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American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • APQC’s Knowledge Management Conference 1)
    (inkl. pre-conference workshops/training)
    List of Workshops
    • APQC MENA Knowledge Management Conference, November 18-19, 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2)
  • APQC Knowledge Management Symposium**
    With a limited group size, this single-day session offers Knowledge Management practitioners an intimate forum for exploring recent research findings, reviewing case studies, and discussing proven approaches for achieving true Knowledge Management success. Through small-group discussion and industry-specific case studies, individuals who are already familiar with Knowledge Management concepts and approaches will gain greater insight as they learn to create and improve their organization’s knowledge management initiatives.

    • Knowledge Management Symposium, September 23, 2011, San Antonio, CA, USA
      (The San Antonio Human Resource Management Association (SAHRMA) with CPS Energy, the San Antonio Association for Organizational Development (SAAOD), and APQC)

    • Sharing Best Practices in Knowledge Management – A Symposium
      February 26, 2003, Thompson University, New York City, USA
      September 17, 2003, Minneapolis, MN, USA
      September 24, 2003, Washington, D.C., USA
      October 1, 2003, Phoenix, AZ, USA
      October 8, 2003, Houston, TX, USA
    • Share Best Practices in Knowledge Management: An Oil & Gas Symposium, October 23, 2002, APQC, Huston, TX, USA
    • Share Best Practices in Knowledge Management: A Government Symposium, October 4, 2002, World Bank, Washington, DC, USA

    • Knowledge Management Symposium: Applications for Government & Non-Profit Organizations, October 2-3, 2000, World Bank, Washington, D.C., USA
  • APQC Best Practices Study Knowledge Transfer Sessions (KTS)
    • Successfully Implementing Knowledge Management, February 7-9, 2000, Houston, Texas

Webinars, Chats & Podcasts

  • Monthly Knowledge Management Community Calls (Webinars)
    List of Community Calls
  • KM Conversations webinar series (Members only themed weeks; instead of 2020 cancelled conference)
    • May 20-21, 2020: Knowledge Management for a Smarter, More Automated World
        Embedding Intelligence in Knowledge Management
        The Mercer Brain: The Brain Behind Content Findability
        Reframing Digital: From Project to Competency
        Think Tank: Knowledge Technology to Support Organizations in Crisis
    • May 13-14, 2020: Innovating Through Disruption and Change (open to members only)
        Managing Knowledge Management Change Amidst Failure and Chaos
        Road to Discovery
        Knowledge Management and Covid-19: Stories from the Front Line
        Think Tank: How Knowledge Management Supports People & Organizations in Pandemic
    • Apr 29-30, 2020: Engaging Employees in Virtual Collaboration
        Life After Love: What Happens After Communities of Practices Fail? | World Vision and Medical Teams International
        Use Culture Accelerators to Super Charge Communities | Microsoft
        Developing Personal Knowledge Management Skills | TechnipFMC
        Think Tank: Knowledge Management for a More Virtual Workforce
  • Virtual Knowledge Management Roundtables 3)
    List of Roundtables
  • “KM Essentials” series (Members only access)
    • Introduction to Knowledge Management (available on Youtube)
    • Strategic Planning for Knowledge Management
    • Developing a Knowledge Management Implementation Roadmap
    • How and Why to Identify Critical Knowledge
    • Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
    • Introduction to Communities of Practice
    • How to Transfer Knowledge
  • On-demand Webinars
    • 2019: Sharing Knowledge Across the Supply Chain
    • Since 2016: Monthly Knowledge Management Community Calls
    • Managing Project Knowledge (Collection)
  • Knowledge Management Conference webinars:
      Mar 2020: Get to Know Our Speakers Talking About Accelerating Knowledge Management; Get to Know Our Speakers Talking About Fostering a Knowledge Management Culture; Get to Know Our Speakers Talking About Building Knowledge Management Skills
      Feb 2020: Get to Know Our Speakers Talking About Embedding Knowledge Management; Get to Know Our Speakers Talking About Adapting Knowledge Management to Digital
  • Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool Support Calls
      Dec 2020: IT Capabilities
      Nov 2020: Content Management
      Oct 2020: Measuring Your Activities and Impact
      Sep 2020: Establishing Knowledge Flow Processes
      Aug 2020: Creating an Enterprise Portfolio of Approaches
      Jul 2020: (1) Establishing a Governance Structure, (2) Crafting Communication Plans
      Jun 2020: Change Management
      May 2020: Establishing Resources
      Apr 2020: Crafting a Budget
      Mar 2020: Building a Business Case
      Feb 2020: Setting Objectives

