United Kingdom Knowledge Mobilisation Forum (UK KMb Forum)*

United Kingdom Knowledge Mobilisation Forum (UK KMb Forum)*

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The United Kingdom Knowledge Mobilisation Forum (UK KMb Forum, UKKMbF, or UKF) is an annual event for all those with a passion for ensuring that knowledge makes a positive difference to society. The Forum brings together practitioners, researchers, students, administrators and public representatives who are engaged in the art and science of sharing knowledge and ensuring that it can be used. The Forum is designed as a space for learning and reflection, providing an opportunity for sharing knowledge, experiences and methods and access to some of the most up to date thinking and practice in the field. Expect conversations, creativity and collaborative learning…and if you’re wondering what we mean by ‘knowledge’ – we are as interested in practical know-how, skills and experience as in research findings or evaluation data.

Sister Event:

Conference History:

6th UK KMb Forum 2021, 22-26 March, 2021, Virtual venue

(CANCELLED) 6th UK KMb Forum 2020, 17-18 March 2020, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Conference Theme:

    Altered States: an interactive introduction to drama as a medium for knowledge mobilisation
    Mapping the ‘third space’ between research and practice
    Hypotheticals: Never work with business!; Open Space
    Open Space

    Knowledge Fayres:
    Our friends the evidence monsters
    Wine-ing about knowledge and policy
    R u ready? Making sense of NHS data as a community
    What works in knowledge mobilisation?
    Engaging engagement
    Knowledge exchange at the UK Parliament

    Knowledge mobilisation of research; what can funders do?
    “How do we make research useful for practice?” Creative transdisciplinary approaches to
    transforming how we think about research use
    What is the value and impact of embedding a research culture in partnership with local government?

    Interactive posters:
    A toolkit to optimise knowledge mobilisation in primary care for the management of joint pain
    Creative co-design and knowledge mobilisation in health care: A qualitative study
    Seven thousand feet – and just as many steps
    A cunning plan! Using realist research approaches to mobilise knowledge within organisations providing peer support to people with SCI
    Preventing negative psychological effects in locomotive engineers and train conductors following a critical incident: dissemination strategies and evaluation
    Pairing scientists and journalists in Nigeria for healthcare communication
    My first 100 days as a knowledge broker
    Interactive posters plenary session

    Ian Rodwell
    Annette Boaz

5th UK KMb Forum 2019, 20-21 March 2019, Seven Stories, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Crafting Our Knowledge Stories

    Collective making, to make things happen
    Having critical conversations about knowledge mobilisation
    The challenges of training and professional development in universities
    We believe in face-toface knowledge sharing

    Knowledge Fayres:
    Beyond logic models
    Bringing evidence to life
    Harnessing technology to improve knowledge mobilisation
    With the destination in mind
    Knowledge mobilisation in action
    Using knowledge to improve the population’s health
    Developing a community of practice to promote and facilitate knowledge mobilisation
    The role that Alzheimer’s Society and the charity sector more broadly can play in knowledge mobilisation

    Fish Bowls:
    Evidence that connects
    Knowledge diplomacy (World Café)
    Mobilising knowledge between practitioners and researchers
    “Engage to Involve” collaborative working with a public & patient research panel

    Interactive Posters:
    Healthcare: Knowledge sharing in healthcare
    Taking the deliberative dialogue model on the road
    Unpacking knowledge mobilization and brokerage
    When two become one: learning about embedded research and knowledge co-production
    Developing a knowledge mobilisation training offer
    Engaging with practicebased research networks
    Good Work, good Health: getting all key players onside
    Knowledge mobilisation and implementation
    What made a top-scoring impact case study in REF2014
    Interactive Posters: plenary session

    Stories of knowledge mobilisation
    Why knowledge mobilisation is a much more subtle craft than the term ‘implementation science’ suggests

4th UK KMb Forum 2018, 7-8 March 2018, Bristol, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Growing Knowledge Together

    Capturing multi-level impacts of research co-production: refining a new impact framework
    ‘Boundary objects’ – what are they and why should I care?
    Exploring barriers to translating research into practice: a fishbowl conversation
    How can co-production processes help to elicit, share and blend different forms of knowledge?
    What next for knowledge mobilisation?
    Warts and All: A holistic framework for understanding and improving knowledge mobilisation
    Open space #1 & #2

    Market stalls:
    Building confidence to mobilise knowledge in the health service
    Encouraging knowledge sharing in interprofessional teams
    Outcome Focus

