Advancing AEC Knowledge Management

Advancing AEC Knowledge Management

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The Advancing AEC Knowledge Management conference, organized by Advancing Construction, a Hanson Wade Group company, will gather Knowledge and Information Management leaders from North America’s Architecture, Engineering and Contracting firms to benchmark best practices and lessons learned for uncovering, sharing, organizing, and managing knowledge in their firms. Understand how industry experts are adapting knowledge management theory from other industries and learn how to enhance the effectiveness of information sharing systems to transform lessons learned into systematic business improvements.

Conference History:

Returning in September 2024

Advancing AEC Knowledge Management, July 31 – August 2, 2023, Denver, CO, USA

Conference Theme: Transforming How Knowledge is Uncovered, Shared & Managed Across Your Organization

    Pre-Conference Workshops: (Jul 31)
    Getting Your Knowledge Management Program Off the Ground
    Increasing Efficiency of Knowledge Collection Across the Organization
    Benchmarking Creative Formats for Knowledge Sharing to Increase Adoption

    Conference Sessions: (Aug1-2)

    SESSION: Increasing Organizational Buy-In
    Securing Support From Senior Leadership to Increase Investment in Knowledge Management Efforts
    Instilling the Importance of Knowledge Management Amongst Employees to Drive Engagement & Ensure Valuable Knowledge Is Not Lost
    Audience Discussion: Discovering the Best Ways to Promote Knowledge Sharing Across Your Organization & Maintain Employee Engagement

    SESSION: Strategies for Knowledge Management
    Panel: Discussing Different Organizational Structures for Knowledge Management to Decide What’s Best for Your Firm
    Insights into Action – AEC Knowledge Management In the Digital Age
    Defining the Roles & Responsibilities of Knowledge Management to Better Integrate With Cross-Functional Teams
    (CANCELLED) Audience Discussion: Assessing the Qualities & Skillsets Required for a Knowledge Manager & Where to Find the Best Talent

    SESSION: Effectively Capturing Internal Knowledge
    Integrating Knowledge Capture Into the Day-to-Day Workflow to Increase Engagement With Initiatives
    Identifying & Targeting Knowledge Gaps to Ensure All of the Best Learnings Are Being Shared
    Case Study: Understanding How Best to Manage Communities of Practice as a Method to Capture & Bring Together More Diverse, Specialized Tacit Knowledge
    Putting Measures into Place to Ensure the Cross Pollination of Knowledge Throughout the AEC Ecosystem

    SESSION: Storing, Managing & Maintaining Knowledge
    Optimizing the Structure of Information in Your Content Management System (CMS) to Avoid a Digital Junkyard
    Improving the Management of Your CMS to Help Users Find the Right Information More Quickly
    Creating a System for Quality Control to Ensure the Information in Your Library Remains Relevant & Up to Date
    Selecting the Right Technology to Manage Vast Amounts of Information

    SESSION: Improving Knowledge Sharing
    Integrating Knowledge Sharing into Existing Learning Structures to Better Upskill Staff
    Panel: Identifying How to Improve Knowledge Transfer in a Hybrid Environment
    Audience Discussion: Exploring the Evolution of Knowledge Management in the AEC Industry in the Coming Years

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