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  • KMeducation: RT @WikiCFP: #CFP KMBA 2013 : Big Data Workshop on Knowledge Management and Big Data Analytics http://t.co/D3lQ9dd7zc | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @pbernardon: Rappel dans 1h15 venez participer à la #mappinale de Paris #mindmap #humanconnect #km #kmEdu #collabdusavoir #kmef http://t… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @MGBakri: @MunaAbuSulayman would you happen to know a good org development and knowledge management masters program? :)) | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @ContentAdvisors: Nieuw #workshop over #knowledgemanagement met generieke aanpak in uw kantoor. Contacteer ons #contentadvisors.eu | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @Joel_Muzard: Knowledge-LAB http://t.co/grplEqIBLD #agile #collaboration #KMedu #KM4dev #KM #collabdusavoir #invitation | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @Trudie0307: Attended an awesome training in wonderful San Francisco at the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @amyourban: Knowledge Management Systems Seminar. Last day/requirement for BM201. (@ Magallanes Barangay Hall) http://t.co/4AJWJXfMxF | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @proibiosphere: Let’s cooperate! Workshop 3 aims at preparing the landscape for a future Biodiversity Knowledge Management System. # pib… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @my_jworld: poster making at knowledge management training just done… :) can’t wait for the Albay tour later… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @PharmaIQ: #ELNs Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Summit #pharma #conference Please ReTweet – http://t.co/TDnh5ECYQi | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @musuq: Deadline for abstracts is June 3rd: WG 14 « Facilitating knowledge creation in organisations http://t.co/hUXUCTSGt4 #KM | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @RavnSearch: Please note the date of our #KnowledgeManagement Technology Seminar in Jersey has now changed – http://t.co/WnFyNFlNq3 | Original »
  • KMeducation: The KMedu Hub Weekly is out! http://t.co/TZd7DJaZQU ▸ Top stories today via @KMeducation | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @evvntBUZZ: #Boston #Conference ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Summit http://t.co/9GqWj95BSu | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @NT_ASIST: ICKM-2013International Conference on Knowledge Management November 1-2, Montreal, Canada
    http://t.co/G9DasUehml | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @SaurabhSharma2u: CIKM (Poster) 2013 : ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Poster) http://t.co/X3HAzbz… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @xlambertg: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority KM conference video http://t.co/JDlgwNJ6qj | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @JeansAndTie: Knowledge Management Institute – The best source for Knowledge Management Training and Certification. http://t.co/ynCBLfrl… | Original »

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