How to Sell Knowledge Management

Abstract: Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program offers techniques and advice from Stan Garfield, a seasoned knowledge management professional and expert with decades of experience in the field.

You’ll learn the essential elements of a knowledge management program; how to lay the foundation for success; the secrets to obtaining early and ongoing leadership commitment; tips for communication strategies that actually do influence and engage your audience; how to assess and leverage technology appropriately; powerful methods of nurturing a knowledge-sharing culture (including recognizing and rewarding participants), and finally, you’ll read detailed case studies of 10 organizations—among them Microsoft and NASA—that will inspire you as you set your own knowledge management strategy.

Table of Contents

  1. Define the Essentials 15
  2. Lay the Foundation 23
  3. Obtain Leadership Committment 43
  4. Educate 51
  5. Communicate 59
  6. Seek Outside 3
  7. Build a Team 81
  8. Embrace Technology Appropriately 91
  9. Improve Continuously 105
  10. Nuture a Knowledge-sharing Culture 119
  11. Recognize and Reward 133
  12. Use Keys to Success 151
  13. Avoid the Top 40 Pitfalls 163
  14. Apply Lessons Learned 181
  15. Reuse Proven Practices 191

Stan Garfield: Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program. Lucidea Press, 2017, 328 pages

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