Kongres Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Zarządzania Wiedzą (Kongres PSZW)**

Kongres Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Zarządzania Wiedzą (Kongres PSZW)**

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The Kongres Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Zarządzania Wiedzą (Kongres PSZW), the Congress on Knowledge Management – Theory and Practice (KM-TP Congress), is the annual Congress of the Polish Association For Knowledge Management in conjunction with the association’s Annual General Members Meeting. The purpose of the Congress on Knowledge Management is to create the opportunity for academics and researchers worldwide to connect and share their recent findings in all aspects – methodological, conceptual, applied or theoretical – in management fields, regarding new trends and approaches in the context of a knowledge based management.

Conference languaguage is English and Polish.

Conference History:

15th Kongres PSZW 2019, June 24, 2019, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Conference Theme: Development directions and challenges of knowledge management in the electronic economy of the 21st century

    Robotization of business processes (Invited speech)
    Processes of intensifying economic activity in the EU countries in 2004-2016
    Knowledge management in hospital investment processes. Planning and implementation of projects using the parallel concurrent method
    Challenges and directions for the development of knowledge management in Polish production and production and commercial enterprises
    Automatic data validation in information systems

    The future of scientific associations in the era of science and higher education reform

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

15th Knogres PSZW 2018, 16-17 April 2018, Ciechocinek, Poland

Knowledge Management – Theory And Practice (KM-TP-2018 Congress)

    Alternatively: Extraordinary General Meeting of PSZW Members, September 14, 2018, Bydgoszcz (CANCELLED)

14th Knogres PSZW 2017, 23-25 April 2017, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Knowledge Management – Theory And Practice (KM-TP-2017 Congress)

    Session 1:
    Managing modern marketing communication on the niche culture market
    CRM – customer relationship management systems and their use in business processes carried out in the company
    Factors determining the use of e-commerce in online stores from the point of view of individual users
    An expert system for the selection of semi-finished products using decision trees
    Review of models for assessing the degree of implementation of the lean six sigma concept and the possibility of their application to the SME sector – a case study

    Session 2: (in English)
    A Business model Framework for IoT based applications (Keynote)
    Security of information in intelligent manufacturing enterprises. An analysis of case studies of EU enterprises
    Similarities and differences in the perception of ICT between generations
    Artificial intelligence-based processes in SMEs

    Session 3: Panel Discussion
    Network organizations as a consolidation model for the SME

    Session 4: Challenges of knowledge management in enterprises operating in BPPT Bydgoszcz
    Organizational and technological challenges in various stages of HANPLAST’s development
    The impact of the investments of Bydgoski Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny Sp. z o.o. for the development of local businesses
    Examples of the implementation of the Business Intelligents (BI) system in the automotive, plastic forming and logistics industries in priority decision-making areas by INTENCE GROUP Kraków
    Trends in the development of information technology applications in the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park on the example of a Logistics Company

    Session 5:
    A simple method of detecting instability in the behavior of processes
    Hybrid approach in multi-criteria decision support
    Applications of topological data analysis
    Sharing knowledge in family businesses – selected aspects

    Session 6:
    Prospects and possibilities of using knowledge engineering techniques in the process of creating guidelines for medical practice
    Internationalization of higher education from the perspective of students of selected Polish and French universities
    Money laundering recognition and prevention procedures
    Leadership in management. The ethical dimension

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

13th Kongres PSZW 2016, 15-16 May 2016, Ciechocinek, Poland

Knowledge Management – Theory And Practice (KM-TP-2016 Congress)

    Session 1: Scientific and methodical aspects of knowledge management and the modernization of organizational structures of science in Poland
    Directions of organizational changes in Polish science versus resources, resources and visions for the implementation of the expected results of changes
    Analysis of the effectiveness of software solutions of the original methodology of data dependency research
    The image of enterprising women on the Internet
    Multidimensional analysis of the business process workload trails in the OfficeObjects® WorkFlow process execution meta model

    Session 2: Software vendor point of view
    Analysis of the economic effectiveness of using Business Intelligence systems in the SME sector. Methodological basics and case study
    Methodology of designing and implementing data warehouses and BI tools in enterprises
    Application of the methodology developed in the team of INTENSE Group Sp. z o.o. to analyze the effectiveness of BI systems implementations
    Methodology of quality analyzes and the scope of applications of data warehouse solutions and BI tools in enterprise management
    Application of data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) tools for comparative analyzes of municipal finance budgets

    Session 3: Knowledge management in the process of selecting the level of impact of interactive communication on users of Internet systems
    Evaluation of the utility representation languages in domain ontologies using the MLP method
    A comparative analysis of legal aspects of e-procurement in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania
    Selected aspects of knowledge management in multi-criteria decision support

    Session 4:
    Machine learning in eco-design of the technological process
    Generalized econometric model as an instrument of fisheries management
    Green computing: A budding drift to sustainable IT

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

12th Kongres PSZW 2015, 25-26 May 2015, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Conference theme: Decision Support Systems in Financial Management with the Use of Business Intelligence Tools
(Part of the Multiconference “Application of information technologies in public administration and Business Intelligence tools in managing budgets of local government units”; Co-organizer: Polish Association for Knowledge Management, Statistical Office in Bydgoszcz; Faculty of Management, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz)

