Health Informatics & Knowledge Management Conference (HIKM)*

Health Informatics & Knowledge Management Conference (HIKM)*

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The Health Informatics & Knowledge Management Conference (HIKM), formerly the Australasian Conference on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management (HIKM), the Australasian Workshop on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management (HIKM), Health Data and Knowledge Management (HDKM), and Health Knowledge Management and Discovery (HKMD), brings together researchers from the computational intelligence, big health data analytics, health information management and knowledge management in healthcare.

Since its inception, HIKM is part of the Australasian Computer Science Week (ACW) multiconference series.

Conference History:

18th HIKM 2024, 1-2 February 2024, Sydney, Australia Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Data-Driven Clinical Decision-Making: The role of informatics, data analytics and artificial intelligence supporting evidence-based decision-making in health for improved patient outcomes
(Host: School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 30 Jan – 1 Feb 2024

    EHR-QC: A streamlined pipeline for automated electronic health records standardisation and preprocessing to predict clinical outcomes
    Decoding the grammar of DNA using Natural Language Processing

    Lessons learnt using Robots in an Aged-Care Environment

    Full Papers:
    Delicate Decisions at the Intersection of Intensive Care and Machine Learning – How Human Information Needs inform the Development of Decision Support
    Space War: Investigating the Impact of a Loss Aversion Strategy and Personality Traits in a VR Rowing Exergame
    Detecting Brain activity in ADHD children and healthy controls using Machine Learning Techniques
    Designing and Adopting a Video-based LINE Chatbot System for Endoscopy Explanation in a Real-world Hospital: A Mixed Method Approach
    Symptoms-Disease Detecting Conversation Agent using Knowledge Graphs
    Social Media and Dialogues: Unpacking The Role Of Social Networking Sites In Individualized Care
    Utilizing Topological Clustering on a Traumatic Brain Injury Cohort: The Association of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Deprivation Profiles with Injury Mortality
    A Case-Based Approach for Unravelling the Complex Decision Psychology for Adoption Decisions in Enterprise Health Information Systems
    Clinical Translation of a Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia predictor for Intensive Care Patients
    Exploring the clinical value of the International Patient Summary – a systematic review

    Short Papers:
    From wearable activity trackers to Interstitial Glucose: Data to Insight- A proposed scientific journey
    EEG Seizure Detection Via Wavelet Variance
    Emotion Variation Detection in Discrete English Speech: A Wavelet Transform Use Case in Mental Health Monitoring
    Fusion of Graph and Natural Language Processing in Predictive Analytics for Adverse Drug Reactions
    Enhancing Medical History Collection using LLMs
    Wechat Use in Health Interventions: a sub-study of Systematic Review of Effects on Health Outcomes in Managing Risk Factors for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
    Adaptive Semantic Framework for CDSS to a new environment

    The Data Maturity Model Across the Emergency Medicine Data Institute
    Classification of COVID-19 Severity from Cough Audio Signals
    What physical examination and artefacts are conducted during in-person GP consultation? Implications for next-generation design of virtual care
    Leveraging Natural Language Processing with genomeNLP: A step-by-step guide to decipher the grammar of genetic code
    EHRs Beyond Silos: AI will transform Manual Therapy Outcomes
    Efficiency Model Selection in AutoML for CVD Risk Prediction
    AI Technologies in Reducing Hospital Readmission for Chronic Diseases: A Recommended Framework
    The Virtual Caregiver: Enhancing Elderly Healthcare Through AI-Powered Voice-Based Conversational Systems
    Simultaneous auscultation and ECG recording to automate R peak annotation.
    A Business, Technical and Clinical Canvas Design of Emerging Technology for Brain Injury Cognitive Assessments and Rehabilitation
    Analysing Patient Care Events using Sequential Pattern Mining
    Research Partners with Lived Experience: Stories from Patients and Survivors

    The Prof is IN! Ask any question, share any news, suggest any ideas or make any comments!

17th HIKM 2023, 31 January – 2 February 2023, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Theme: Can Health Information and Knowledge Management enable Sustainability?
(Host: Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University)

    Health Informatics – 60 years of changing our environment – and more to come
    A Knowledge-Based Approach to Integration and Interoperability of Sustainable Health Ecosystems in Transformation

    IR-ER- A Hybrid Pipeline for Classifying COVID-19 RNA Seq Data
    Synthetic High-Resolution COVID-19 Chest X-Ray Generation
    Learning from Machines? Social Bots Influence on COVID-19 Vaccination-Related Discussions: 2021 in Review
    Improving syndromic detection capacity from emergency department notes using data augmentation
    Stress Detection on Social Network: Public Mental Health Surveillance
    Electronic Master Problem List in Hong Kong Hospital Authority – its development, implementation and challenges
    Exercise Speed Analysis Based on Head Mounted Display Orientation
    Development of a Virtual Reality Treatment for Tinnitus – A User Study
    Dragon Hunter: Loss Aversion for Eliciting Increased Physical Activity in AR Exergames
    Investigating Changes in Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Time Using a VR Squash Simulation
    Sleep Patterns of Adults With Chronic Insomnia and Their Bed Partners During the Weekdays and on Weekends Using Actigraphy Data
    Mining adverse drug events from patients’ disease histories via a GNN-based subgraph prediction method
    How could a weighted drug-drug network help improve adverse drug reaction predictions? Machine learning reveals the importance of edge weights
    Developing an anomaly detection framework for Medicare claims
    Using AI-Driven Triaging to Optimise Clinical Workflows in Non-Emergency Outpatient Settings: A Real-World Case Study Concerning the Screening of Tuberculosis
    A Case for Causal Loop Diagrams to Model Electronic Health Records Ecosystems
    A Data-driven Framework to Test Validity of The Discovered Clinical Process Based on Patient Outcomes
    A study into the impact of data breaches of Electronic Health Records
    Improving the inclusion of people with disabilities in the remote workplace: Digital assistive technologies


