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The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), formerly the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) or Association for Information and Image Management International (AIIM International), and the National Microfilm Association, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • AIIM Certified Information Profesional


  • Certified Information Professional (CIP) Exam Prep Workshop
  • Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Workshop**
  • Enterprise 2.0 Master Preparation Workshop**

Certificate Courses

  • Knowledge Management Specialist Certificate** 1)
  • Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 Practitioner Certificate Program**
  • Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 Specialist Certificate Program**
  • Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 Master Certificate Program**


  • Association for Intelligent Information Management Conference (AIIM Conference)*


    Apr 2023: Moving from Chaos to Knowledge – Four Steps to Intelligent Information Management
    May 2021: Accelerate Productivity With Knowledge Integration
    Sep 2017: Overcoming Information Chaos

    Mar 2008: Enterprise 2.0 – What’s the Real Story?

AIIM Europe

    Enterprise 2.0 – the New Wave


Online Communities

  • Knowledge Management*
  • Knowledge Management – Education*
  • Knowledge Management – Individuals*
  • Knowledge Management – Organizations*
  • Knowledge Management – Oversight*


  • Standards Committees for… (2013-?)
    – Knowledge Management for Individuals*
    – Knowledge Management for Organizations*
    – Knowledge Management Education an Training Programs*
  • (AIIM ANSI/ISO Standards Program) Committee C28: Knowledge Management* 2)


Minnesota Chapter > Twin Cities Information & Knowledge Management Meetup (‘Thirsty Thursday’ INFORMATION Meetup)

  • Sep 2018: tba
  • Jul 2018: tba
  • May 2018: tba
  • Mar 2018: tba
  • Jan 2018: tba
  • Nov 2017: tba
  • Sep 2017: tba
  • Jul 2017:
  • May 2017:
  • Mar 2017: State of the AIIM Nation (Orlando Conference Recap)
  • Jan 2017: Content Strategy and Digital Signage
  • Sep 2016: Content Analytics
  • Jun 2016: CANCELLED
  • May 2016: Behind the scenes tour of Target Field (joint event with ARMA)
  • Mar 2016: Networking Night at Twin Cities Trapeze!
  • Jan 2016: Control Your Data Before it Controls You and/or The Data Tidal Wave. Get Real Value… While There is Still Time
  • Nov 2015:
  • Oct 2015:
  • Jul 2015: Behind the scenes tour of a 90,000sq ft Tier III Data Center

AIIM Chapter Meetings

    May 2000: How Does Knowledge Management Affect You? (Empire Chapter/Western New York with SCIP, SLA and ARMA)
    Apr 2000: Tour and Presentation at Corning Incorporated: Knowledge Management Program Overview; Library of the Future (Empire Chapter/Western New York)
    Mar 1998: Knowledge Management: Internet-Intranet-Extranet (New England)

KMC/AIIM Knowledge Management ANSI/ISO Standard Committee meetings

    – April 12-15, 1999, Atlanta, GA (at the AIIM Conference, exact date to be determined)
    – January 28-29, 1999, Washington D.C. (1st meeting): Conquering the Knowledge Management Tower of Babel: Knowledge Management as a Multidisciplinary Science and Applied Science

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