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The Social Business Forum (SBF), successor of the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0 Forum), organized by OpenKnowledge, will address collaboration, marketing and innovation in the era of empowered employees, customers and partners. Featuring key international speakers and thought-leaders, the event will provide a unique mix of insight and discussion about social business opportunities, organizational impacts, success stories, best practices and lesson learned.

Conference History:

11th SBF, 2022

Conference Theme: tbd
(Partners: tbd)

    A Social Business Forum was planned for 2022 but not realized.

10th SBF, 11 April 2019, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Xperience Obsession
(Partners: Microsoft, bip)

    Life Scale

    Round Tables:
    Employee Experience, Learning Experience, Space Experience, Augmented Experience

9th SBF, 6-7 July 2016, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: The Platfirm Age: Plug Your Business – Play Your Future

    The platfirm age: the dawn of a new era
    Platform revolution
    Hacking marketing
    Certilogo – entrepreneurship in the exponential era
    Collective innovation: finding the right questions with co-design

    SAP – Using sap hybris to enable digital transformation in a customer experience era
    IBM – Collaboration in the cognitive era
    Vodafone – Vodafone for a phygital world
    SAS – Superior customer experiences are the real coin: relevance drives results
    Sanofi – I-NONNI 2.0: when digital becomes therapeutics

    Why social analytics are different for the enterprise

    TNS – What data don’t tell
    Re(act) – A platform for the #rarevolution
    Sketchin – Design for the corporate transformation
    Marketing Arena – B2B platform marketing strategy and inbound marketing
    Unicredit – Natural born advocates
    Skillaware – Using skillaware to help workforces cross the industry 4.0 digital skills gap…without falling into it!
    Heineken – Openbar for social sales collaboration
    Subito – From classified media to social classified network: goods’ values & people
    Document Future – When did you stop reading email? new ways of enterprise collaboration
    Piaggio – Motorcycles, scooters and ebikes: from a moment of disconnection to a world of digital integration
    Barilla – #barillagoesdigital: the digital transformative journey
    Venis-Venezia: A user friendly city starts with design thinking
    Innovationcast – Growth through prolific innovation management
    SEA – SEA towards the social intranet
    Banca Mediolanum – IOE: internet of emotions
    Axa Italia – Born to protect: the storytelling and the storydoing of axa italy in the social ecosystem
    bip – Robotic process automation in industry 4.0
    Opportunity Network – The networks economy and the fourth industrial revolution
    Comune di Milano – Citizen relationship management at comune di milano

    Round Table – Welcome to the platfirm age

8th SBF, 7-8 July 2015, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Embrace Digital Disruption

    Thriving in the midst of a perfect storm: discovering a new way to work
    The evolution of organizations: towards the teal organization
    Next generation of social engagement apps: closing the loop between social, sales and marketing
    Disrupting digital business: the post sales, on demand, attention economy is here
    Digital disruption is just the beginning
    why digital disruption requires putting the last mile first
    The learning sputnik effect. supporting digital disruption @ the workplace
    The digital dna
    The collaborative economy: emerging trends, technical enablers and business models
    Robocop vs ironman. which side are you?
    Why 90% of organisations will not survive a digital disruption
    Platfirm, markething, algorhythm, leadershift

    Sanofi-Zentiva – Inonni, a better digital life for your grampa and your granny
    Philips – Crowdsourced experience building
    Acer – Sales and caring become really “personal” thanks to live marketing
    ING Direct – Self-served first and adviced when needed
    Sedapta – Using new generation process performance support & learning analytics solutions @ the digital manufacturing
    Invest Banca – Digital revolution in the investment services
    Estra – Engage customers through total brand experience transmedia storytelling: the estra business case
    Unicredit – People have the power: digital starts from human needs
    Damiani – Damiani group & the new customer centric strategy
    Intesa Panpaolo – Live long and prosper: how internal communication can help the company in achieving success
    Banca Mediolanum – Social networks for social machines
    Telecom Italia – The impact of tim rebranding on digital touchpoints
    Enel – Enabling enel global digital transformation journey
    Hearst Magazines – Hairadvisor: using the power of content to blend b2c and b2b through a pioneering digital platform
    Sky – Being relevant for your own customers
    Widiba – Co-creation, a new style of banking

    Round Table: The digital ceo

7th SBF, 1-2 July 2014, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Be Social, Get Value!

