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The University of Johannesburg (UJ)1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Business and Economics (CBE)2) > School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems (SCIIS) > Department of Information and Knowledge Management3)

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

  • BCom Information Management (Major: Information and Knowledge Management)
  • BCom Honours Information Management (Research Project in Information and Knowledge Management)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • MCom Business Management (Specialization: Information and Knowledge Management)**4)
  • MPhil Information Management (research area: Knowledge Management)5)
  • MA Information Science (research area: Knowledge Management)**
  • PhD Information Management (research area: Knowledge and Information Science)5)
  • Doctor of Letters (DLitt) / PhD in Information Science (research area: Knowledge and Information Science)**


Short Courses (Also known as Short Learning Programmes (SLP) or Continuing Education Programmes (CEPs))

  • Contemporary Knowledge Management Techniques
  • Knowledge Economy in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Short (Certificate) Course in Knowledge Management**
  • Competitive Intelligence – Tools and Analysis
  • Short (Certificate) Course in Strategic Competitive Analysis**
  • Short (Certificate) Course in Business Intelligence**


Monthly subject seminars / public lectures

    May 2021: The Anatomy of a 4IR Crisis: How the Pandemic is Reshaping Knowledge Management

    Mar 2019: Building Early Warning Systems: Levering Competitive Intelligence in the Data Science Age

    Jul 2012: What’s your knowledge management story?

    Sep 2010: The collaboration side of Knowledge Management

    Aug 2005: Knowledge Management as a business imperative

    Oct 2004: The role of information in business success: lessons for business leaders
    Aug 2004: South Africa – a knowledge economy?
    Jul 2004: Text retrieval systems – Inmagic DB/Text as an example
    Jun 2004: Developing campus portals – a case study
    May 2004: The Nedbank Learning Warehouse portel
    Mar 2004: Development of a Knowledge Management strategy for Kumba Resources
    Feb 2004: Underlying dimensions of consumer information privacy

    Oct 2003: Records management
    Sep 2003: Software to organize intelligence
    Aug 2003: Using Multimedia, multilingual information to assist Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence processes
    May 2003: Business value of knowledge management
    Mar 2003: Legal requirements for proper information management
    Feb 2003: Establishing a knowledge culture in a company

    Aug 2002: Customer relationship management and Knowledge Management
    May 2002: Strategic Information Management – not just about information
    Apr 2002: Web gravity: tracking your business in the virtual world
    Mar 2002: Understanding the role of data warehousing in business intelligence

Institute for the Future of Knowledge (IFK)


“Democratising Knowledge: The Politics and Economics of Knowledge Production and Consumption” series / Aug 2023

    PART 1: Barriers to Accessing Journals in Africa and the Global South
    PART 2: Racial Inequalities in Journals
    PART 3: Lessons from the Peer Community in (PCI)

Faculty of Management (FoM)*2)


Public/open lecture series

    Intangible capital is like jelly
    The Isivivane Game Model in Knowledge Management

    Collaboration generates greater commitment through empowerment


  • Competitive intelligence (2002-2003)
  • Analysing Data for Maximum Intelligence. SAS Institute/RAU (2003)


  • Information and Knowledge Management Conference (IKM Conference)**
      The annual Information and Knowledge Management Conference (IKM or UJ IKM Conference), formerly the Conference on Knowledge Management and the Intellectual Capital Conference, provides a platform for the presentation, discussion and debate of diverse and professional approaches and research on recent developments in information and knowledge management. The conference will also provide an opportunity for academics, practitioners and doctoral students to have their work validated and benchmarked within the benevolent academic and professional community.
  • 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM), 4-6 September 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Conference Theme: Rethinking Knowledge Management: Foresight in the 21st Century
    (co-rganized with the International Council on Knowledge Management)

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