Knowledge Management Showcase (KM Showcase)**

Knowledge Management Showcase (KM Showcase)**

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The Knowledge Management Showcase (KM Showcase aka KMI Showcase), formerly the KM Solutions ShowcaseTM, rooted in the 2005 KM Solutions ShowcaseSM seminar series, is a conference covering a variety of Knowledge Management related topics today’s Knowledge Management professionals need to know.

The KM Showcase is produced by the KM Institute (since 2013) and co-sponsored by Enterprise Knowledge (since 2016).

Conference History:

6th KM Showcase 2020, March 4-5, 2020, Arlington, VA, USA

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Learn – Collaborate – Apply
(Co-sponsor: Enterprise Knowledge)

    TRACK: KM Experts – Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Targeted Approaches
    Striking a Balance Between Knowledge Management Theory, Concepts and Practical Application
    Knowledge Strategy – What and How? Knowledge Management Health Check, Culture and Change
    Praxis Engineering – Conversational Leadership: Do We Underestimate the Power of Conversation?
    Knowledge Pros: The Heroes of Personalization Programs Everywhere
    Securing Explicit and Tacit Knowledge: How to Ensure Knowledge is Not Lost Once Your Project Closes
    Navigating the Knowledge Management Minefiled; Observations from 19 Knowledge Managementers on 5 Continents
    ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Standard – What it Means For You
    A robust Maturity Model (MATURE)™ We need much more than ad hoc/anecdotal approaches to K-Age organizational transformation
    Implementing Knowledge as a Service Through the Digital Workplace
    The “Silver Bullet” Paradox
    Knowledge Management training: certificate or certification? And what’s the difference?
    Lighten Up: Spark Curiosity About Podcasting in Your Communities with an Ignite Talk

    TRACK: KM in Practice – Applied Knowledge Management Case Studies and Success Stories
    Grant Thornton’s Digital Workspace: Modernizing How We Share and Reuse Content
    Creating a Knowledge Management Strategy at a Service Design Consultancy
    Designing a Solution-Oriented Taxonomy
    IDB Findability: Lessons Learned Building a Knowledge Graph to Improve Content Recommendations
    Enabling Vaccine Development Agile Teams through Information Architecture
    The Future of Knowledge Management: Using technology to enhance the user experience through personalization
    Knowledge Management Will Always Need People
    Designing an Organization’s Knowledge Management Journey
    Using Knowledge Management to Combat Infobesity
    HR Transformation meets the Digital World – Solving the Knowledge Gap
    Decision Making at a Four-Star Command
    Knowledge Management: The 5 Ps to Success at Ellucian

    Panel Discussions:
    Stump the Experts

    KM2020 and Beyond & View of Conference
    Knowledge Graphs: Fundamental Concepts of Linking Data to Knowledge (joint session)

5th KM Showcase 2019, April 4-5, 2019, Arlington, VA, USA

Conference Theme: Practical Knowledge Management – Beyond the Theory
(Co-sponsor: Enterprise Knowledge)

    TRACK: KM Experts – Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Targeted Approaches
    Addressing the Knowledge Retention Challenge
    Community of Practice Success and the Concept of Shared Value
    Using Structure in Knowledge Organization
    The Mitosis of the Government CIO
    Knowledge Management ROI: The Cost of Doing Nothing

    TRACK: KM in Practice ´- Applied KM Case Studies and Success Stories
    Enterprise Search – the Key to Findability
    Knowledge Management for Improved Learning & Performance at the NPS
    Findability Strategies for Crossing the Knowledge Chasm
    How Can Organizational Design Practices Shape our KM Work?
    Integrating Content, Knowledge, and Learning Management
    Knowledge Management at the World Bank – Leveraging Knowledge for Development Impact
    The Power of Communities of Practice: Influence, Innovation, and Shared Value
    USAA Knowledge Base Case Study: Improving the Knowledge Management Architecture
    Connecting the Dots: Building a Content Ecosystem
    “Fixing” Document Management
    IFC Case Study: An organization’s ongoing journey towards the nirvana of making different mistakes

    TRACK: Comprehensive KM
    Digital Standards for Complex Multi-site, Multi-language, and Multi-channel
    Beyond Boundaries: Crowdsourcing, Knowledge Management, and Cyborganization
    Iterative Knowledge Management Delivery: Lessons from Kindergarten
    Where is Knowledge Management Going?

