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  • KMeducation: RT @DavidGurteen: Event: Resilient Knowledge Management Practice (Prof. Development Certificate), 12 – 16 Aug 2013, Slough, United… http:… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @sorokti: #kmers ? MT @emilyabaughman: #msloc430 @LauraZeligman what do you or your colleagues know about professional certification for… | Original »
  • KMeducation: #ff 4 regularly tweeting w. hashtag #KMedu @md_santo @Joel_Muzard @pbernardon @ronyoung | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @edmundmonk: NEW certification programme in personal knowledge management from the global membership body LPI http://t.co/cjwd4mRc5e | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut der Wirtschaftskammer Wien (WIFI Wien): Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitu… http://t.co/a7MZWdA2Tp | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @jonhusband: RT @DavidGurteen < Keynote w Knowledge Cafe | Punished by rewards by @DavidGurteen at KM UK http://t.co/DihbsDDr9B < … | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @C4LPT: First LPI certificated workshop in Personal Knowledge Management starts 1 July http://t.co/yJBfTmOjpY | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @haitanrachman: Kami berikan in-house training untuk Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Jika ada yang tertarik, silahkan kontak kami. | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @haitanrachman: Kami memberikan in-house training untuk “Knowledge Management Planning & Implementation”. Jika ada yang tertarik, si… | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU): Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU) offers the followin… http://t.co/qOq0gK4lEM | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Vienna International School of Thought (VIST): Vienna International School of Thought (VIST) offer… http://t.co/5NNDWFY6FF | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Proposal for an international society of knowledge professionals: Abstract: Society is entering in… http://t.co/K4uffA1Nrw | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Comment on Proposal for an international society of knowledge professionals by boris.jaeger: Exten… http://t.co/NKGqYfeNLs | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Teaching knowledge management with TANGO: Abstract: An explosion of interest in the area of intel… http://t.co/pdAYfwNs1q | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Comment on Teaching knowledge management with TANGO by boris.jaeger: Alternative source:

    Full tex… http://t.co/SOZYprHGOf | Original »

  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Competencies Sought by Information and Knowledge Employers: Abstract: The aim of this study was to… http://t.co/jUFRJBDyeD | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: Knowledge Management Training and Technology: Abstract: This past week I attended the CKM training… http://t.co/RULetCus3O | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @InnovatingKM: "@CESPartnership: International Conference on Knowledge Management, Nov 1-3 #Montreal #KMb http://t.co/orKiMhbDST" | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @APQC: One final thx u to all 297 2013 APQC KM Conference Attendees! It was a great week & was great connecting to #KMers http://t.c… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @Aprendeme: Personal Knowledge Managemen… http://t.co/YmIURRVJ0G | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @p_the_wanderer: "The Knowledge Management is the management of the core business asset: knowledge" Hoooboy this training will be a deli… | Original »

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