Proposal for an international society of knowledge professionals

Abstract: Society is entering into an era where the future essentially will be determined by people’s ability to wisely use knowledge, a precious global resource that is the embodiment of human intellectual capital and technology. As people begin to expand their understanding of knowledge as an essential asset, they are realizing that in many ways the future is limited only by imagination and the ability to leverage the human mind. As knowledge increasingly becomes the key strategic resource of the future the need to develop comprehensive understanding of knowledge processes for the creation, transfer and deployment of this unique asset are becoming critical. Educational institutions and training organizations and businesses and knowledge-based organizations in the public sector are in need of an integrative discipline for studying, researching and learning about the knowledge assets – human intellectual capital and technology. An international society of knowledge professionals is proposed which can provide the necessary focus for fostering collaboration among the best minds and organizations on study, research and learning dedicated to the underlying disciplines and their integrative evolution into the emergence of Knowledge Management as a new discipline.

Keywords: Intellectual capital, Knowledge economy, Knowledge Management, Knowledge processes, Knowledge professionals, Knowledge-based organizations

Syed Z. Shariq, (1997) “Knowledge Management: An Emerging Discipline“, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 1 Iss: 1, pp.75 – 82

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Extended version / Full text from author: Syed Z. Shariq: Knowledge Management: An Emerging Discipline and a Professional Society for Facilitating Adaptive Change to a Stable World Order in the 21st Century. Invited Paper at The First International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Macau, July 2-4, 1997

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