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The Knowledge Management Society of Japan (KMSJ) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Special Interest / Research Groups: Knowledge Creation Research Group; Practical Knowledge Innovation (KI) Research Group; New Industrial Revolution Research Group; ISO Standardization Research Group (Est. 2018); Practical SDGs Management Study Group; Industrial Revolution Research Group (Est. 2022); Social Media Group/Sub-committee

    Past: Intelligence Research Group; Practical Knowledge Distribution Group; e-Learning Research Group; Benchmarking Group; Best Practices Research Group; Knowledge Workplace Community; Global Events Interest Group; Risk Management Interest Group; Organization Recognition theory Group (located in Kansai area); Art Interest Group; Diversity Interest Group

  • Regional Chapters: Tōkai Branch (Est. 2000)
  • Japan Knowledge Management Association (NPOJAKM)


  • Special Interest / Research Groups meetings
  • Branch events (study sessions, lectures, etc.)
  • Digital Transformation (DX) Lecture Series
    (Practical Knowledge Innovation Research Group)

    • May 2021: #05 Signs of New Social System: People, Organization, Economy, Society
    • Apr 2021: #04 Human Centric DX Strategy (Tentative)
    • Mar 2021: #03 Educational Reform with an Eye on 21st Century Skills
    • Feb 2021: #02 Government DX / Knowledge Management Promotion Initiatives to Improve Industrial Competitiveness
    • Jan 2021: #01 The essence of DX is knowledge management!
  • Workshops/Seminars
    • Aug 2019: International Knowledge Management Standard from ISO Management Systems
    • Jul 2019: Workshop on Collaborative Spaces and Knowledge Creation
  • (Information and) Knowledge Management Lecture series
    • October 2012 (4th): Now why global thought (thought / action) is required – True customer-oriented, management supported by overseas business experience of 23 years
    • July 2011 (3rd): Corporate change from customer knowledge – aim for company growth with customers
    • May 2011 (2nd): Smart TV and knowledge management talking about terrestrial digital broadcasting
    • April 2011 (1st): Leverage diversity into the organization


  • Knowledge Management Society of Japan Conference & General Meeting (KMSJ Annual)*
  • WICRS/KMSJ International Symposium** 1)
  • Knowledge Management Forum** 2)
  • The Knowledge Forum (TKF)**
    The Knowledge Forum (TKF) will address innovation and management of knowledge, skills, networks and technologies within organizations and territories, as well as all strategic issues related to factors of competitiveness.

    • TKF Russia, April 29-30, 2013, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
      Conference Theme: The Role and Deployment of Knowledge (Chi) Management in the Asia and Pacific Region of 21st Century
      (Co-organizer: Far Eastern Federal University – Science and Innovations)

        Knowledge creation activities in pharmaceutical companies aiming for the common good of human health care

        Sub-committee presentations:
        Education that transcends the boundaries of cultural stereotypes. New generations and new trends
        Japanese Healthcare System and Informatization-Management of Knowledge in Medical Care / Nursing Care
        Contractual training of professional human resources in line with corporate profits
        What is the meaning of the basic concept of knowledge management?
        Knowledge management in network-centric systems: problem setting to knowledge
        Value lies in analog power, not digital
        Suzuki’s Asian Strategy and Technology Transfer
        How to realize a joint program in Knowledge Management. Experience of the Russian-German Program “Doing Business in Russia”
        International Transfer of Automotive Development Knowledge-Localization of Japanese JVC in China and Challenge of Reverse Innovation
        Regarding Japan’s Regionalism and Control of Regional Identity Problem. Perspective from Russia
        Japanese financial industry and information and communication technology
        Latest trends in M2M
        Human resource development utilizing in-house intellectual resources
        Japan’s strengths (knowledge) learned from Geido and Budo”

        Summary by all subcommittees

        Co-located Events:
        Technical Visit at Vladivostok including FEFU, Apr 28
        Japan-Russia Far Eastern Forum 2013, Apr 30

        Note: TKF-Russia was initially set at the end of September 2012

    • (CANCELLED) 5th TKF, September 1-2, 2009, Wisconsin State University, Madison, USA
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Sustainable Growth through Agriculture: Culture Gap, Popular Belief and our Challenge

        Knowledge Management / Cases / etc. in the United States
        Knowledge Management Practice in Borderless Knowledge Economic Society
        Agricultural Business and Knowledge Management

        Plenary Session; Special Lectues; Keynotes TBC

    • 4th TKF, November 16-17, 2008 Tokyo, Japan
      Conference Theme: Dynamic “Ba” for Creation of “Chi”
      (in conjunction with the Intellectual Asset Management Week 2008, Nov 14-21; Co-organizer: Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry; Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

        Keynote 1 (Nonaka)
        The source of knowledge is patterns and fields

        Dynamic place for major Japanese companies to promote the creation of knowledge

        Special Lectures:
        Knowledge Navigation Dynamics by Future Center and Ba-some learnings and outlook
        Project as a place: From the perspective of Knowledge Management
        Special Lecture 3

