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The Knowledge Management Institute Foundation, officially the Institute for the Promotion of Knowledge Management for Society (ITD; Thai: มูลนิธิสถาบันส่งเสริมการจัดการความรู้เพื่อสังคม),1) also known as the Thailand Knowledge Management Institute (TKMI), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Public courses (also available in-house)

    Human Knowledge Management: the science and art of knowledge management
    (was: Human Knowledge Management: The science and art of knowledge management From human intelligence to corporate assets)
    Knowledge Facilitator: director of learning in the organization
    (was: Knowledge Facillitation: Corporate Learning Director; Change Agent and Facilitator: learning director in the organization; Knowledge Management For Change Agent and Facilitator: Knowledge management to change leaders)
    Before Action Review and After Action Review: simple tools but powerful in learning
    Leadership in you to become a new leader

    Storyteller and Note Taker: Techniques to draw knowledge from workers
    Removing Success Lessons: tools for job development and people at the same time
    Planning to drive sustainable change
    Communication creates change
    Outcome Mapping: Results map
    Intuitive Leadership: The Art of Leadership
    Open Mind Communication: Merging communication
    Dialogue (Conversation aesthetics): The foundation for developing into a learning organization
    Knowledge Management for Intelligent Enterprise Development

In-house courses

    Workshop topics:
    Knowledge Management Foundation in Enterprise 4.0 (For Executives)
    Knowledge Management Play & Learn Workshop (Facilitator Workshop)
    Knowledge Management Planning for Change (Outcome Mapping Part1)
    Knowledge Management / Learning Organization Monitoring & Evaluation Or (Outcome Mapping Part2)
    Monitoring and evaluation for learning and development
    Intelligent Organization Coaching Service (IOCS)
    Knowledge management: from the principle of practice
    From knowledge management to develop learning organizations
    From knowledge management to create innovation
    Map of results with knowledge management
    Making a big story into a big story with OM
    Knowledge Management for Middle Management
    Knowledge Management: Solution for Change Management
    Leadership that promotes culture, KM and LO
    The Power of Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Vision Creation

    Seminar topics: Knowledge management and research; Local knowledge managers and new breed developers; Manage knowledge “Where are we going and where to go?”; Path to a learning society; Knowledge management for research management; Knowledge management to enhance quality of higher education; Learning organization and knowledge management; Knowledge and integration into Thai society; Creating and using knowledge in Thai society; Knowledge Management To research universities

    Executive Learning Trips

    Mini Knowledge Management Expos
    – Project Workshops “Knowledge Management for Primary Care System Development” (5x two-day event)

    Feb 2007: Knowledge Management Applications: World Bank and Thailand Experience Sharing (with the World Bank Institute)


  • National Knowledge Management Conference (NKM)**
  • Thailand International Conference on Knowledge Management 2004, 24-25 November 2004, Nonthaburi, Thailand
    (Organizer: Thailand Knowledge Center (TKC), Ministry of Information and Communication Technology; Co-organiser: IBM, Knowledge Management Institute (KMI), Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA), Advanced Info Service (AIS), Chiang Mai University)
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Innovation and Change (Day 1: Knowledge Management in business sector and general public organizations; Day 2: Practical issues on Knowledge Management)

      Successful Knowledge Management Practices in Thailand: Business sector
      Successful Knowledge Management Practices in Thailand: Public sector (panel session)
      Knowledge Management Practices in Thailand: Thai Community
      Create Thailand Competitiveness through Knowledge Management (panel session)

      Innovation and Change – The role of Knowledge Management in IBM’s on demand transformation
      Knowledge Management and The Influence of Space
      Learn and Change Faster by Leveraging and Capitalizing Knowledge in Siemens: The Com ShareNet Case Study
      Knowledge Management for improving health and public safety
      Knowledge Management in Thai local wisdom
      Successful Knowledge Management Implementation
      Using Knowledge Management for Quality Improvement in the Thai Public Sector: A Case Study of Change
      Digital Content Cluster Benchmarking Study


  • …on topics in knowledge management


  • CDs on topics in knowledge management
    – Knowledge Management Lecture / Seminar series
    – Practical Knowledge Management series (case studies)

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