#KMedu tweets of week 20/2013

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  • KMeducation: RT @BenClacy: Next week’s very interesting seminar on knowledge management in Leeds – http://t.co/D8Bl1mQQ3o #ITSM #itSMF #ITIL | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @ikms_singapore: The IKM Daily is out! http://t.co/m5r7ryMK3B ▸ Top stories today via @JBordeaux @KMeducation @rsamii | Original »
  • KMeducation: #KMedu Hub: KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 20/13: KMeducation: RT @DavidGurteen: #FF @tetradian @elsua @KME… http://t.co/QoG1n9Qwfa | Original »
  • KMeducation: @jrobes: Unkonferenzen, Cafés und Camps. weiterbildungsblog, 17 May 2013 http://t.co/j3EJKzLkGi #EDUfuture | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @DavidGurteen: #FF @tetradian @elsua @KMEducation @TheCafeCat @HelenBevan @KMSkunkWorks @JayCross @AndrewArmour @snowded @NancyMDixon @… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @Ldejene: Event: The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management (#ickm2013), 01 – 02 Nov 2013, Montréal, Canada http://t.co/o7… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @DrPusit: Today, attend The Knowledge Management Strategy for Professional Lecturer Seminar. | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @collabdusavoir: Collab du Savoir, le Journal is out! http://t.co/qteCyDiEgr ▸ Top stories today via @collabdusavoir @KMeducation | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @Joel_Muzard: ACTIVITÉS KM-GC-MONTREAL :: http://t.co/HmeF2zIOa5 #agile #collaboration #KM #KMedu | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @jaegerWM: RT #KMedu Hub: Master of Science concentration in Knowledge Management: Abstract: As the college school year c… http://t.co… | Original »
  • KMeducation: The KMedu Hub Weekly is out! http://t.co/pVmJc7Pand ▸ Top stories today via @jaegerWM @KMeducation | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @StateOfTheArk: Presentations from APQC's 2013 Knowledge Management Conference (Collection) http://t.co/bPnejqN2fP | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @ASLIBInfo: Attend the joint ASLIB & IFEG event this week in London on how #SocialMedia has contributed to Knowledge Management http://t… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @IBESHBIR: 2014 HIKM Co-Chairs are Jim Warren (U. of Auckland) and Kathleen Gray (U. of Melbourne) http://t.co/GQ7hUJDh9L | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @TheOptimistMe: On my way to the knowledge management workshop, presented by prof. Allam Elnour | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @TEDxKhartoum: I posted 33 photos on Facebook in the album "Wikipedia Workshop and Knowledge Management Workshop" http://t.co/3gInmde3Jf | Original »

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