    Interactive posters:
    Collaborative measurement: What is it? How is it supposed to work?
    The means not the end: stakeholder perspectives on toolkits from healthcare research
    ‘Sharing treasure’: insights into how care home managers mobilise knowledge
    Mobilising Knowledge to Transform Ageing
    Getting evidence into practice: Reflections on a stakeholder advisory group
    Autism in the Bristol Somali Community: Collaborative mobilisation of co-produced knowledge
    Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation (LINK) Project
    The Mystery of Co-production: Tales from a European Dialogue Platform
    Using knowledge mobilisation to support the implementation of findings on the acceptability of low dead space syringes for people who inject drugs
    Developing and designing resources to support decision making and evidence-informed practice in health and social care
    Supporting school knowledge mobilisers through educational blogging

    Barriers and enablers to embedding the effective use of evidence in practice
    Archetypes of knowledge mobilisation: understanding diversity in knowledge mobilisation practice (CANCELLED)
    Vicky Ward

    Short 7 minute presentations:
    Can we increase the capacity of policy agencies to use evidence from research? Learnings from SPIRIT
    Cat fights or smitten kittens? 5 features of compromise between researchers and external partners (in the medium of cats)
    Responsive research as theatre: how moaning, hiding destructive information and playing deviant help to broker academic knowledge to policy and practice. A dramaturgical reflection on four years of AskFuse
    Using Academic/Teacher partnerships to mobilize knowledge
    Can academics and policy makers speak the same language?
    ‘What Works’ in mobilising evidence? Stories from higher education
    Picturing a system
    Telling the Bromley by Bow Story
    An example of creating knowledge that is “good enough”
    ‘Flow’: from individual achievement to community action in knowledge mobilisation
    Informing conversations to guide needs-based care and services: Caregivers using infographics as a tool

(CANCELLED) 4th UK KMb Forum 2017

3rd UK KMb Forum 2016, 10-11 May 2016, London, United Kingdom

    Open Space

    Professional Development Hour (Interactive roundtable sessions):
    Evaluating intermediary organisations
    Cards-based activity to help conversation about common barriers to KMb
    Local/regional/national contexts for Kmb
    A ‘write-shop’ to unbundle jargon and using plain language
    Thinking together – a ‘community of enquiry’ approach to reflecting on KMb

    Posters (Chaired Poster Walks; Winning Posters: Oral Presentations):
    Knowledge to Action in a time of Austerity” Sarah Morton
    Web-based toolkit to maximizing the visibility and impact of published research” Melinda Kenneway
    Assessing outcomes: exploring the work of knowledge brokers using nominal group method” Emma Barnes

    Optional Sessions:
    Knowledge Mobilisation – An Introduction

    Plenary sessions & discussions:
    Knowledge to Create a Better Future for Aboriginal Youth
    How organisational collaboration between researchers and practitioners can enable implementation
    Learning from doing: Reflecting on eight years of knowledge mobilization
    What have we achieved since last year? (Knowledge Mobilisation Competencies; Global Community of Practice; Language of Care; Leadership, Networks & Stories)
    After Dinner ‘debate’: Canadians vs the Brits
    Knowledge Exchange & Mobilisation through academic, community and student partnership
    What have we done and What next?

    Pre-conference Interest Groups’ calls: Knowledge Mobilisation Tools; Language of Care for Knowledge Mobilisation; Knowledge Mobilisation Networks; Leadership for Knowledge Mobilisation; Global Knowledge Mobilisation Community of Practice; Who’s Who in Knowledge Mobilisation; Knowledge Mobilisation Bathroom Reader; Knowledge Broker Competencies

2nd UK KMb Forum 2015, 13-14 April 2015, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Together – we make connections matter

    Open Space – Agenda creation, First discussion, Moving forwards, Next steps

    Professional Development Hour (Interactive roundtable sessions):
    Defining & developing knowledge broker roles
    Developing a knowledge hub
    Developing partnerships
    Do you want to get published?
    Imagine your KMb future
    Maximise your Impact clinic – Action learning format
    Thinking about impact measures

    Posters (Chaired Poster Walks; Winning Posters: Oral Presentations):

    Optional Sessions:
    Knowledge Mobilisation – An Introduction
    KMb skills – filmmaking

    Plenary sessions:
    Who Cares? Influencing policy and practice – ensuring lived experience knowledge is embedded across the organisation and the sector
    Frameworks for impact – how we measure and monitor impact in a KMb system or a single KMb interventio
    IRISS knowledge brokerage organisation focused on social services
    After Dinner ‘speech’ (+ announcement of poster winners for oral presentation on day 2)
    The Canadian perspective
    Latest work and views from one of the gurus in the academic field of KMb theory
    Taking it to the next level

1st UK KMb Forum 2014, 3-4 February, 2014, London, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Making Connections Matter

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