    Panel Discussions:
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Knowledge Management (but were afraid to ask)
    Generational Knowledge Management – Perspective on Knowledge Management from iGen through the Boomers (KM Experts Track)
    Key Takeaways

    Knowledge Management Value Defined: What is it and Why Does it Matter

4th KM Showcase 2018, January 18, 2018, Tysons Corner, VA, USA

Conference Theme: What’s New on the Horizon? A “Showcase” Covering the “What, Why, and How” of Knowledge Management for Today’s Practitioner
(Co-sponsor: Enterprise Knowledge)

    TRACK: Practitioner and Team
    Why Practical Knowledge Management Matters More than Ever
    The Future of Knowledge Management – Dead of Alive?
    Today’s Communities of Practice for the Knowledge Manager
    Knowledge Management from Scratch
    Knowledge Management’ing your Content for Findability
    Agile Knowledge Management

    TRACK: Manager and Enterprise (Agency / Company)
    Resilient Leadership for the Knowledge Manager
    Leading Effective Change – Three Things Every Manager Should Know
    Creating Thought Leaders in the New Learning Organization
    Graph-based Knowledge Discovery
    Collaborative Intelligence – The Next Generation of Knowledge Management
    Design Thinking for Knowledge Management Strategy and Roadmapping

3rd KM Showcase 2016, December 1, 2016, Tysons Corner, VA, USA

Conference Theme: Changing with the Times – Knowledge Management for Today’s Practitioner. A “Showcase” Covering Metrics, Audits, Practical Knowledge Management, and Transformational Change Leadership
(Co-sponsor: Enterprise Knowledge)

    TRACK: Transformational Change Leadership
    Create Urgency to Act Now and Implement Knowledge Management
    Neuroscience and Change
    Get Buy-In to Act Now and Implement Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management and Change Leadership – How the New Learning Org Balances Transformational and Transactional Activities from a Unified Model of Change
    A New Transformational Framework for Change Implementations
    Speed to Proficiency: The Convergence of Learning and Knowledge Management

    TRACK: Metrics Audits, New Methods, and Taxonomy / Search
    Practical Knowledge Management, Assessing Where You Are, Where You Want to be, and Ensuring You Get There
    The Knowledge Continuity Cycle – What’s Needed for all New Employees
    The Knowledge Audit – How to Discover your Knowledge Assets and Needs
    Action-oriented Search: Turning Find into Act
    How Metrics can Move Knowledge Management Forward
    Taxonomy, Analytics and Governance

2nd KM Solutions Showcase 2014 Conference & Expo, March 27, 2014, Arlington, VA, USA

    Conference Program n.a.

    Conference Track: Knowledge Management Methods (4)
    Sharing Hidden Know-How.: Knowledge Capture for Action solutions
    Taxonomy and Search Solutions
    Digital Practice: Using Personal Knowledge Management methods to help you succeed in the digital world
    KMI’s Knowledge Maturity Model

    Conference Track: Change Management (4)
    Culture Change – Small Shifts that can have Big Results
    Culture Change – Making Change Real
    How to FRAME an approach to adaptive, people-centered change and Knowledge Management
    Change leader and Project/Program leaderK Key gaps and compatibilities Knowledge Management professionals
    need to know

    KM Tech Displays/Presentations

1st KM Solutions Showcase 2013, September 11-12, 2013, Reston, VA, USA

    Master Classes:
    Getting Started with Business Taxonomy – Unlocking the Keys to Successful Info Management
    Influence Through Storytelling
    Knowledge Jam Workshop – Sharing Hidden Know-How
    Knowledge Continuity – Simple 4-Step Process to Save Knowledge During Retirements
    Developing Info Architecture for Knowledge Management Solutions
    Analytics and Exec Leadership
    Successful Knowledge Management Implementation in Practice
    KM Transformation Solution™ – knowledge Management Methodology and Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™
    Business Architecture and the Knowledge Management Linkage
    Lessons Learned from Gov Execs

KM Solutions ShowcaseSM Seminar Series

3rd KM Solutions Showcase, October 12, 2005, Washington DC, USA
Knowledge Management – Tips, Tools and Technology for Personal Success
(Co-host: Corpora Software)

    Knowledge Management for Personal Success & Q/A
    A Day in the Life of a Power Knowledge Worker & Q/A
    Wrap Up (Networking)

3rd KM Solutions Showcase, May 24, 2005, Washington DC, USA
Demystify Knowledge Management – Leveraging Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Unleashing Personal Knowledge Management
(Co-host: Corpora Software)

    Demystify Knowledge Management/Communities of Practice
    A Day in the Life of a Knowledge Management Worker
    Q/A and Wrap Up (Networking)

Demystify KM Seminar, March 3, 2005, Washington DC, USA
Demystify Knowledge Management (KM) – What is KM, Today’s Best Practices, Where KM is Headed, and Why it is Vital to Your Organization’s Success

    Program n.a.

Demystify KM Seminar, January 2005, Washington DC, USA

    Program n.a.
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