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American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Conferences & Workshops

  • Annual Knowledge Management Conference (inkl. pre-conference workshops/training) 1)
    List of Workshops
  • MENA Knowledge Management Conference, November 18-19, 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2)
    During the conference, participants will discover the strategies and best practices being used to harness the power of knowledge management within their organizations. Hear first-hand the approaches being used inside leading organizations around the world to forge new connections, enhance the flow of knowledge, and improve the feedback loops that enable continuous improvement.

    • Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge: A Timeless Asset in Challenging and Changing Times
    • Workshops: Communities of Practice; Knowledge Management Strategy

Web-based learning

  • Webinars: Monthly Knowledge Management Community Calls
    List of Community Calls
  • Virtual Knowledge Management Roundtables 3)
    List of Roundtables
  • Knowledge Management Chats (on twitter)
  • Podcasts on topics in Knowledge management
    List of Podcasts
  • Workshops, Training & Certification

    • Pre-Member Meeting Training Courses
    • Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice (was: Communities of Practice: KM’s Killer App)
    • Knowledge Management Strategies and Tactics (was ” Knowledge Management: Strategies and Tactics for Business Results” and “KM 201 and 301”)
    • Knowledge Mapping
    • Managing Content and Knowledge
    • Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management
    • Past workshops, training & certification courses
      • Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner
      • Knowledge Elicitation: An Approach to Retain Valuable Knowledge
      • Knowledge Management Strategy
      • Knowledge Management in a Day
      • Making Web 2.0 Work for You
      • Internal Benchmarking & the Transfer of Best Practices
      • Concepts of Knowledge Management
      • Knowledge Management for a Competitive Advantage
      • Knowledge Management: A Strategic Perspective
      • Transforming the Individual Using Creativity & Innovation in a Knowledge Environment
      • In The Know A Knowledge Management Overview (in conjunction with Visitors Day)
      • Knowledge Management 101: Managing Knowledge for Results (formerly known as Transfer of Knowledge & Best Practices)
      • Knowledge Management 201: Strategies for Leveraging Knowledge
      • Knowledge Management 301: Designing, Implementing and Measuring KM Initiatives
      • Knowledge Management Symposium: Applications for Government & Non-Profit Organizations
      • The Transfer of Knowledge & Best Practices (THIS COURSE IS NOW OFFERED AS KM 101)
      • APQC: Knowledge Management Briefing
      • Knowledge Management for Educators
      • Knowledge Sharing for Educators
      • Storytelling: The Art of Effectively Communicating Knowledge Throughout Your Organization
      • Workshop: Sharing Best Practices in Knowledge Management and Performance Measurement
      • Workshop: Sustaining Knowledge Management in the Drug Industry Six Pillars to Success
      • Workshop: Integrating Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
      • Transforming the Individual: Using Creativity & Innovation in a Knowledge Environment

    Executive Speeches/Briefings…

    • …on topics in Knowledge Management
      – Human Capital Management
      – Implementing Communities of Practice
      – Inspiring Innovation Across the Enterprise
      – Knowledge Management Strategy
      – Linking Knowledge Management to Process to Drive Business Performance
      – Managing Knowledge Within an Aging Workforce

    Multimedia Training Material

    • Best Practices Acceleration/ Multimedia Training Toolkits: Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Knowledge Retention and Transfer, Content Management


    • Knowledge Management Advanced Working Group (KM AWG)

    Web Channels

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