International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (KESW)**

International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (KESW)**

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The International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (KESW), formerly the Russian Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Technology Conference (KESW) and the Russian Knowledge Management and Semantic Web Technology Conference (KMSW), is dedicated to discussing research results and directions in the areas related to Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Semantic Web, and Linked Data. Its aim is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators, in particular from ex-USSR, Eastern and Northern Europe, to present and share ideas regarding Semantic Web, and popularize the area in these regions.

Main organizer of the conference is the International Research Laboratory “Intelligent Information Processing Methods and Semantic Technologies” (Laboratory ISST) at the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Among others a co-organizer of the conference has been the Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence (2010-2012).

Don’t mix up this conference series with the one of the same name organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET). WASET is a predatory conference organizer and publisher.

Conference History:

8th KESW International Conference 2017, 8-10 November, 2017, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland

(Host: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, West Pomeranian University of Technology)

    Conference Sessions:
    Natural Language Processing; Scalable Data Access and Storage Solutions; Semantic Technologies in Manufacturing and Business; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Ontologies and Controlled Vocabularies; Semantic Web and Education; Linked Data; Poster/Demo Session

    A journey to cognitive supply networks of the future; Interoperability from semantic point of view; SlideWiki; Ontodia

7th KESW International Conference 2016, September 21-23, 2016, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

(Host: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague)

    Conference Sessions:
    Knowledge and Information Extraction; Ontologies; Data Management; Applications; Poster/Demo Session

    (Enterprise) Linked Data: What’s missing?; From Linked Data to Stories; Programming with Semantic Broad Data; Semantic Web and Machine Learning: Time to Re-sync

6th KESW International Conference 2015, September 30 – October 2, 2015, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia

    Conference Sessions:
    Research and Industry Track n.a.; Open Science and Education Section

    Knowledge-based environmental research infrastructure with Semantic Web technologies; What Web of Things means for the Web; Formal Concept Analysis and its applications

5th KESW International Conference 2014, September 30 – October 2, IT-Park, 2014, Kazan, Russia

(Host: Department of Software Engineering, Kazan Federal University)

    Conference Sessions:
    Research Track n.a.; System Description Track

    Ontology and User Profiling in 3G Recommender Systems; Turning Data into Knowledge – profiling and interlinking Web datasets; What Can Ontology and Natural Language Do For Each Other?

    Round Tables:
    Open Platforms for Scientific Collaborations

4th KESW Conference 2013, October 7-9, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

(Host: Laboratory ISST, ITMO University)

    Conference Sessions:
    Research and industry Track n.a.; Poster and System Demo Session

    Entailment Regimes and Other New Features; The Semantic Web Doesn’t Exist Yet Because You’re All Doing it Wrong; Cognitive Aspects of Knowledge Engineering; Enterprise Applications of Semantic Technologies; Semantic Technology. A Midterm Report

    Co-located Events:
    4th Semantic Web School/KESW School (Sep 30 – Oct 4) @ ITMO University

    Tracks: Ontology Engineering, Linked Data

    KESW Hackathon (Oct 5-6): Create public services using Open Data

3rd KESW Conference 2012, October 7-9, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

(Host: Laboratory ISST, ITMO University)

    Conference Sessions:
    n.a.; Poster and Demo session

    The emerging Web of Linked Data; Making the Web searchable; Understanding Ontologies; Modularity and Quality Assurance in a Public Knowledgebase; Wikidata: The Next Big Thing for Wikipedia

    Round Tables:
    Semantic Web and Linked Data for E-Governance and Industry

    Co-located Events:
    3rd Semantic Web School (Oct 1-6) @ ITMO University

    Schedule: Intro and Overview of Semantic Web; Architecture Issues; Linked Open Data – Enterprise Linked Data; Ontology Engineering; Automated reasoning in SW; Use Cases and Business Groups; Tools & Wrap-Up & Outlook

2nd KESW Russian Conference 2011, November 7-8, 2011, ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

All-Russian Youth Conference “Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Technology”
(Host: Laboratory ISST, ITMO University)

    Conference Sessions: (day 2)
    Intelligent Agents (day 1); Semantic Web Applications; Reasoning and formal logic; Computational linguistics; Knowledge Engineering and Ontological Modeling;

    Plenary Talks: (day 1)
    Semantic Web and search engines
    Open state data in Russia and the world
    Electronic business: standards abstract descriptions of processes interaction of partners (models, ontologies, rules)
    On the problem of determining the formal semantics of open data and Semantic Web Applications
    Fuzzy and linguistic ontologies in artificial intelligence
    On the problems of knowledge engineering in optical education
    Analysis of formal concepts and its annexes
    Enterprise Linked Data Solutions
    Man-orchestra: preparation problems analysts

    Round Tables:
    Ontological modeling of industries and organizations

    Co-located Events:
    2nd Russian Fundamentals of the Semantic Web School (Nov 3-6) @ ITMO University

    Schedule: Introductory day; Linked Data Day; Logic and programming Day; Corporate systems Day

1st KMSW Russian Conference 2010, ITMO University, December 4-5, 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

All-Russian Conference “Knowledge Management and Semantic Web Technologies”
(Host: Laboratory ISST, ITMO University)

    Conference Sessions: (day 2)
    Knowledge Engineering and Ontological Modeling; Reasoning and Formal Logic; Intelligent Agents; Computational Linguistics; Information Security and Intelligent Technology; Semantic Web Applications

    Plenary Talks: (day 1)
    A modern view of semantics in context
    Agents and knowledge extraction from data in intellectual space
    Actual problems Semantic web
    Knowledge engineering
    On the relationship between logics and ontologies (to 100th anniversary of non-classical logicians in Russia)
    Processing of semi-structured web documents based on social semantic web technology
    Knowledge management
    Application of microformats in Yandex

    Pre-conference Events:
    Semantic Web Open Seminars (Oct 30-31 and Nov 6-7, 2010) @ ITMO University

    Lessons: Introduction to the concept; Review of standards; RDF; SPARQL Workshop; Workshop on ontology development; Programming Applications; Master class on programming applications; Semantic Web Tools

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