Chief Knowledge Officer Wanted!

Abstract: One of the key challenges for business executives in the knowledge era is to manage intellectual capital. Drawing upon: (1) the author’s personal experience as CKO of – the world’s first knowledge exchange auction; and (2) the relatively nascent literature on the roles and responsibilities of CKOs, this paper highlights five perspectives that a CKO must embrace to be successful: (1) CKO as Knowledge Sharing Icon; (2) CKO as Trust Steward; (3) CKO as Total Trainer; (4) CKO as Techno Nerd; and (5) CKO as Number-crunching Accountant.

Nick Bontis: CKO wanted — evangelical skills necessary: a review of the Chief Knowledge Officer position. Knowledge and Process Management, Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 29–38, January/March 2001.

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