      Dec-Mar 2019 (1x)
      Jan 2019 (2x)

      Dec 2018 (1x), Nov 2018 (2x)

  • Knowledge Management Chats (on twitter)
    • Sep 11, 2014 Connection between Knowledge Management & Process Improvement
    • Mar 05, 2014: Collaboration
    • Feb 12, 2014: Engagement
  • Podcasts on topics in Knowledge management
    List of Podcasts
    • Knowledge Management Podcasts
      • Aug 2022: Infusing Human Skills and Knowledge in Project Management
      • Jul 2022: Practical, Tactical Steps for Building Knowledge Graphs
      • Jun 2022: Get Started with Knowledge Graphs; Understanding Knowledge Graphs
      • Apr 2022: Getting Knowledge Management Off the Ground; Knowledge Management in Law
      • Mar 2022: Aligning Knowledge Management with Business Needs and Daily Work; Practical, Tactical, and Radical Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Success Secrets from Industry Veterans; Being a Good Data Steward in Digital Supply Chain; How Tacit Knowledge Drives Business Excellence
      • Jan 2022: Translating Data for Human Understanding
      • Dec 2021: The Future of Knowledge Management from a Development Perspective; Culture Strategies for Knowledge Management; Building Data Science and Digital Skills
      • Nov 2021: The Global Future of Knowledge Management; Using Psychology to Improve Knowledge Management with Leland Holmquest
      • Oct 2021: Is Knowledge Management About to Get Radical?; Big Changes Ahead for Knowledge Management; The Future of Communities and Knowledge Management; What’s Ahead for Knowledge Management
      • Sep 2021: Why “Hipster Antitrust” Matters for Knowledge Management
      • Aug 2021: Can Knowledge Management Fix the Labor Shortage?; Thinking Differently: How Knowledge Management and Process Become Resilient
      • Jul 2021: How to Use Data and Machine Learning to Boost Process Performance; Frameworks Jumpstart Process and Knowledge Success; Tacit Knowledge: The Secret Ingredient in Vaccines; Process Knowledge Is Key to Solving the Microchip Shortage
      • Jun 2021: Lance Weiler on Using Storytelling to Navigate the Now
      • May 2021: Finding the Right Career Path in Knowledge Management; The Skills Aspiring Knowledge Management Professionals Need (and a Wish for the Future of Knowledge Management)
      • Apr 2021: Knowledge Isn’t Power When You Can’t Find It; Why Nonprofits Need to Do More with their Data
      • Mar 2021: Why You Want a Steering Committee for Knowledge Management
      • Sep 2020: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Find Experts and Get Knowledge Management (KM) Questions Answered
      • Mar 2019: How to Cultivate a Collaborative Culture with Daniel Coyle
      • Feb 2019: Why You Need a Knowledge Management Vision: Stan Garfield Interview
      • Mar 2018: Knowledge Management Expert Stan Garfield Talks About Latest Knowledge Management Trends
      • Jan 2018: Insights and Surprises About Next-Generation Communities of Practice
      • Aug 2017: Should Knowledge Management Embrace Doing More With Less?
      • May 2017: Getting Project Managers Involved in Knowledge Management
      • Mar 2017: Collaboration and Trust in the Virtual Workplace
      • Feb 2017: Challenge of Balancing Collaboration With Potential of Distractions
      • Aug 2016: Barriers To Knowledge Sharing: Overcoming Distance and Building Strong Knowledge Management
      • Jul 2016: Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: Creating Well-Aligned Measures; Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: Securing Sponsorship; Why Knowledge Management Matters For Process Improvement
      • May 2016: Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: Creating Awareness; Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: Making More Time
      • Mar 2016: Knowledge Management 101; How To Make Sure Mentoring Works For Your Organization
      • Feb 2016: APQC’s Knowledge Management Experts Explore the Impact of Cognitive Computing; Knowledge Management 101
      • Jan 2016: Why You Need a Knowledge Management Strategy, Business Case, and Engagement Plan
    • Big Thinkers, Big Ideas interview series
      • What Airbnb Can Teach Knowledge Management About Transformation
      • How Wise Are Your Leaders?
      • Dr. John Medina on Connections Between Our Brains, Knowledge Management, and Organizing Information
      • Louis Richardson of IBM on Changing of Collaboration, Knowledge Management, and Better Business Results
      • Turning Data Into Story People Will Understand With Narrative Science CEO
    • Process and Performance Management Podcasts
      – How to Tie Knowledge to Process