    From Vision To Value
    Why Social Business Adoption is Good For Marketing Strategy
    What lessons can we learn from the best in Social?
    Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media
    How to make Social truly actionable for sales, marketing and customer care
    The Chief Digital Officer – The CMO and CIO journey in Digital Transformation
    How The Cloud changes Everything in Social Business
    Who would you like to sit near at work?
    Recruiting at the Speed of Social
    Social business and customer journey management
    Digital Transformation : the pitfalls to avoid. – A counter intuitive approach to enterprise transformation
    Grow your own organizational structure: New forms made possible by social technology
    Creativity Matters: why creativity is a Business Essentials and How to Develop it
    Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?
    What’s wrong with Innovation now?
    2014, The Year of the Social Executive
    The Bosch journey towards social business
    Umano Digitale. L’Italia al bivio
    Social Customer Strategy that Works
    User Experience: A Modern Approach to Collaboration
    Firms, markets, consumers do not exist “out there”

    Round Table: The Digital CEO


    TRACK: Idea-Driven Organization
    Culture, Technology and Social: Creativity and Innovation Management at BNP Paribas
    Pushing the limit of Innovation (Eni)
    Digital Mediolanum & Idea Management (Mediolanum)
    Laptime Club: the first idea generation community for Motorsport (Magneti Marelli Motorsport)
    Round table

    TRACK: Collaborative Workspace
    Social Learning & Social Intranet: Coin Group
    Do or do not, there is no try: How to set up a Social Enterprise and stay alive (Intesa Sanpaolo)
    The New BPER Intranet: a collaboration history (Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna)
    Vodafone : the digital learning ®evolution
    Round table

    TRACK: Social Customer Experience
    The digital customer-centric strategy at Artsana Group: community management, digital loyalty, early warning and social caring
    Launching a new brand in the connected market: Danone case (Danone)
    Building Social Business Capabilities in Philips: our creation journey
    Credi Impresa Futuro: Social B2B e PMI (Banca Ifis)
    Round table

    TRACK: Innovation Uncensored
    Poste Mobile: Social customer service: how to become best in class
    The marketing at 360 degrees: the role of Community Manager (Uber)
    Innovating and shortening distances: completely remotely managing the service center (Var Group – Cabel)
    Social Media Hardware (Digitalic)
    Round table

    TRACK: Digitally Marketers
    Eataly Net: the customer-led food experience
    Goodyear biz case: When an organization is driven by an idea from the beginning (Goodyear)
    At the very center of the vortex: Total Brand Experience Strategies (Ketchum)
    From Foursquare to Beacon: retail tra location & micro-location (
    Round table

    TRACK: Food 4 Socializing your Enterprise
    Creativity Foundations
    Clarifying Creative Challenges
    Generating Ideas
    Implementing Solutions
    Round table

6th SBF, 12-13 June 2013, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Open Your Business!

    Redesign your Business: Be Happy!
    The Future of Work
    Employee On-boarding: The Real Value of Social
    Catching the Wave: Trends and Strategies for Social
    Performance acceleration via Enterprise Social and Collaborative Technology
    Where Social Meets Collaboration: Building, Managing and Optimizing the Collaborative Enterprise
    Evolving Customer Experience Management through Social
    Banking 3.0
    CMO vs CIO – Paths Forward to Collaboration on Collaboration
    The granularization of learning: new approaches to organizational development
    Trends in Social CRM
    The Evolution of Content Organization

    Time, Space, Agency: Social Business in a data-intensive age
    CQ: Connected Intelligence – Completing the Leadership Trifecta
    Data Analysis to measure emerging behaviour of users
    Socialize Your CRM
    The Explosive Mix of Gamification and Storytelling
    Generazione 2.0 Made In Italy
    Why adaptation should replace adoption
    Digital in the Round: a Viewpoint on Different Digital Landscapes
    It’s only Social Strategy, but I like it
    Beyond Digital Divide: Connected Generations and Empowered Citizenship

