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Pioneer Knowledge Services (PKS) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Training on topics in Knowledge Management
      Sample Topics: podcasting as a service, taxonomy, expert/skill finding, knowledge mapping, lessons learned integration, institutional knowledge asset, network analysis, change management, communications plan, social network analysis/mapping, cloud services, knowledge sharing, knowledge stream, social development, organizational glossary
  • ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge Management Systems training (planned for 2021; needs funding)
  • Student Works (2017)
      Connecting college students with for-credit work opportunities in nonprofits and government agencies


Because You Need to Know Podcast series (PKS BYNTK – Podcast, KM Lobby, Special Editions)

    May 2024:
    Knowledge Big, Small, and Somewhat Miniature
    Exploring the Universe of Human Experience

    Apr 2024:
    Defining the Spatial Planning: Space and Knowledge of a Sea

    Mar 2024:
    Collaboration, Culture, and Community: Knowledge Leadership
    Conducting a Retrospective: Collaborative Valedictory

    Feb 2024:
    Being Brave in the Quest of Knowledge Leadership
    Tacit Knowledge, Learning, and Qualitative Metrics

    Jan 2024:
    A Strategy of Kindness
    Starting the Seedlings of a Knowledge Garden
    Manifest Knowledge via the Art of Collective Elaboration
    Shaping your Ba

    Dec 2023:
    Leadership and Knowledge Retention
    Values, Networks and Process Communities

    Nov 2023:
    Knowledge Connection and Purpose
    Web Development and Your Business
    Build an Organization of Entrepreneurs
    Reasoning your Organizational Intelligence

    Oct 2023:
    Creating Marvelous Conversations
    A Story of Innovation and Problem Solving – A Community by Connects
    A Knowledge Friendly Work Culture
    Workforce Competency
    Perspectives of the Work Culture

    Sep 2023:
    Quintessential Organizational Learning

    Aug 2023:
    The Knowledge Journey at IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)
    ISO 30401:2018 – All things about Knowledge Standards
    The State of Knowledge Management
    Better Communities of Practice
    The Foundations of Organizational Governance

    Jul 2023:
    Factors of Leadership
    Community Building – Episode 2 (How to Create Online Community)
    Community Building – Episode 1
    Our Computing Future

    Jun 2023:
    Why you Should Mind Map
    KM Lobby – Environmentally Friendly Digitization of Organizations
    Productive Conflict (DiSC part 3)
    Compatibility and Tension (DiSC part 2)
    Leadership Behaviors (DiSC part 1)

    May 2023:
    Exploring Cognitive Technology and Conceptual Graphs

    Apr 2023:
    The Technology Approaches your Organization Must Do
    Organizational Structures that Enable Knowledge Flow
    The Epic Journey of Organizational Discovery

    Mar 2023:
    Exploration of the Organizational Technology Pathway of Digital Knowledge Management (KM)
    Soft Skills that make the difference
    9th Midwest KM Symposium
    KM Lobby – International Organization for Migration: Knowledge in South America
    The World of Nonprofit Superpowers

    Feb 2023:
    Design Neural Networks and Cognitive Capacities
    Lessons Learned, Workplace Evolution, and Revolutions
    Playmaker of the Knowledge (Basketball) Team

    Jan 2023:
    Latch on to the Organizational Inclusiveness
    Philanthropy and the Management of Knowledge: Grants and the Business Intelligence a nonprofit needs

    Dec 2022:
    KM Lobby – The Knowledge Mobilization, Transfer, Translation Community of the NHS (National Health Service), United Kingdom
    The organizational power hidden behind the lack of knowledge stewardship
    TechSoup Global Network – Part 2: The Digital Transformation of Nonprofits Around the World
    TechSoup Global Network – Part 1: How to change the world of philanthropic endeavors

    Nov 2022:
    KM Lobby – Knowledge Management (KM) view from Sérvulo & Associados, a Law Firm based in Portugal

    Oct 2022:
    Creating organizational Capacities: Networks, Leadership, and Community

    Aug 2022:
    Nonprofits and the role of Technology Services
    Who is Your Organization Excluding?
    Good Knowledge Management is Good Customer Service
    Decision Making at the Speed of Relevance

    Jul 2022:
    Sector Checks, Grit, and Truth Decay
    Designing Learning and Knowledge Flow in Organizations
    MicroLearning at the IRS: Creative Knowledge for self-service