  • APQC Connected Learning™ Knowledge Certificate (Knowledge Management Certificate)
    Completion of all e-learning modules of the Knowledge Management Starter Kit
  • APQC Connected Learning™ Practitioner Certificate (Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner)
    Connected Learning™ Knowledge Certificate requirements and Face-to-Face Simulation Labs
  • Trainer certification


APQC Academy4) (On-line training courses – facilitated or self-paced)

  • 2023 courses (4 IACET CEUs for each course)
    Transferring Critical Knowledge (instructed-led)
    Building a High-Powered KM Strategy (instructed-led)
    Knowledge Mapping (Beginner, Self-paced)
    Transferring Critical Knowledge (Beginner, Self-paced)
  • 11/2022 courses (instructed-led; 4 IACET CEUs for each course)
    Embedding Knowledge in the Flow of Work
    Designing and Sustaining Communities of Practice
  • 8-9/2022 courses (instructed-led; 4 IACET CEUs for each course)
    Embedding Knowledge in the Flow of Work
    Designing and Sustaining Communities of Practice
    Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management
  • 2021-22 courses
    Knowledge Flow Analysis (Process Design & Analysis)
    Knowledge Mapping (Beginner, Self-paced)
    Transferring Critical Knowledge (Beginner, Self-paced)
  • 2020 courses
    Putting Knowledge in the Flow of Everyday Work (facilitated)
    Aligning Knowledge Management Activities to Business Outcomes (facilitated)
    Knowledge Mapping (self-paced)
    Transferring Critical Knowledge (self-paced)

On-site/Public Trainung4) (currently on-site only, public courses delivered at the APQC KM conference)

  • 2019 ff courses

    Duration: ½ day or 1 day
    Using Knowledge Flow Analysis to Improve Process Design (new in 2020)
    Strategic Planning for Knowledge Management
    Develop a Knowledge Management Strategy
    Evolve & Sustain your Knowledge Management Program
    Plan & Align Your Communities of Practice Strategy
    Design, Launch and Sustain Your Community of Practice
    Transferring Critical Knowledge
    Knowledge Mapping (2002-present)
    Strategies for Measuring Knowledge Management
    Organizational Readiness for Knowledge Managers
    Create a Value Path for Your Knowledge Management Approach
    Knowledge Management Engagement Practices that Work

    Duration: ½ day
    Breaking Down the Barriers to Knowledge Management
    The Executive Leader’s Role in Knowledge Managemant

    Duration: 1 day
    Techniques for Communicating Knowledge Management

  • Past courses:

    Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice (2001-2018)
    Knowledge Management Strategies and Tactics (for Business Results) (2001-2018; previously “KM 201 and 301”)
    – KM 201: Strategies for Leveraging Knowledge (2000-2001)
    – KM 301: Designing, Implementing and Measuring Knowledge Management Initiatives (was: Implementing and Measuring Your Knowledge Management Approach)
    Managing Content and Knowledge (2002-2018)
    Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management (-2018)
    Communities of Practice: Knowledge Management’s Killer App (2013-)
    Knowledge Elicitation: An Approach to Retain Valuable Knowledge (2013-)
    Knowledge Management Strategy (2013-)
    Knowledge Management for Educators (2001-)
    Knowledge Sharing for Educators (2002-2004)
    Communities of Practice (2002)
    Storytelling: The Art of Effectively Communicating Knowledge Throughout Your Organization (2001-)
    KM 101: A Knowledge Management Overview / Managing Knowledge for Results (2000-)
    – The Transfer of Knowledge & Best Practices (now offered as KM 101)
    In the Know: A Knowledge Management Overview (in conjunction with Visitors Day) (1999-2000)
    Transforming the Individual: Using Creativity & Innovation in a Knowledge Environment (1998-1999)
    Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage (1997-1999)
    Internal Benchmarking and the Transfer of Best Practices (1996-1997)
    Knowledge Management: A Strategic Perspective (1996)
    Concepts of Knowledge Management (1996)

