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The Florida State University (FSU or Florida State), part of the State University System of Florida, rooted in the West Florida Seminary, also known as the Florida State Seminary, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Information (CI)1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Science / Master of Arts2) in Information Studies (Concentration: Knowledge Management)

      Required Courses:
      LIS 5271 Research in Information Studies
      LIS 5408 Management of Information Organizations
      LIS 5411 Introduction to Information Policy
      LIS 5703 Information Organization

      Required Concentration Course:
      LIS 5603 Introduction to Information Services

      Suggested Concentration Electives: (select 6 courses / 5 courses until 2004)
      LIS 5105 Communities of Practice (was: Core Course)
      LIS 5203 Assessing Information Needs
      LIS 5241 International & Comparative Information Service
      LIS 5263 Theory of Information Retrieval
      LIS 5270 Evaluating Networked Information Services & Systems
      LIS 5362 Design & Production of Network Multimedia
      LIS 5364 Website Development & Administration
      LIS 5415 Socio-Political Process in Information Studies
      LIS 5416 Legal Informatics (since 2005)
      LIS 5417 Introduction to Legal Resources (since 2005)
      LIS 5418 Introduction to Medical Informatics (since 2005)
      LIS 5484 Introduction to Data Networks for Information Professionals
      LIS 5511 Management of Information Collections
      LIS 5524 Instructional Role of Information Specialist
      LIS 5565 Information Needs of Young Adults
      LIS 5576 Information Needs of Adults (since 2005)
      LIS 5590 Introduction to Museum Informatics (since 2005)
      LIS 5711 Cataloging and Classification (since 2005)
      LIS 5771 Information and Image Management
      LIS 5782 Database Management Systems
      LIS 5900 Directed Individualized Study (Related to concentration)
      LIS 5916 Digital Libraries (since 2005)
      LIS 5945 Internship
      (until 2004)
      LIS 5513 Preservation of Information Materials
      LIS 5711 Metadata
      LIS 5xxx Information Services for Remote Users
      LIS 5xxx Developing & Marketing Information Products & Services
      LIS 5xxx Project work in Communities of Practice (projected, core course)
      LIS 5xxx Competitive Intelligence (projected, core course)
      LIS 5xxx Information Analysis, Synthesis & Presentation (projected, core course)
      LIS 5xxx Knowledge Management for Diverse Communities (projected)
      LIS 5xxx Outcome-Based Evaluation for Information Professionals
      LIS 5xxx Introduction to Medical Informatics
      (until 2002)
      LIS 5xxx Introduction to Museum Informatics
      LIS 5xxx Information Services Practicum

      General Elective Courses (choose 4)

      Thesis (optional)


SLIS Proseminar and Research Colloquia Series (recorded webcast)

  • Feb 2007: Colloquia: Construction of Structured Knowledge in the Morphbank Collaborative
  • Sep 2006: Colloquia: Knowledge Management and Systems Thinking
  • Nov 2005: Colloquia: Accelerated reader and Information Policy, Information Literacy, and knowledge Management U.S. and International Implications

Monday Lectures

  • Nov 2003: Knowledge Management Applied: Maximizing the Corporate Value of Intellectual Property, the NASA Model

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