International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE)*

International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE)*

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The International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation / IEEE International Technology Management Conference (ICE/IEEE ITMC), formerly the International Conference on “Concurrent Enterprising” and “Concurrent Engineering” (ICE), resp., is a place where research, science and innovation is called for original ideas, papers, debates, initiatives and projects. Authors, workshop / tutorial organizers, and participants are invited to contribute to the shaping of the prospective on engineering, technology and innovation solutions for industry and societal challenges.

The conference is organized by the European Society for Concurrent Enterprising (ESoCE). Since 2010 it runs with the support of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), formerly the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC).

NITIM-Doctoral School: a three-day doctoral school, NITIM (European graduate school on Networks, Information, Technology and Innovation Management)

Special sessions of interest:

  • 2017: Knowledge Management & Engineering

Conference History:

30th IEEE ICE/ITMC 2024, June 24-28 2024, Funchal (Madeira), Portugal
Conference Theme: Digital Transformation on Engineering, Technology and Innovation
(Host: Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias; Universidade Minho; Part of the Madeira Digital Transformation Week (MDTWeek), Jun 20-28)

    Knowledge Management and Information Systems Interoperability

    NITIM 2024 European Graduate School (Jun 20-22)
    CyberSecPro Summer School (Jun 21-23)

    Co-located Events:
    2nd Digital Transformation Summit (Jun 24-28)

29th IEEE ICE/ITMC 2023, June 19–22, 2023, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Shaping the future: Data-driven Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(Host: Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)


    NITIM 2023 Doctoral School (15-17 June)

    Conference Sessions:

    Boeing and Industry 4.0 : The data-driven future
    Building Innovation Ecosystems – Control, conquer or collaborate?
    Shaping the future: Nurturing a reliable research ecosystem for trustworthy data-driven innovation

28th IEEE ICE – IAMOT 2022, June 19-23, 2022, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France / Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Technology, Engineering, and Innovation Management Communities as Enablers for Social-Ecological Transitions
(Host: Ecole nationale supérieure en génie des systèmes et de l’innovation, Université de Lorraine)

    NITIM European Graduate Summer School

    Co-located Conferences:
    31st International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference

27th ICE/IEEE ITMC 2021, 21-23 June 2021, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Digitalization through Digital Twins – Innovation in the analysis and management of environmental and physical engineered complex systems
(Host: Building Research Establishment (BRE) Trust Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Engineering, School of Engineering, Cardiff University)

    Conference Sessions:
    Digitalisation; Service Design and Engineering; Industry 4.0; Sustainability; Innovators and Wellbeing; Digitalisation of the Built Environment; Open Innovation; Digitisation of Industry; Corporate Venturing & Digital Entrepreneurship

    Digitalisation in the Built Environment; Open Innovation and NPD; Applications of Artificial Intelligence; Digital Innovation Management; Data Management and Use of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing; Industry 4.0
    NITIM-Doctoral School (Jun 17-18)


26th ICE/IEEE ITMC 2020, 15-17 June 2020, Cardiff, United Kingdom Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Digitalization through Digital Twins – Innovation in the Analysis and Management of Environmental and Physical Engineered Complex Systems
(Host: Building Research Establishment (BRE) Trust Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Engineering (School of Engineering at Cardiff University))

25th ICE/IEEE ITMC 2019, 17-19 June 2019, Sophia Antipolis, France
Conference Theme: Co-creating our Future: Scaling-up Innovation Capacities through the Design and Engineering of Immersive, Collaborative, Empathic and Cognitive Systems

    NITIM-Doctoral School

24th ICE/IEEE ITMC 2018, 17-20 June 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Conference Theme: Era of connectedness: The futue of Technology, Engineering & Innovation in a digital society

    NITIM-Doctoral School (Jun 20–23, Konstanz)

23rd ICE/IEEE ITMC 2017, 27-29 June 2017, Madeira Island, Portugal
Conference Theme: Engineering, Technology & Innovation Management Beyond 2020: New Challenges, New Approaches

    NITIM-Doctoral School

22nd ICE/IEEE ITMC 2016, 13-15 June 2016, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Conference Theme: Bringing Forward the International Agendas for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology & Engineering Management: Women & STEM Leadership, User-Driven & Frugal Innovations and Tech Startups

    NITIM-International Graduate Summer School (Jun 15-17)

21th ICE/IEEE ITMC 2015, 22-24 June 2015, Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Conference Theme: Engineering Solutions for Societal Challenges

20th ICE Conference – IEEE TMC Europe Conference, 23-25 June 2014, Bergamo, Italy
Conference Theme: Engineering Responsible Innovation in Products and Services