    Jun 2022:
    Knowledge Responsibility: The Organization That Expects You to Own That

    May 2022:
    Narratives of Work: Social Collaborations in Organizations
    KM Lobby – Knowledge Management (KM) is Change Management: Asian Development Bank and the Knowledge Management Alchemy
    Test, Ideate, Innovate, Hype Curve, and Autism
    Data Interpretation and Nonprofit Communications

    Apr 2022:
    South Africa does Knowledge Management
    NATO Communications and Information Agency: The OSCAR Awards and deep perspectives
    Nonprofit Revenue: Endowments, Planned Giving, and the Business of Fundraising

    Mar 2022:
    People + Learning = Investment: Knowledge Management (KM) perspectives from the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum
    Knowledge Management Grit: Inspiration

    Feb 2022:
    The interesting capacities of knowledge and #AI
    Knowledge in US Army Commands: Trust, Orientation, Data, and Adaptation

    Jan 2022:
    Integration, Network, Grass Roots, Infrastructure, Retention: The #CKO View
    Content, Customer Engagement, CRM and KCS

    Dec 2021:
    Philanthropy, Nuremberg, Justice, Volunteerism, and Jamestown NY
    Science Fiction, Apartheid, Hindenburg, Healthy Skepticism, and Nsaka
    Reflections from PKS Founder
    People, Process, Content, Culture, and Technology: Knowledge Management (KM) delivery
    The Knowledge Café; building it

    Nov 2021:
    Got Knowledge Intelligence?
    Knowledge Management Global Network is leading the change
    The new age of Knowledge Management (KM) with AI and Wild Fire Learning

    Oct 2021:
    The shape of Artificial Intelligence
    The IRS and how Knowledge Management (KM) is done
    Knowledge work in a very large law firm
    KM Lobby – Law Firm Knowledge Management (KM) Panel shares deep knowledge (video recording available)
    Cybersecurity and what you should care about

    Sep 2021:
    LEGO® Serious Play® and other playfully productive approaches
    Try out Speed Learning as a culture enhancer

    Aug 2021:
    Technology innovation of FLAPS
    KM Lobby – Law Firms: Uncovering the practice of managing knowledge
    Karima Cherif promotes strengthening your reach of Knowledge Management (KM) with Communications
    Empathy is the key to unlocking wisdom; discover what Elif Gokcigdem is doing to bring museums online

    Jul 2021:
    Global Knowledge Flow in EY
    Organizational elements and thoughtful considerations
    Leading the Knowledge Management (KM) effort at UNICEF
    Augmented Reality from the oil fields

    Jun 2021:
    Santhosh Shekar and a look at ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems
    Lessons and Knowledge with ESA (Episode 1-3)
    Perspective and analysis tool to help teams understand more of the work dynamics
    Learning journey of empowering personal knowledge
    KM Lobby – Stored data and information makes the need for Artificial Intelligence (Incredible Edition)

    May 2021
    Manage organizational Knowledge as a natural resource
    Survey: How the social platforms are working for operational knowledge flow and proficiency
    Deep dive into municipal knowledge challenges. What will society do to improve how we govern?

    Apr 2021:
    Conversational Examinations of the elements that directly effect the culture. What are you doing to make things flow better?
    People networking and understanding that can be gathered for understanding the work culture
    KM Lobby – The golden path of knowledge management and the role of CILIP, the UK library and information association, in leading the cause of global standardization (Incredible Edition)
    what is Appreciative Inquiry doing in Knowledge Management (KM)

    Mar 2021:
    Leading the knowledge culture and how to make it work for construction organizations. Challenges in having the engineers and team members to communicate and share across time and geography
    Motivating the workforce through “egoistic altruism”: How knowledge flows through the culture in the European Space Agency
    What makes up a community that cares about its knowledge? The tale of the eternal struggle of internal facing content development and use
    Caring to make a difference: The motivation to become a giving and compassionate person

    Feb 2021:
    A Knowledge Management (KM) Union? Digital Knowledge Management (KM)? ROI? Lessons Learned? Many Topics covered!!
    Knowledge management work, challenges and opportunities in Iran
    Developing and researching the tools that help to manage knowledge: What is the role of AI?

