Death of the chief knowledge officer

Abstract: Not too long ago I swatted the beehive that is the KM CKO position. And, as one might expect when doing so, the stings were numerous and from every direction. If you’re unfamiliar with my initial foray into this discussion, basically it went something like this: if the CKO role is dead, we shouldn’t lament its passing. After all, the elevator (or lift) operator is no more, and neither is the milk delivery man and yet we don’t shed any tears for that loss, do we? Well of course the role of the CKO is different than those examples so the comparison is hardly valid. However, there is still little reason to fear the disappearance of a title called the CKO.

Jim Lee: The death of the chief knowledge officer. KMWorld, Volume 24, Issue 8, Sep 16, 2015.

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