    The Talent Show between tv and Social Network – Deezer Round Table

    Gartner’s Magic quadrant leaders on Social Collaboration on stage
    Dialogue on: “Creating a collective intelligence capability in Eni”


    TRACK 1:
    Zegna – Zegna School experience towards the learning organization
    Luxottica – Lux Academy: Product Training as a Business Booster
    KPMG – From E-Learning to Academy: Medium becomes the goal itself
    AFS Intercultural Programs – A Social Business Strategy for a Global Audience
    Fashionis – Building an agile e-commerce platform by focusing on people instead of processes
    Round Table

    TRACK 2:
    Be1 – Social recruitment, Business Case Technology@work
    Siemens – Social Intranet at Siemens Energy
    Whirlpool – Managing the unexpected: social crisis control
    CTP – Transforming your Business Processes through Business Social Networking
    LBI Italia – Watercooler chat matters: How being a social enterprise creates value
    Round Table

    TRACK 3:
    Feltrinelli – Incorporating the “social” dimension with the e-commerce in editorial retail: Feltrinelli Case History
    MediaMarket – Reverse e-commerce: how to evolve loyalty programs in the perspective of Social CRM
    Camst – Knowledge Flow in Food Industry, the experience of Camst: how to engage employees with Social Intranet platforms
    IKEA – The multichannel approach of IKEA for being closer and more accessible to the customers: from home visits to eCommerce
    QVC Italy – QVC, la conversazione che supera la distanza: come il DNA “social” si sostanzia nell’e-commerce e nei social media
    Round Table

    TRACK 4:
    BNP Paribas – The Mindshift Experience – How we foster Innovation in BNP Paribas
    ING Direct – Reinventing customer relationship in banking industry
    Banca Mediolanum – Mediolanum goes to Social: the Power of Relation
    Banca Intesa S.Paolo – Social Enterprise: myths and realities of social software in the company
    Fed. BCC Emilia Romagna – BCC: genetically social and network
    Round Table

    TRACK 5:
    Barilla – Digital Transformation Strategy: The Barilla Experience
    Pirelli – The strategic model in the overall development of collaborative business online
    Illy – Stop thinking in terms of Target and start thinking in terms of Audience!
    Vodafone – Customer experience management: best practices to create business value
    Ferrero – Ferrero and innovation: tools to support successful companies
    Round Table

    TRACK 6:
    The Social Business Transformation Journey
    Making Visual Sense of Networks Intelligence
    Social Learning in Action
    Frameworks and Practices of Social Innovation
    From Digital to Social Workplace
    Round Table

5th SBF, 4-5 June 2012, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: From Social to Business

    From Social to Business
    From Stress to Success – Pragmatic pathways for Social Business
    Enterprise gamification to drive engagement
    Embracing social. Why Europe’s ahead of the curve
    @YourService. The business world has flipped and small business can capitalize
    Engage or lose! Socialize, mobilize, conversify: engage your employees to improve business performance
    Transforming the workplace with radical management
    Bridging the gap between Business Intelligence and action. Why Collaboration is essential

    Social Business explained to your manager in 10 principles
    Organizational Conversation at the heart of competitiveness. How to design on-line and off-line experiences that enable co-creation
    Listen. Nurture. Generate. The social media b2b engagement lifecycle
    Mastering the E20 Journey – An organizational Development driven Approach to the E20 Adoption and Social Business Transformation
    The social CEO. How to get CEO commitment to & involvement in implementing social business?
    Big Data bring big value to Social CRM – Andrea Incalza
    Uncovering and managing the hidden organization: Network Analysis made easy
    Sharing Advertising – Advertising professionals and social networks
    Social Learning: toward a new learning ecosystem
    Innovation by Design
    Future of collaboration project
    Le nuove professioni del web
    From big data to insights: Social Media analytics and actionables – Emanuela Zaccone
    Speech TBD

    Going from social to business to benefits individuals, organizations and the entire society


