How to Sell Knowledge Management

Stan Garfield: Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program. Lucidea Press, 2017, 328 pages

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  • Stan Garfield: KM Buy-In: Proven Practices, Keynote @ KMWorld 2017, November 9, 2017, Washington, DC, USA (Video, Slides)

Lucidea webinar series on “Selling Knowledge Management” feat. Stan Garfield:

  1. Define the Essentials, 11/16/2017
  2. Lay the Foundation, 12/13/2017
  3. 10 Elements of the Business Case, 1/24/2018
  4. How to Educate Your Stakeholders, 2/14/2018
    (Related: Leveraging Stakeholders to Promote your Knowledge Management Program)
  5. Communicating with Your Stakeholders, 3/14/2018
    (Related: Leveraging Stakeholders to Promote your Knowledge Management Program)
  6. Build Your Team & Seek Outside Help, 4/11/2018
  7. Embrace Technology Appropriately, 5/30/2018
    (Related: Gamification Accelerates Knowledge Management Adoption)
  8. Improve Continuously, 6/27/2018
  9. Nurture a Knowledge-Sharing Culture, 7/25/2018
  10. Recognize and Reward, 8/22/2018
  11. Use the Keys to Success, 9/26/2018
  12. Avoid the Top 40 Pitfalls, 10/17/2018
    (Related: 5 Knowledge Management Pitfalls to Avoid: A Knowledge Management Conversation with Stan Garfield)
  13. Apply Lessons Learned, 11/28/2018
  14. The 7 Competencies of Highly Effective Knowledge Managers, 12/19/2018
    (Related: What makes for a successful knowledge manager?)
  15. Reuse Proven Practices:

Lucidea webinars featuring Stan Garfield:

Lucidea “Think Clearly Blog” Series feat. guest bloger Stan Garfield (Alternative source: Stan’s blog on Medium)

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