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Knowledge Management Society of Japan (KMSJ)

The Knowledge Management Society of Japan (KMSJ) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • …on topics in Knowledge Management


  • The Knowledge Forum (TKF)**
    The Knowledge Forum (TKF) will address innovation and management of knowledge, skills, networks and technologies within organizations and territories, as well as all strategic issues related to factors of competitiveness.

    • The Knowledge Forum (TKF), April 29-30, 2013, Vladivostok, Russia
      Conference Theme: The Role and Deployment of Knowledge (Chi) Management in the Asia and Pacific Region of 21st Century
    • (CANCELLED) The Knowledge Forum (TKF), 2009, Madison, USA
    • The Knowledge Forum (TKF), November 16-17, 2008 Tokyo, Japan
      Conference Theme: Dynamic “Ba” for Creation of “Chi”
    • The Knowledge Forum (TKF), September 27-28, 2007, Sophia Antipolis, France
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Fostering Innovation
    • The Knowledge Forum (TKF), September 18-19, 2006, São Paulo, Brazil
      Conference Theme: Comparing Knowledge Management practices across the world: Knowledge in the Cultural Context
    • The Knowledge Forum (TKF), March 18-19, 2005, Tokyo, Japan
      Conference Theme: Japanese Chi: Edge of Evolution

Special Interest /Research Groups

  • e-Learning Research Group
  • Benchmarking Group
  • Social Media Group
  • Best Practices research Group
  • Knowledge Workplace Community
  • Global Events Interest Group
  • Risk Management Interest Group
  • Organization Recognition theory Group (located in Kansai area)
  • Knowledge Creation Study Group
  • Art Interest Grouproup
  • Diversity Interest Group
  • Tokai Group (Knowledge Management Research Group)
  • Practical Knowledge Distribution Group

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