    Multi-criteria methods in the assessment of financial reporting using the DSS 2.0 system
    Empowerment of knowledge worker, end user in knowledge management software engineering
    A university as a knowledge management organization
    The theory of rough sets in the assessment and selection of employees
    Empowerment of knowledge worker, end user in knowledge management software engineering
    The impact of managers’ knowledge on the scope of implementation of strategic management in the SME sector
    Organization and Management of Complex Services
    Business – determinants of global development
    Information management in the process of biological waste treatment

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

11th Knogres PSZW 2014, 9 May 2014, Ostromecko (near Bydgoszczy), Poland

    New cooperation initiatives in consortia implementing scientific and research projects and projects financed from EU funds

    “Studies and Materials” of PSZW 2014

    Doctoral dissertation presentations:
    Application of work research methods and the applied incentive system to improve the management of staff development at Bank Spółdzielczy
    Dynamic analysis of municipal budgets with the use of business intelligence tools and an assessment of the level of advancement of economic development

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

10th Knogres PSZW 2013, 22-23 April 2013, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in research and development processes of the organization


9th Knogres PSZW 2012, 5-6 March 2012, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in research processes, business organizations, acquiring and transferring knowledge in macro and microeconomic processes in crisis conditions


8th Knogres PSZW 2011, 14-15 February 2011, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in organization


7th Knogres PSZW 2010, 25-26 March 2010, Dymaczewo (near Poznań), Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in the economy and administration


    General Meeting of PSZW Members

6th Knogres PSZW 2009, 2-3 February 2009 Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in the conditions of financial crisis of the economy


    General Meeting of PSZW Members

5th Knogres PSZW 2008, 28-29 January 2008, University of Technology and Life Sciences Bydgoszcz, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Conference theme: Knowledge management in science and economy


    General Meeting of PSZW Members

4th Kongres PSZW 2007, 29–30 January 2007, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

Conference theme: The domain knowledge bases as a source of inspiration in research and management

    Inaugural lecture:
    Computer Networks and Multimedia Techniques in Development of Virtual Organizations and E-commerce

    Session 1:
    Evaluation of decision support system for ict area in public administration
    DSS generator concept for agent electronic market systems
    A concept of a decision support system with a knowledge acquisition module for the water supply and sewage system of a city
    MCDA model approach to the human resource management in the system of the DSS class
    Fuzzy parameters for interactive advertising control systems
    Dealing with textual documents in coprporate applications: text ategorization using fuzzy linguistic summaries

    Session 2:
    From a co-operative revolution: knowledge, scientific research and intelligent computer for the revolution of rich
    Support of the process of integration of the self-government office
    Identification of parliamentary elements of the election campaign – building the base of the knowledge
    Key aspects of knowledge management
    Creating infrastructure for innovative enterprise
    Knowledge management in an innovative company
    Building a knowledge sharing organization
    Network of vertica online portals as a service service of knowledge for small and medium companies

    Session 3:
    Unparametric methods of statistical process control (SPC)
    Operational-decisional model of food economy
    Goals and methods for searching and gathering of information for international marketing research
    Project analysis of organizing management structures
    Methodology of functional and structural analysis of decision processes and its role in knowledge engineering for information systems
    Analysis of the conditions for the support for knowledge management in the bank of cooperative in the nickel cladding

    Session 4:
    Business plan application for agribusiness
    The importance of innovation in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises
    About the need for building economic culture
    The idea of knowledge bases building in support of ecological agriculture development and ecological food market
    Logistics information needs in agrobiznes universities

    Panel discussions:
    Problems of outsourcing knowledge management in organizations

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

3rd Kongres PSZW 2006, January 2006, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland


2nd Kongres PSZW 2005, 14-15 February 2005, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

Conference Theme: Knowledge management in the organization’s practice

    Inaugural lecture:
    Interactions of Theory and Practice of Knowledge Management

    Plenary Session:
    Knowledge management system architecture (Invited lecture)
    Supporting the creation and updating of EU legal acts as part of the legal knowledge management
    Knowledge management in the conditions of increasing global threats – science and sustainable development
    The system of creating updates and access to information on convicted elements of knowledge in combating crime
    Creation and application of knowledge management systems in international agribusiness corporations

    Session 1:
    Education based marketing as an element of knowledge management in an enterprise
    Aspects of integration of information systems supporting decision making with elements of knowledge management
    Corporate portals in knowledge management on the example of the KOMFORT-company
    Process data warehouse as a source of knowledge in business process intelligence systems
    Business intelligence in organizations of the SME sector proposition of the methodology of creating
    Review analysis of knowledge management systems with elements of expert systems
    Modeling business processes using the case-based reasoning method

    Session 2:
    Assessment of the transfer of knowledge and practical skills by AR Szczecin graduates
    System description of the NONAKA knowledge management model
    Application of methods of knowledge extraction in the analysis of website users’ behavior
    Application of rough set theory to defining the rules of behavior of customers of a mobile telephony operator
    Economic aspects in the DIANA method
    Effective perspectives of looking at the implementation of an integrated management system
    The role of market and customer information in company management
    Financing the creation and transfer of knowledge in the education system
    Information and Decision Model Managing the Production Process

    Panel discussion

    General Meeting of PSZW Members

1st Kongres PSZW 2004, 10-11 February 2004, Ciechocinek (near Toruń), Poland

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