Modern Organisational Learning Conference**

Modern Organisational Learning Conference**

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The Modern Organisational Learning Conference, successor of the New Zealand Organisational Learning Symposium, will provide a platform for a national conversation focusing on the current state of organisational learning in New Zealand and the impact of tech advancements, as well as a large culture shift, will have on the future. With a focus on people, there will be extensive discussions on a number of subjects including; diversity (in age, sex, experience, learning preference), engagement, retention, up-skilling, returns on investment, and wellbeing.

Conference History:

Modern Organisational Learning Conference, 1 September 2020, Auckland, New Zealand

(in conjunction with the Leadership & Strategy Conference and Tech & Analytics Conference, together branded as “People Leaders 2020”)

    Note: The conference was scheduled for 8 April 2020; The People Leaders agenda for September 1, 2020, does not feature the separate conferences anymore.

    The changing scope of learning and development within the workplace
    The future of the workforce isn’t uniformity – it’s diversity
    Promoting positive team learning behaviours and growing high performing teams
    Pillars of workplace culture – what’s required to enable learning at an organisational level
    QUICKFIRE: Futureproofing your workforce through increased tech competency
    Shaking up compliance learning among contingent workers
    Working beyond compliance- Bringing good conduct into culture and employee experience
    F&P Healthcare’s experience with remote learning

    Case studies:
    Micro-learning and Gamification – how Lion plans to bridge the generational gap in the workforce
    Vodafone’s digital focus and empowering their people
    Zag – What happens when L&D is given the time and resources?
    Synlait’s transformation using personal development to drive engagement

    Panel Discussions:
    The importance of soft and transferable skills in a digitally dominated world

    Table Talks:
    Transparency vs Privacy: when discussing development, which method works for workers
    What actually motivates people?

New Zealand Organisational Learning Symposium, 27 – 28 March 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

Symposium Theme: Experience | Inclusion | Engagement
(Co-hosts: Conferenz; Brightstar Training)

    Tracks: Transforming the organisational learning experience; Fostering inclusion; Curating for engagement; Embracing tools of the future

    The future shape of organisations
    The value of curation to drive employee engagement
    Connecting and building capabilities to be future ready humans

    The building blocks of organisational learning
    Catering to the masses – how are learning providers and designers adapting to create ‘best fit’ opportunities for organisational learning?
    Transcending diversity – integrating inclusion into organisational learning
    Meeting the needs of multifaceted and multigenerational learners
    QUICKFIRE: Embracing inclusion
    Are we destined to be lifelong learners?
    People insights: Using people data to drive learning impact and engagement
    Leveraging learning for a winning employee experience
    Practices, principles and processes for advancing agile
    Virtual world meets real world – making learning more accessible wherever in the world you are
    Why emotionally intelligent conversational AI is a game changer for L&D

    Case Studies:
    Fit for purpose training through collaboration
    Best practice be gone – what happened when Spark ripped up the rule book?

    Fireside Chats:
    Creating an inclusive learning culture

    Post-symposium Workshops (Mar 29):
    Creating agile, strategic and innovative solutions for our modern learners

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