    SESSIONS: Real Stories
    From Service to loyalty – the BTCare story
    Engage within the digital workplace at Alcatel Lucent
    Breaking barriers: turning collaborative innovation into practice
    The Web cut out on me: taking the end user’s point of view in proposing a digital experience
    How Legrand is engaging its partners and customers to build the best products
    Consumer driven innovation: a conversation between a J&J brand and its customers
    Pernod 2.0 : how to get digital when selling spirits in France
    For profit, productivity, and personal benefit: creating a collaborative culture at Deutsche Bank
    Why people love social networking, but hate their enterprise social network: a journey to find the solution (Scania)
    Idee&Opinioni: A Consumers’ Innovation Network. Engaging and challenging people to innovate their day-by-day life
    Collaborative innovation in Luxottica: Idea.Lab
    Consorzio Corepla. Putting Social into the ICT
    Engaging the work force with social tools at Lowe & Partners
    Network to Customers. The net at the customer’s service
    Case Study TBD

    SESSIONS: Business Value
    The way we will complain. How customer service is going to evolve over the next 10 years
    Using social to serve customers not transactions
    Building the future of customer service. Paths and expectations from the trenches
    Scaling collaborative innovation as a tangible business accelerator
    Social CRM – Insight into the customer decision journey
    Engaging customers in the B2B and B2C world: BNP Paribas, Pirelli, Caffè Carbonelli
    Measuring what matters. Leveraging analytics and KPIs to grow social business initiatives

    SESSIONS: The Organization of Tomorrow
    Can Social Business reshape the organization of tomorrow?
    Evolving the organization. How massive collaboration is reshaping how we do business
    New trends in Enterprise Social Networking: Case studies of real social companies

    SESSIONS: Leadership, Management & Culture
    [Knowledge] work is broken – can social fix it?
    Culture, culture, international culture. Piggybacking on local pecularities in global organizations

    SESSIONS: Technology Evolution
    Does technology matter? Understanding how software enables or prevents participation

    SESSIONS: Community Management
    Becoming a Jedi Master. The secret art of cultivating online communities
    Writing the secret book of community cultivation

4th SBF, 8 June 2011, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Is Your Business Social?

    On the shoulders of giants
    Paving the way to Social Business
    Social Business, it’s also about the Processes
    Enabling quantum organizations as a new level of effectiveness – Keith Swenson

    Social Business calls Earth. From vision to reality (Open Discussion)

    Il Buzz Seeding funziona davvero? Radiografia di un’azione di passaparola online per
    Verso il Social Learning: ripensare i processi di apprendimento nell’era del Social Business
    Netnografia e Co-Creation
    Social CRM: la voce dell’azienda e la voce dell’utente
    Gamification: utilizzare le dinamiche del gaming per migliorare i processi di business e creare un’azienda empowered
    Le parole degli altri: ascolto, imparo, faccio
    Online + Real-Life: scenari convergenti nella comunicazione social
    Managing the New HR
    “Viral is Social Sharing of Emotions”: dal Marketing Virale al Viral Branding
    Tra Social Media ed Engagement: perché non è importante solo ascoltare

    Social CRM Panel
    Enterprise 2.0 Panel


    TRACK: Employee Empowerment
    Driving Innovation through collaboration and connectedness
    Connect.BASF. The Online Business Network
    The voice of the customer and the continuum of creativity
    Organizations or Communities?
    Analytics in knowledge and learning
    Nurturing internal communities and collaboration for business success
    Exceptions are not exceptional. Organizing for Unpredictability

    TRACK: Customer Engagement
    Challenges with using social for customer service. Separating content and support
    The Wepad Project
    Customer Engagement at BancoPosta
    The Connected Enterprise
    Sketching your Social CRM strategy
    When the customer gains control
    Tear down the walls. Let’s engage!