        Company Cases:
        Suzuki Survival Wisdom

        KM 2.0: Human Knowledge Networking as a competitivenesss factor
        Extended Networks: Managing Global Stakeholders for Sustainability
        Adoption of Knowledge Management in the Hong Kong public and private sectors
        OS for management that makes use of on-site knowledge
        Restructuring of Dynamic Ba for Knowledge Management Evolution in Hewlett Packard, Japan
        Daiseki’s business model-original” type “changes the meaning of” place
        Practical examples for reconstruction
        Presentation TBD
        Creative Transition Formation-Organizational Transformation Model for Knowledge Creation Company

        Co-located Events:
        Japan-Germany IC Summit / Round tables, Nov 16 (CANCELLED)
        Tosho Special Forum, Nov 17

    • 3rd TKF, September 27-28, 2007, CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Fostering Innovation
      (Co-organizer: CERAM Business School)


        Innovation & Knowledge creation process:
        – The innovation process between attention and creation
        – Persistent Innovation Barriers and How to Breach Them
        – All Nippon Airways’s Brand strategy
        – Weaving contexts to orchestrate versatile “Chi” – To create a new story of the Times
        – Knowledge creation and practice of policy management
        – Managing Knowledge and Innovation within Open Source Software Projects

        Human networking:
        – Networks and Innovation
        – Networking attitude Groupe Danone approach to Knowledge Management
        – Management of Knowledge in Context
        – Using internal and external networks to innovate
        – Regional intellectual assets in Japan link to the world
        – Inter-Organizational Communities of Practice Comments
        – A Self Questionnaire for fostering Group Evolution

        Future, Wisdom, Education:
        – Knowledge Management and Sustainable Innovation
        – Dig out Treasures from Buried Intellectual Properties
        – How we can acquire measurable results through Knowledge Management
        – The possible role of collective intelligence in business education
        – European VET sector: an emblematic case of networking for knowledge creation and sharing
        – L’acteur du projet pour une « économie de la connaissance » : l’ingénieur “entropologue”

        Territorial Clusters & IC:
        – Understanding intellectual assets dynamics: individual assets versus community assets
        – XBRL for enhancement of capability on intangibles
        – The Concept of Context: Its theoretical and empirical relevance for the study of the Knowledge Management process. An exploratory evidence from France
        – Is a Ba-of-Chi like model suitable for the french Pôles de Compétitivité
        – Science Parks as Knowledge Creating Spaces
        – Optimization-ware, workforce productivity management for the 21st century

        Plenary session:
        Knowledge Management for fostering innovation: General introduction
        The excellent leader manoeuvring Chi…
        Toyota Sales System
        Managing Knowledge Dynamics
        Winning Support for Knowledge Management
        Acting and reflexing: the “new science of engineering” turn. From knowledge management to organizational knowing

    • 2nd TKF, September 18-19, 2006, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
      Conference Theme: Comparing Knowledge Management practices across the world: Knowledge in the Cultural Context
      (Co-organizer: TerraForum Consultores; Faculdade de Economia e Administração – University of São Paulo)

        Social Norms and Knowledge Management
        Knowledge management for Innovation — Intellectual Assets based Management in Japan
        Revolution of Monodukuri Spirit in Knowledge and IP Creating Companies in Japan

        The Role of Leadership in the Knowledge Economy:
        – The new Context of Culture based Strategy: Transformation from Knowledge Management to Chi Management
        + 2 Presentations

        Knowledge Management in Healthcare:
        – Knowledge Management in Health, a Latin America Perspective
        – Japanese Healthcare system and the role of Knowledge Management

        Graduate Studies in Knowledge Management
        + 4 Presentations

        The practice of Knowledge Management
        – Knowledge Management in New product development
        – Mitsubishi Chemicals Company: Successful Results
        + 4 Presentations

        The role of the individual and the collective in Knowledge Creation
        + 1 Presentations

        The Role of Information Technology in Knowledge management
        + 3 Presentations

    • 1st TKF, March 18-19, 2005, Tokyo, Japan
      Conference Theme: Japanese Chi: Edge of Evolution
      (Co-organizer: Japan Knowledge Management Association (NPOJAKM))

        Concept of Chi (Knowledge)
        Inheriting the Knowledge DNA of Honda: Organization Culture of Creativity and Frontier Spirit
        Building Knowledge Driven Organization
        Emotional Intelligence
        Intellectual Capital
        The Way towards Humanistic Eonomomy
        The Origin of Knowledge in the Eastern and Western Society

        Special Lectures:
        The Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archeology

        Breakout Sessions:

        Cognitive theory and knowledge
        Entirety and individuality of Chi (Knowledge, Wisdom, Mind)
        The Innovation Competency in the Context of Strategic Management in the New Generation
        Social networking & knowledge community
        Digital Information and Knowledge
        Management is a kite flying in bare feet: SME Case of Unique Technology
        How to realize Corporate sustainable grown by utilizing Intellectural Capital Rating
        Herrmann Model
        Intellectual Assets on Corporate Value

        Country Report Hong Kong
        Country Report Singapore
        Knowledge Management in France
        Knowledge Management in Brazil

        Japan Quality Awards ‘SME Winner’ Presentations:
        1997 (Chiba Isumi Golf Club), 2000 (Musashino), 2003 (NEC Fielding)

        Two KMSJ Study Group Reports

        Special Events:
        MAKE-Japan Presentation Ceremony
        KMSJ Annual Meeting

        Note: This international forum is to be held also as the eighth annual conference of KMSJ.

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