainability and Folk Literature (30th e-Workshop)
  • Dec 2022: Preserving Indigenous Languages Through Teaching and Learning in Africa Schools (29th e-Workshop)
  • Oct 2022: Information Professionals, Democracy and Governance in Africa (28th e-Workshop)
  • Sep 2022: Knowledge Management and Good Governance (27th e-Workshop)
  • Aug 2022: Revamping and Re-orienting Knowledge management System for Sustainable Development in Africa (26th e-Workshop)
  • Jul 2022: Sustainable Transformation of Livelihoods (25th e-Workshop)
  • Jun 2022: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Africa: Unorthodox and Contemporary Knowledge (24th e-Workshop)
  • May 2022: Indigenous Knowledge and Alternative Health Care Experiences in Africa (23rd e-Workshop)
  • Apr 2022: Indigenous Knowledge on Nutrition and Sustainable Health Care Development in Africa (22nd e-Workshop)
  • Mar 2022: Transforming Africa through knowledge: Action Points (21st e-Workshop)
  • Feb 2022: Effects of Foreign Policy on African Indigenous Knowledge (20th e-Workshop)
  • Jan 2022: Language policy and sustainable development in Africa (19th e-Workshop)
  • Dec 2021: African Traditional Culture and Sustainable Development (18th e-Workshop)
  • Nov 2021: Language Dynamics and Transfer of Indigenous Knowledge (17th e-Workshop)
  • Oct 2021: Community Participation in Knowledge Management and Governance (16th e-Workshop)
  • Sep 2021: Knowledge Flows in Organizations (15th e-Workshop)
  • Aug 2021: Knowledge Management and Policy in Africa (14th e-Workshop)
  • Jul 2021: Knowledge Management Approaches for Sustainable Transformation of African Livelihoods (13th e-Workshop)
  • Jun 2021: Indigenous Knowledge and Contemporary Knowledge (12th e-Workshop)
  • May 2021: Sustainability of Indigenous Knowledge (11th e-Workshop)
  • Apr 2021: Innovations in Knowledge Management (10th e-Workshop)
  • Mar 2021: Intellectual Property and Information rights/related laws (9th e-Workshop)
  • Feb 2021: Generating Knowledge Products for Institutional Sustainability (8th e-Workshop)
  • Jan 2021: Operations Perpetuity for Information Professionals in Post-COVID 19 Era (7th e-Workshop)
  • Dec 2020: Information Professionals, the catalysts of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 & African Union Agenda 2063 (6th e-Workshop)
  • Nov 2020: Information Professionals Achieving the African Union Agenda 2063 in the midst of COVID 19 (5th e-Workshop)
  • Oct 2020: Information Professionals Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) e-workshop in the midst of COVID 19 (4th e-Workshop)
  • Sep 2020: Transformation of Information Professionals during and post COVID-19 (3rd e-Workshop)
  • Aug 2020: Business Continuity Strategies for Information Professionals during and post COVID-19 Pandemic (2nd e-Workshop)
  • Jul 2020: Delivery of Library Services in the midst of COVID-19 (1st e-Workshop)

Past Training 1)

  • Generating Knowledge Products for Institutional Sustainability
  • Knowledge Management for Effective Processes in Organizations Workshop
  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing Initiatives: Improving Service Delivery Workshop
  • Dynamic Library Leadership in the Changing Porfessional Environment Workshop
  • Managing Information, Knowledge, and Strategic Learning: Welcome to Knowledge Services Workshop
  • Mentorship for…: Fostering Knowledge Sharing Culture
    – Library Staff
    – Records Managers and Archivists
    – Information Professionals
  • Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services Workshops for Knowledge Workers** (1/2 day workshops)
      Day One: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services & KM/KS Fundamentals for Information Professionals
      Day Two: Conducting the Knowledge Audit & Identifying Information and Knowledge Needs
      Day Three: Developing the Knowledge Strategy & Using the Findings of the Knowledge Audit to Make Your Plans
      Day Four: Building the Knowledge Culture & Establishing the organization’s Intellectual Capital as Its Primary Asset


  • Africa Regional Conference on Knowledge Management (ARCKM)*
      The Africa Regional Conference on Knowledge Management (ARCKM), formerly the Regional Conference on Knowledge Management (RCKM), provides a regional platform for professional communication and understanding of the significance of Knowledge Management for innovation. It gives a voice to Knowledge Management on a regional scale and follows the developments in Knowledge Management, promoting its practical implementation within Africa.
  • IAO / Kenyan Knowledge Management Summit**
      The IAO or Kenyan Knowledge Management Summit focuses on strengthening the capacities of participants based on topical issues by experts who will share their experiences. This will be anchored on discussions during presentations and the knowledge fair.

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