Pre-Member Meeting Training Courses

    2010: Knowledge Management in a Day

    2004: APQC’s Knowledge Management Workshop (in conjunction with the 1st Member Meeting & Training)


    – 2008: “Web 2.0 for Knowledge Management” practitioner series (clooaborative dialogue)
    – May 2005: Sustaining Knowledge Management in the Drug Industry: Six Pillars to Success (New Thinking workshop)
    – Apr 2005: Integrating Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning (Hosted by Accenture)
    – 2003: Retaing Valuable Knowledge: A Government and Nonprofit Workshop
    – 2004: Sharing Best Practices in Knowledge Management and Performance Measurement

Executive Speeches/Briefings

    – Knowledge Management (2001-)
    – Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy (2010-2016)
    – Implementing Communities of Practice (2010-2016)
    – Managing Knowledge Within an Aging Work Force (2010-2016)
    – Human Capital Management (2010-2016)
    – Linking Knowledge Management to Process to Drive Business Performance (2016)

Speaker Topics

    Dr. Carla O’Dell
    Your Brain on Knowledge Management – Decoding the Cognitive Science Behind Knowledge Management
    How to Transfer Knowledge and Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Best Practices in Knowledge Management
    “Social Goes to Work” – Sharing Knowledge Using Social Media
    Knowledge Analytics
    Experts Retiring? What to do now
    Uncover Your Hidden Experts

    Cindy Hubert
    Building and Maturing Your Knowledge Management Capabilities
    Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management
    Embedding Knowledge Management Into the Flow of Work
    Knowledge Management as 1st Responder

    Lauren Trees (was: Jim Lee)
    Knowledge Management Strategy
    Knowledge Management Communities of Practice
    Knowledge Management and Social Media
    Knowledge Management and Virtual Collaboration

    Marisa Brown
    Open Innovation
    Improving Idea Generation Through Collaboration
    Improving the Flow of Knowledge in Product Development

e-Learning (Certification) Courses* (now available as CD-ROM; certification no longer offered)

  • Knowledge Management Starter Kit 2004 (Reference: Exec Guide)
    Knowledge Management 101: A Knowledge Management Overview
    Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice
    Knowledge Management Strategies and Tactics for Business Results
    Establishing Performance Measures
    Knowledge Mapping
    Content and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management Starter Kit
    Knowledge Management 101: A Knowledge Management Overview (2002-2004)
    Content and Knowledge Management Systems (2004)
    Knowledge Management Strategies and Tactics for Business Results (2002-2004)
    Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice (2002-2004)
    Knowledge Mapping (2003-2004)
    Knowledge Management: Approaches to Implementation (2002-2004)
    Measuring Your Knowledge Management Initiatives (2002-2004)
    Facilitating Change: Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Environment (2002-2004)
    Information Literacy Toolkit* (2002-2004)
    Learning in a Virtual World* (2002-2004)
  • *Included with permission of Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer. Offered free with purchase of Knowledge Management Starter Kit only

Training Material

  • Best Practices Acceleration/ Multimedia Training Toolkits: Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Knowledge Retention and Transfer, Content Management
  • Connected Learning training CD-ROMs: Knowledge Management Starter Kit


  • Knowledge Management Advanced Working Groups (KM AWGs)
    – Annualy since 2007/08


APQC’s Award for Excellence in Knowledge Management

2022 award winners
Enterprise Winners
PTT Public Company Limited
Saudi Aramco
U.S. Central Command

Business Unit or Entity Winners
U.S. Navy Carrier Team One

2021 award winners
Enterprise Winners
Dubai Municipality
Teach for America

Business Unit or Entity Winners
Prudential Financial
Saudi Aramco PMO

2020 award winners
Enterprise Winners
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Infosys Limited
NATO Communications and Information Agency
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd.
Tata Steel Limited
U.S. Central Command

Business-unit Winners
Capital Group

2019 award winners
(Award Ceremony in conjunction with the APQC KM Conference)

Enterprise Winners
Grant Thornton LLP
Infosys Ltd
U.S. Internal Revenue Service

Business Unit Winners
Bupa Health Insurance
NextEra Energy – Power Generation Division
Royal Dutch Shell
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Pacific Ocean Division, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, South Atlantic Division, Southwestern Division, Engineers Research and Development Center

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