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The Golden Fleece Group, formerly the DC Organizational Storytelling Group (OSG), was an international community of practice devoted to storytelling in business and organizations.

Golden Fleece has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend**
    (Organizer: Smithsonian Associate; Golden Fleece Group)

    The Smithsonian Associates symposium on organizational storytelling with events at the Smithsonian and events hosted by the Golden Fleece Group.

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, April 15-17, 2010, Washington, DC
        Organizational Storytelling 101: The Basics of Organizational Storytelling, April 15 (evening workshop)
        Organizational Storytelling—A Tool for Transforming the Workplace, April 16 (all-day seminar)
        You, Me and We: Connecting through Story, April 17 (Golden Fleece all-day workshops)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, April 16-18, 2009, Washington, DC
        Organizational Storytelling 101: The Basics of Organizational Storytelling, April 16 (evening workshop)
        Storytelling, a Path to High-Performance Teams, April 17 (all-day seminar)
        Why Story Matters Now More Than Ever: Exploring Contemporary Challenges, April 18 (Golden Fleece all-day workshops; Sponsor: KM Institute)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, May 8-10, 2008, Washington, DC
        Organizational Storytelling 101: The Basics of Organizational Storytelling, May 8 (evening workshop)
        Organizational Storytelling and Innovation, May 9 (all-day seminar)
        Storytelling and Innovation, May 10 (Golden Fleece all-day workshops)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, May 4-5, 2007, Washington, DC
        Leadership and Storytelling: Conversations in Organizations, May 4 (Smithsonian Symposium / all-day seminar)
        Storytelling in Conversations, May 5 (Golden Fleece Int’l Conference Storytelling in Business and Organizations)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, April 21-22, 2006, Washington, DC
        Storytelling and the Art of Organizational Narrative (Smithsonian Symposium / all-day seminar)
        How Leaders Harness the Power of Story to Communicate, Motivate, Collaborate and Succeed, April 22 (Golden Fleece Int’l Conference Storytelling in Business and Organizations)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, April 22-24, 2005, Washington DC
        Storytelling for Organizational Success, April 22 (all-day seminar)
        Storytelling Inside Organizations, April 23 (Golden Fleece storytelling workshops)
        The Washington DC Story, April 24 (one-day walking tour; host: Center for Narrative Studies)

    • Smithsonian Storytelling Weekend, 16-18 April 2004, Washington DC
        Social Event for Participants, April 16 (evening)
        Storytelling: A Catalyst for Change in Organizations, April 16-17 (Smithsonian Associates two-day workshop)
        Real-Time Story-Making Magic, April 17 (evening storytelling theater performance)
        Using Story in Organizations, April 18 (Golden Fleece extra storytelling workshops)

    • Organizational Storytelling Weekend, April 11-13, 2003, Washington DC
        Becoming Story-Wise, April 11 (one-day Workshop)
        Shaping the Stories that Shape Us Learning to Use Organizational Storytelling, April 12 (Smithsonian Associates one-day workshop)
        A Land Twice Promised, April 12 (evening storytelling theater performance)
        Washington’s Epic: Putting the National Story in Place, April 13 (morning walking tour; host: Center for Narrative Studies)
        Storytelling Get-Together, April 13 (afternoon Golden Fleece gathering)

    • Workshop on ‘Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in Your Organization, April 20, 2002, Washington DC
    • Weekend-Seminar: Storytelling-Passport to Success in the 21st Century, April 20-21, 2001, Washington DC
      (in conjunction with the Smithsonian “Campus on the Mall” program)


(GoldenFleece gathers in Washington DC on the First Tuesday of every month)

  • December 2007 A Buzz with Steve Denning (whose latest book–The Secret Language of Leadership– was just released) and Madelyn Blair
  • November 2007 Exploring the life-enhancing story components of archetype and myth
  • October 2007 Hosted by Atieno Fisher
  • July 2007 Annual get-together with the interns of the Washington Ireland Program
  • June 2007 The ethics of narrative
  • April 2007 What’s your narrative intelligence?
  • March 2006 Opening the door to your office is like opening the cover of a book: inside you’ll find a story
  • February 2007 Some thinking from ‘The Secret Language of Leadership’ & workshop on ‘Can storytelling be used to deal with any leadership challenge?’
  • December 2006 Holiday party and LaughingMuse: Sharing laughter and interacting and telling stories in which humor came to the rescue
  • December 2006 Discussing to book ‘Wake Me When The Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Storytelling to Drive Results’
  • October 2006 The issues of business and organizational needs and how story can help to address them
  • September 2006 Using storytelling in successful proposal strategies to government, private sector, and international contracts
  • August 2006 Living Stories process to share some of your personal experiences and wisdom
  • July 2006 Meeting with the young leaders of the Washington-Ireland program
  • June 2006 The Social Construction of the Storytelling Community
  • May 2006 How to grow a storytelling business
  • November 2005 How the Greek Muses can motivate imagination, innovation, distinction and laughter in storytelling for organizations
  • September 2005 Telling Your Professional Story Through Your Resume
  • August 2005 Emotional Magnetism – Storytelling for Business Results
  • July 2005 Story telling and story listening: Meeting with the students of the Washington-Ireland narrative-based Program for Service and Leadership (WIP)
  • June 2004 Come celebrate the launch of Steve Denning’s new book Squirrel, Inc. – A Tale About Leadership Through Storytelling
  • May 2004 Dynamic evening of Story and Improv.
  • March 2004 Storytelling, laughter, and jokes
  • February 2004 The movie “Big Fish” and an exploration of “Story and Movies”
  • January 2004 UN Storytelling Process
  • December 2003 End of year storytelling celebration: “Living Story” Process
  • November 2003 Stories of Uncomfortableness
  • October 2003 Marketing Story of GoldenFleece
  • September 2003 An Organizational change model and its relationship to story
  • August 2003 Story as the Approach for Facilitating a Knowledge Management Innovation
  • July 2003 Irish Storytelling evening with the Washington-Ireland Program students
  • June 2003 A process on community-building
  • May 2003 Stories from the 3rd Smithsonian Conference, future directions of the community (strategic planning process)
  • April 2003 Storytelling and Mindfulness
  • March 2003 Listening for lawyers
  • February 2003 Storytelling and Our Work in the World
  • January 2003 New Years Ritual
  • December 2002 Performance of Alicias poem The Voyage of the Golden Fleece
  • November 2002 Discussion on the sprouting of new groups in Atlanta, Albany, San Diego, and Boston, as well as the possibility of an entire weekend of events around a third annual organizational storytelling event at the Smithsonian
  • August 2002 Exploring the Use of Story in Knowledge Sharing Using Simulations; Preview of a NASA workshop on Work Life Balance
  • July 2002 The Irish Story with the young Irish interns from the Young Leaders program
  • June 2002 Narrative in organizations using complexity theory
  • May 2002 Seven Highest Value Forms of Organizational Storytelling
  • April 2002 Creating a Culture of Conscious Storytelling in Organizations
  • March 2002 Knowledge Sharing Initiative Using Storytelling at NASA
  • February 2002 Activating Human Potential in Communities of Practice
  • January 2002 The Heros Journey Applied to the History of American Foreign Policy
  • December 2001 Tapping the Archetypal Power of Stories in Organizations
  • November 2001 Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry
  • October 2001 Leadership Stories
  • August 2001 Living Stories Process & Draft Description for the OSG
  • July 2001 Living Stories Process & Four Stories of Our Beginnings

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