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The Knowledge Management Professional Center Asia (KMPCA)1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

(In-house) Training

General Courses

  • Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Methodology, Theories and Practices
  • Knowledge Management Practices for SMEs
  • Understanding Knowledge Management Program

Top Management Level Courses

  • Knowledge Management for Top Management

Direction/Middle Management Level Courses

  • Knowledge Management Program for CKO or Manager
  • Performing Knowledge Management
  • Learning in Action
  • Systems Thinking
  • Communities of Practices
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Knowledge Audit
  • Knowledge Map

Operation Level Courses

  • Knowledge Management for Knowledge Worker

Organizational Value Courses

  • Intellectual Capital Management


  • Aug 2007: IC Measurement Seminar 2007 : Measuring the Unmeasurables – finding more value in organization from Intellectual Capital
    (Market for Alternative Investment (mai) together with Knowledge Management Professional Center Asia (KMPCA) and the Department of Intellectual Property)
  • Nov 2006: The Innovative Knowledge Management: Zen Approach


KMPCA annual Conferences and Seminars

  • KIF 2009 – Knowledge & Innovation Forum 2009, 25 November 2009, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
    (Organizer: KMPCA; Co-organizer: Intellectual Property Institute, Chulalongkorn University; Market for Alternative Investment)
    Conference Theme: Applied Systems Thinking – Holistic Organizational Development

      Dynamic System Thinking
      PTTEP Knowledge Management Jouney
      Systems Thinking and Knowledge Management
      The Technology of Systems Thinking
  • KIF 2008 – Knowledge & Innovation Forum 2008, 11 February 2008, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
    Conference Theme: Innovative Approach – Value Creating for Knowledge Organization

      Note: The conference was announced as KIBIC 2008

      Conference program n.a.

  • Knowledge & Innovation Bangkok International Conference (KIBIC 2007), February 22, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand
    Conference Theme: Intellectual Capital for Future Corporate Values

      Conference program n.a.

  • Seminar on Knowledge Management Innovation 2006, 11 June 2006, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Seminar Theme: Building a sustainable learning organization
    (Organizer: SSC Solution; Co-organizer: College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University; KMPCA)

      Conference program n.a.

  • Thailand International Knowledge Management Conference (TIKMC’05), March 18-19, 2005, Bangkok, Thailand
    (Organizer: Knowledge Technology; Supporter: Intellectual Property Institute, Chulalongkorn University)

      Conference program n.a.

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