    TRACK: Open Innovation
    Vision to Reality: Scottish Water’s Innovation Challenge
    Innovating with the consumers. The co-creation for marketing research
    F-Lab. A radically new open innovation model in the beverage ecosystem
    The Open Innovation Revolution
    Complexity and emergent behaviors as preconditions for innovation
    User-led innovation can’t create breakthroughs. Really?
    Secret Innovation. Mistakes to avoid and best practices to revolutionize your innovation process

3rd Enterprise 2.0 Forum, 9-10 June 2010, Milan, Italy

    Enterprise 2.0. So What?
    Le performance di business nel 21esimo secolo e il ruolo degli approcci sociali
    Nuovi modelli di business basati sull’Enterprise 2.0 e vecchie applicazioni. Un matrimonio possibile?
    Le 3C dell’Innovazione 2.0: Crowdsourcing, Competizione e Collaborazione – Hutch Carpenter (Spigit)
    Trasformare i social network in risultati di business

    Caso Mota Engil
    Caso Intel
    Caso CSC
    Intranet. Ritorno al futuro
    Introdurre gli scambi informali all’interno dei processi per estrarre il meglio dal proprio capitale sociale
    Voce alle Risorse Umane
    Da risorse a persone. Modelli emergenti di leadership, incentivazione, valutazione ed apprendimento nel contesto dell’Enterprise 2.0

    Caso Citroen
    Caso Centro Nazionale Trapianti
    Caso Dassault Systèmes
    I social media per generare un vantaggio competitivo
    Una nuova era di coinvolgimento del cliente tramite il Social CRM
    Voce al Marketing
    Il Social Business: Marte e Venere si confrontano verso la centralità del consumatore

    Caso Telecom Italia
    Caso IBM
    Caso Barilla
    Più potere alle persone. Il capitale sociale a favore dell’innovatione
    Approcci partecipativi e nuovi framework per innovare in Italy
    Voce all’Innovazione
    Come rinnovare l’innovazione

    Pre-conference Workshops (Jun 9):
    Accelerating Business Performance via Enterprise 2.0
    IT Governance. A relationship centred approach
    Innovation 2.0. Harnessing the power of social networks
    Optimising your business relationships with Organizational Network
    HR 2.0. Human Resources in the new business environment
    Banking 2.0: The New Wave of Banking & Finance

    Enterprise 2.0 Camp, Jun 10

2nd Enterprise 2.0 Forum, 3 June 2009, Milan, Italy

    Può la social enterprise guidare un reale rinnovamento del management?
    Far crollare le barriere per prosperare in un mondo complesso
    Conoscenza senza management. Lo sviluppo della conoscenza organizzativa nell’era dei social network
    Il capitale sociale in azienda. Nuova moneta per un’economia in totale mutamento

    La chiave per coltivare la conoscenza. Scegliere il giusto approccio in ogni situazione
    Best practice nell’introduzione dei social media all’interno dell’azienda
    Uno sguardo al futuro. Come funzioneranno le organizzazioni tra dieci anni?
    Business Lunch e Networking

    Conquistare il mondo una conversazione alla volta

    Group Idea Management 2.0
    Portali e Enterprise Content Management sono veramente 2.0? Come passare dai contenuti alle persone
    Aprire le porte al futuro del business

    PMI 2.0
    Enterprise 2.0 e PMI? Le storie dei pionieri
    Portare la collaborazione tra le nuvole per abbattere le barriere di adozione

    Connettere i punti nel mondo reale

1st Enterprise 2.0 Forum, 25 June 2008, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy

Conference Theme: Collaboration, participation, collective intelligence: innovation through Enterprise 2.0
(Co-organizer: University of Insubria, Department for Informatics and Communication; in the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the costitution of University of Insubria (Faculty of Sciences))

    An Overview on Enteprise 2.0 and its Strategical Value for Companies
    – Where past and future meet: the intergenerational dynamics of Enterprise 2.0
    – It’s not technology, stupid! Enterprise 2.0 as an organizational and strategic revolution

    Enterprise 2.0: Tools and International Success Stories
    – Building web communities that add value
    – Social network analysis: From informal conversations to tangible assets
    – Cultivating wikis to change the enterprise and improve the bottom line
    – Social tagging to unlock the collective intelligence
    – TamTamy: our reply to Enterprise 2.0 needs
    – Thinking out of the inbox: More Collaboration through less e-mail
    – Consumerizing the Enterprise

    Case Histories
    – The IBM experience: Social Media for the Global Company
    – Italian Cases

    Enterprise 2.0 at Work
    – How to bring Enterprise 2.0 to your company.
    – Presentation of the Course in Enterprise 2.0

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