    Workshops: Knowledge-based Lifecycle Innovation Living Lab
    The experience of the KHIRA research project and the KLIO Lab (Knowledge-based Lifecycle InnOvation living Lab)

19th ICE Conference 2013, 24-26 June 2013, Leiden University, The Hague, The Netherlands
Conference Theme: Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(in conjunction with the IEEE International Technology Management Conference)

18th ICE Conference 2012, 18-20 June 2012, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
Conference Theme: Innovation by collaboration and entrepreneurial partnerships

    Note: ICE is renamed to International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation

17th ICE Conference 2011, 20-22 June 2011, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
Conference Theme: Innovating Products and Services for Collaborative Networks

16th ICE Conference 2010, 21-23 June 2010, Lugano, Switzerland
Conference Theme: Collaborative Environments for Sustainable Innovation

15th ICE Conference 2009, Noordwijk (near Leiden), The Netherlands
Conference Theme: Collaborative Innovation: Emerging Technologies, Environments and Communities
(Joint conference with: IEEE – TMC Europe 2009; Living Lab ENOLL Conference; Dutch Living Lab Conference; IFIP/IFAC ICEIMT 2009 Conference Series; IMS)

    CE for Complex System – Collaborative Technologies for Supporting Distributed Organisations -Collaboration Models and Case Studies – CoSpaces Technology for Supporting Collaboration; CE in Space – Collaborative Innovation in Space – Technology Transfer & Collaborative Enterprising; Collaborative Innovation in Practice (AMI@WORK); Collaborative Web Environments

14th ICE Conference 2008, 23-24 June 2008, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference Theme: A new wave of innovation in collaborative networks

13th ICE Conference 2007, 4-6 June 2007, Sophia Antipolis, France
Conference Theme: Concurrent innovation: an emerging paradigm for collaboration & competitiveness in the extended enterprise

12th ICE Conference 2006, 26-28 June 2006, Milan, Italy
Conference Theme: Innovative Products and Services through Collaborative Networks

11th ICE Conference 2005, 20-22 June 2005, University BW Munich, Germany
Conference Theme: Integrated Engineering of Products, Services and Organisations

10th ICE Conference 2004, 14-16 June 2004, Escuela Superior de Ingenieros, Sevilla, Spain
Conference Theme: Adaptive Engineering for Sustainable Value Creation

9th ICE Conference 2003, 16-18 June 2003, Espoo, Finland
Conference Theme: Enterprise Engineering in the Networked Economy

    WS2: Sharing of Practices in Collaborative Work
    Roadmap Workshops: RM3. ROCKET – Communicating Knowledge Essential for the Industrial Environment; RM5. COCONET – Context Aware Knowledge Supported Work and Business Environments ; RM7. VISION – Next Generation Knowledge Management

8th ICE Conference 2002, 17-19 June 2002, Rome, Italy
Conference Theme: Ubiquitous Engineering in the Collaborative Economy

    WS1 – Virtual Professional Networking / Communities of Practice; WS2 – Mobile Collaboration; WS3 – Knowledge Management for Engineering, Maintenance, Service and Enterprise Networks; WS5 – Collaborative Work

    SIG meetings:
    SIG7 – The Active Knowledge Modeling (AKM) approach to Enterprise Engineering and Solutions Generation

7th ICE Conference 2001, 27-29 June 2001, Bremen, Germany
Conference Theme: Engineering the Knowledge Economy through Co-operation

    Workshops: W3 – Strategic Thinking and Performance Management from a Knowledge Perspective

6th ICE Conference 2000, 28-30 June 2000, Toulouse, France
Conference Theme: Enhancing business competitiveness through sharing experiences between research and industry

5th ICE Conference 1999, 15-17 March 1999, The Hague, The Netherlands
Conference Theme: The Concurrent Enterprise in Operation

4th ICE Conference 1997, 8-10 October 1997, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
Conference Theme: Concurrency for competitiveness: towards the concurrent enterprise in the age of electronic commerce

3rd ICE Conference 1996, Milan, Italy
Conference Theme: A Guided Tour to the Concurrent Enterprise

    Note: ICE is renamed to International Conference on “Concurrent Enterprising”, previously “Concurrent Engineering”

2nd ICE Conference 1995, Stockholm, Sweden
Conference Theme: Collaborative Working in the Virtual Enterprise – How to apply CE between trading partners

1st ICE Conference 1994, Sophia Antipolis, France
Conference Theme: Building the Concurrent Engineering Community

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