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Knoco – Knowledge Management Consultants 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Workshops, Seminars & Masterclasses

  • Knowledge Management Strategy Development workshop
  • Secrets of Community Leadership
  • Interviewing for Knowledge Retention
  • Community of Practice Launch
  • Knowledge Management Master Class
  • Knowledge Management Planning workshop
  • Basic Knowledge Management Primer
  • Project Knowledge Capture workshop
  • The Bird Island Knowledge Management simulation (Experience Knowledge Management for yourself)
  • Knowledge Management Awareness
  • Effective lesson-learning
  • Knowledge Management Starters / Starter Week
    • Knowledge Management assessment, one-day workshop
    • Knowledge Management strategy, one-day workshop
    • Introductory Knowledge Management Workshop, one-day or half-day workshop
    • Knowledge Management proof of concept (workshop)


  • Oct 2016: Knowledge Management: past, present, future (KnowTouch pre-conference webinar series)
  • 2013 US/Canada series
    Jul 2013: Knowledge Management Roadmap; Requirements for Knowledge Management Success
    Jun 2013: Knowledge Management Risks; Aligning Knowledge Management with the Business/ Organization
    May 2013: Knowledge Management Technologies
  • 2013 Northern Europe series
    Jun 2013: Successful Communities of Practice
    May 2013: Knowledge Management konceptet
  • 2013 Australia series
    Nov 2013: Semantic Processing in Knowledge Management
    Sep 2013: How to Find Knowledge in Your organisation
    May 2013: Effective Lesson-learning
  • 2013 South America series
    May 2013: Por qué las organizaciones no pueden continuar operando sin gestionar sus activos intangibles
  • Doing Knowledge Management Assessments
  • Lessons Management Hub (LMH) Webex Demo


  • What is Knowledge Management?
  • Data, info, knowledge
  • An introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Implementing Knowledge Management
  • Lesson learning
  • What is a Learned Lesson?
  • Lesson learning overview
  • An Asking culture

Knoco francisees

  • Knoco Egypt
  • Knoco South Africa (Ian Corbett)
  • Knoco Tunisia (Knowledge Management Consulting)
  • Knoco China
  • Knoco Gulf States (Abdulhameed Alhosani)
  • Knoco India (AskOnline Technologies)
  • Knoco Indonesia (INSIGHT Knowledge Partners, ITTC – Knoco Indonesia)
  • Knoco Iran (Season Training and Development Institute)
  • Knoco Malaysia (Agile Management Consultancy)
  • Knoco Saudi Arabia
  • Knoco Benelux (The Knowledge Alliance, Rayanti Binawan)
  • Knoco Denmark (LeadingCapacity)
  • Knoco France (Vedalis)
  • Knoco Greece (Seven Sigma Innovation)
  • Knoco Hungary (Poziteam)
  • Knoco Poland
  • Knoco Russia (Novus-KM, Willgrade)
  • Knoco Spain (Neos)
Latin America
  • Knoco Brazil
  • Knoco Caribbean
  • Knoco Chile (Catenaria)
  • Knoco Mexico (Glumin Knowledge Management)
  • Knoco Venezuela
Northern America
  • Knoco Eastern Canada (Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting)
  • Knoco Western Canada
  • Knoco USA / Huston (Enterprise Performance Group and Andrew Barendrecht)
  • Knoco Colorado
  • Knoco Kansas
  • Knoco New York (Carol Gorelick)

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