Knowledge Management Professional Conference (KnowledgeConf)*

Knowledge Management Professional Conference (KnowledgeConf)*

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The Knowledge Management Professional Conference (KnowledgeConf or KC), initially the Professional Conference on Knowledge Management in IT Companies, is organized by Oleg Bunin Conferences (Ontico). It covers all aspects of Knowledge Management – from applied to fundamental – and Knowledge Management at the interface with team and project management.

Conference language is Russian.

Conference History:

KnowledgeConf 2022, March 21-22, 2022, Moscow, Russia

(Part of TeamLead Conf)

    Note: The Conference was originally scheduled for 14-15 April 2022.

    Communication and connections between departments
    Extracting and packaging expert knowledge
    Single point of truth
    Knowledge transfer in teams
    Knowledge management software

    Conference Program TBD

KnowledgeConf 2021, November 1-2, 2021, Moscow, Russia

    Conference Program TBD

KnowledgeConf 2020, May 18-19, 2020, Moscow, Russia Virtual venue

    Note: The Conference was originally scheduled for 23-24 March 2020.

    Master classes:
    Refactoring processes for creating educational materials
    How to evaluate the effectiveness of Knowledge Manager and the entire KM team
    Networking at work: figuring out if communities in the company help manage knowledge
    Confluence Cloud – New Editor vs Good Old Legacy
    How to sell a knowledge management project to management
    The Tower of Babel, or what language to share knowledge in: a business vocabulary problem
    Pragmatic Knowledge Guide Presentation
    Brainstorming: How to Get Into Knowledge Management
    Master class on Zettelkasten

    Assessment of the effectiveness of knowledge management and business results:
    5 criteria for an ineffective knowledge base and how to fix it

    Knowledge management software and platforms, automation of knowledge management processes:
    Do you think there is something wrong with your documentation? Don’t you think
    Internal documentation in the company: necessary and sufficient
    It seems we need a knowledge base! Where to begin?
    New technologies to manage onboarding and the risk of losing new employees
    Zettelkasten: organizing a personal knowledge base
    Five rules for content curation

    Involving employees in the knowledge sharing process, creating a culture of continuous knowledge and experience exchange in

    IT teams and companies:
    How to build a mentoring process for employees, and who really needs it
    How to create a system description template and start using it
    How knowledge about the world affects the classification of tasks in software development
    How to adapt employees through training on the example of onboarding teachers
    Sharing knowledge through liberating structures
    Launching and debugging internal meetups

    Practical cases and results of organizing knowledge management in companies:
    How to organize a corporate knowledge base, make friends with colleagues and increase customer loyalty with the help of one

    project: the history of creating an online course
    One knowledge mapping technique
    “Starter package” of communications for the manual testing department
    Knowledge management digital tools. How to train employees through simulations, animations and marathons. Workshop on

    Branchtrack, Vyond and Telegram marathons
    Capture the flag, or Competitive Transfer of Knowledge
    How to distribute the rights to knowledge between the employee and the employer? Following the NGINX Case
    How to keep the information in the knowledge base of the IS maintenance service up to date
    Functional coaching as a “tool” for the development of employee expertise (Alfa-Bank real case)
    How the bot helped HR
    How we collect the company’s project experience
    How the knowledge exchange process works in JetBrains in general and in the Space team

    Modern technologies and teaching methods:
    Soft skills over video communication: how to train a remote employee in public speaking?
    Refactoring teaching materials
    Breach Me If You Can: How to Manage Safe Development Knowledge and Skills

    Lightning talks:
    Practice of KPI Application in Knowledge Management Departments
    How to organize the delivery of knowledge throughout the entire business process?
    Common code – the way of the samurai
    Fat can put things in order in your documentation
    Quik Wins: Snippets in Gitlab for developers
    How we developed a knowledge base with an emphasis on social mechanics that involve in self-development
    Deep immersion: the evolution of the training system as a guarantee of the success of the team and the project
    Creation of knowledge in an organization that ensures competitiveness
    Company strategy and its knowledge: is there a connection? And how to establish it?

    Expert room:
    Knowledge mapping, collaboration tools, lessons learned.
    Project knowledge management
    Knowledge sharing, training and assessment remotely in IT.
    Everything you want to know about Confluence Cloud – what to drink and eat with.
    Life hacks in employee training, from trainee to signor
    Self-service knowledge
    How to sell knowledge management: there are problems – let’s solve them
    KM as a discipline: history and modernity, problems and solutions
    Knowledge management in IT projects
    To me: Launching knowledge sharing, onboarding, software for km, fixing knowledge (documentation, wikis and portals). Not for

    me: lessons learned and best practice, standards, enterprise specifics
    How to create a corporate Knowledge Base?

    JetBrains Space Product Demo

KnowledgeConf 2019, April 26, 2019, Moscow, Russia

    Holistic knowledge management in an IT company
    Developer incubator at Skyeng. Why did we hire a whole junior department?
    How to teach programmers in the 21st century
    How I made myself a personal Wiki for a programmer for 15 years
    It’s hard to be Kolya: theory and practice of knowledge sharing in Lamoda
    Online training in communications and soft skills: formats and practices
    Adaptation checklist as a soft induction tool
    Experience of implementing KM in technical support of a data center
    Welcome aboard: introducing new developers to the team
    Education and training of specialists in the field of knowledge management: what and how to teach future and current knowledge workers?
    Performance Review and Revealing Secret Knowledge
    Development of a knowledge base of a company that is really used
    How to involve all employees of an IT company in training beginners and each other
    If you don’t want to get wet – swim: voluntary-compulsory exchange of knowledge
    How to make an IT course effective
    Knowledge management with rapid growth of the company
    10 competencies and 6 roles of a KM manager: find in the market or educate yourself
    Applying the practices of Thiago Forte to manage your knowledge
    How to make an analyst out of a manager: experience in training knowledge engineers
    How to implement a knowledge management system in business
    How to Create Compelling Multimedia Documentation
    Designing performance indicators for the knowledge management department
    Trello is an effective knowledge management system for a small IT team
    Natural development: how to move from e-learning to knowledge management
    Atlassian Team Playbook – discover new development practices for your team!
    How to “Sell” Your Knowledge Management Idea to Your Colleagues
    Model in any context
    Future Technologies for Knowledge Management: A Collective Dreaming Session
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