    Jan 2021:
    Society, pandemic, behaviors and knowledge flow. Where is the future bringing us? What can we do to be more aware and make change happen? (SPECIAL 2020 EDITION)
    Knowledge management as game changer for how services and support are provided for customer

    Dec 2020
    Knowledge Management, Content, and Taxonomy Strategy Dedign
    Building the AFRICOM Knowledge Management (KM) Program as the Command Knowledge Manager
    Building a Knowledge Management (KM) program from the ground up at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky

    Jun 2020:
    Are you leading your organization by your knowledge behaviors?

    May 2020:
    Knowledge Management (KM) Love Language
    Marymount University in the pandemic – Creating opportunities for a better future and arming the 21st century citizen with tools that allow quick pivots
    The new way we toil and labor – How knowledge management is changing the interplay between society and the on ramp to work life
    Knowledge management in developing countries

    Apr 2020:
    Build your community of trust and bring positive behaviors to your organization. Avoid the information toxicity
    The Swiss Knowledge Management Forum’s 3 Sphere Model for Knowledge Management (video recording available)
    KM Lobby – Knowledge management Structure (Incredible Edition)

    Feb 2020:
    Planing the ultimate exit strategy for the lifelong effort of creating and curating content and knowledge
    Exciting times in knowledge management: Recognition for excellence, developing organizational change, and community engagement success
    Story Thinking: Transforming Organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Jan 2020:
    Knowledge management in a global enterprise: The US Army
    The mystery of Knowledge Management (KM) and how world domination by cultural shift happens

    Nov 2019:
    How the interface of knowledge handling has changed behaviors across the globe. A deep dive into how humans and organizations have innovated into a global knowledge force.
    Knowledge management as a career
    The importance of being counted – in all the ways data helps to define the gaps in the community to make decision-making and action the best possible
    Collaborative organizations: How does a culture of sharing develop and become a knowledge ecosystem?
    The use of podcasting to share stories worth hearing
    Academics in the knowledge management field
    The culture is the focus of knowledge capabilities and how organizations work well

    Oct 2019:
    The 2018 International Standards Organization (ISO) Standards for Knowledge Management
    The fully engaged organization: Envision the workplace culture that embodies a people-centric knowledge ecosystem

    May 2019
    Integration of organizational elements create a knowledge culture
    Knowledge management in organizations implies freedom of movement. Discover how the permafrost of non-permeable people can affect knowledge flows
    The organic pathway of knowledge management and the experiences
    ARK UK: A global Knowledge Management (KM) perspective from a world reaching Knowledge Management (KM) conference and publishing organization

    Apr 2019:
    The challenges and experiences from the nonprofit world of organ donation
    Insights and vision for the Knowledge Management future in the knowledge economy
    The view of knowledge management from within the United States Army: Creating value in the enterprise while steering the culture
    Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) and how knowledge is flowing to customers and clients with proficiency and speed
    What organizations want when seeking knowledge management help

    Mar 2019:
    Knowledge Management: organizational and research experience with companies centered around Portugal

    Mar 2019:
    Data is foundational to knowing. Set up your business with a designed and thorough knowledge architecture
    Learning & Collaboration: What it takes to enable knowledge flow
    Knowledge put to action shapes the future: What truly strategic and society changing knowledge management can be
    What matters the most to a Knowledge Management (KM) culture: The best way forward for people and organizations to build trust and knowledge asset building

    Jan 2019: (1 Episode)

    2018: (0 Episodes)

    2017: (2 Episodes)

    2016: (2 Episodes)

    2015: (5 Episodes)

    Knowledge Management at The John R. Oishei Foundation (1st Episode)

Knowledge Management TV

    Oct 2021: KM Lobby – Law Firm KM Panel Shares Deep Knowledge (podcast recording available)
    Jul 2021: CILIP President and knowledge management champion Paul Corney (1st episode)
    Apr 2020: Swiss Knowledge Management Forum president Pavel Kraus (podcast recording available)


  • Midwest Knowledge Management (KM) Symposium*1)
    (Organizer: Midwest KM Community; Pioneer Knowledge Services)
  • Knowledge Sciences Symposium WNY 2015, October 8-9, 2015, St. Bonaventure University, Olean, New York, USA
    (Organizer: Kent State University, College of Communication and Information, School of Library & Information Science, Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Department; Co-organizer: Pioneer Knowledge Services)

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