    Colloquiums: (Panels, TBC)
    Digital Health Education and Workforce
    Digital Health as Enabler of Sustainability

16th HIKM 2022, February 14–17, 2022, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Emerging from the Pandemic
(Host: CORE)

    Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management and Health Information – Ethical concerns of AI

    Health Informatics Down Under – Past, Present and Future

    Identifying a Minimum Dataset for Enhancing Disaster Healthcare Information Exchange
    Planning digital health interventions: Digital collection of patient-reported measures from older adults
    Design features and health outcomes of mHealth applications for patient self-management of asthma: a systematic review
    Informing App Design to Reduce Self-Management Challenges Identified for Chronic Disease
    Evaluation of Tracking Algorithms for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Exploration
    Behavioural Modeling and Cognitive Assessment in Smart Textiles
    Third Party Data Service Providers Can Enhance Patient-Provider Interactions: Insights from an Open Banking Delphi Study
    Predictive risk modelling in mental health issues using machine learning
    Hospital Readmission Prediction Using Clinical Admission Notes
    An interpretive study of stakeholders’ privacy issues in blockchain: a healthcare context
    Developing a survey to explore online access to medical records using Expectation Confirmation Theory
    Enhancing Self-efficacy for Fluid Management in Chronic Kidney Disease with Fitbits and Flex
    Revisiting Social Media in Health Care: A Bakhtinian Carnival Perspective
    Adaptive Sensing Scheme for smart e-Health IoT Applications Using Asynchronous Data Under Edge
    Challenges in Discovering Patient Journey Processes
    Analysis of Patient-sharing provider network in MacArthur region, NSW using administrative claim data
    CoXercise Perceptions of a Social Exercise Game and its Effect on Intrinsic Motivation
    Prioritization of Clinical Alarms using Semantic Features of Vital Signs in Remote
    An Ensemble of Machine Learning and Clinician Set Thresholds for Vital Signs Alarms

15th Australasian Conference on HIKM 2021, February 1-4, 2021, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand Virtual venue

(Host: Department of Information Science, Otago University)

    Post-conference tutorials (Feb 1):
    Practical Ethical and Professional Considerations in Health Data Analytics

    Tracking and tracing COVID-19 NZ using Genomic Data

    Role of IT in the Pandemic Response

    Auditory-Game-Motor Synchronisation with Music Tempo in an Immersive Virtual Reality Exergame
    Targeted Health Information Delivery Framework: Evaluation and Feedback from Potential Client End-users
    Open Banking and Electronic Health Records
    Melanoma classification using EfficientNets and Ensemble of models with different input resolution
    Classifying infective keratitis using a deep learning approach
    Establishing a Dialog Agent Policy using Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Psychotherapy Domain
    Handling uncertainty using features from pathology: opportunities in primary care data for developing high risk cancer survival methods
    A comparative analysis of sepsis digital phenotyping methods
    On the Importance of Diversity in Re-Sampling for Imbalanced Data and Rare Events in Mortality Risk Models
    The implementation of public health and economic measures during the first wave of COVID-19 by different countries with respect to time, infection rate and death rate
    Evaluation of Channel Performance in Seizure Prediction

14th Australasian Conference on HIKM 2020, February 4-6, 2020, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

(Host: Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Swinburne University)

    Post-conference tutorials (Feb 3):
    Introduction to building powerful conversational interfaces – how to create custom chatbots with Google Dialogflow
    Introduction to Digital Health Research
    Health Data Assets and Data Governance at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
    Knowledge Discovery and Data Science from the Command Line (Unix shell)

    New Agents in Healthcare Delivery
    Natural Language Processing of Electronic Medical Records

    An Accurate Neural Network for Cytologic Whole-Slide Image Analysis
    Targeted Health Information Delivery Framework: Validation of Staging Engine and Healthcare Practitioners Feedback
    Defining the Health Information Technology discipline: results from the 2018 Australian and New Zealand censuses
    Data-driven Optimisation of in vivo Radioactive Source-tracking for Real-time Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment Verification
    Patient-Centric Mobile App Solution for Cancer Patients
    The Recurrence Dynamics of Personalized Depression
    Design and Evaluation Process of Integrating Patient-Generated Wellness Data using User-Centred Approach
    Design Guidelines for Effective Occupational-Based Personal Health Records
    Epileptic Seizure Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network: A Multi-Biosignal study
    Effective Patient Similarity Computation for Clinical Decision Support using Time Series and Static Data
    FIMIL: A high-throughput and efficient deep learning model for abnormality detection with weak annotation in microscopy images
    Computationally Efficient Epileptic Seizure Prediction based on Extremely Randomised Trees
    Dynamically Recommending Repositories for Health Data: a Machine Learning Model
    “I need to compartmentalize myself”: Appropriation of Instagram for chronic illness management
    Enabling near real time surveillance of Influenza like Illness
    Online survey design and social media: Leveraging social media for knowledge management
    Optimizing Clinical Spatial Resources with IoT
    Voice-Controlled Clinical Coding Companion (VC4) for ICD-10-AM and ACHI Code Assignment
    HHH: An Online Medical Chatbot System based on Knowledge Graph and Hierarchical Bi-Directional Attention
    An Algorithmic Approach to Create Bi-directional Mapping Files Between ICD-10 and ICD-10-AM
    Towards Smart Online Dispute Resolution for Medical Disputes

13th Australasian Conference on HIKM 2019, January 29 – 31, 2019, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

(Host: School of Computing, Macquarie University)

    Discovering the potential of Australia’s first person-centric health data set

    Towards a Youth Mental Health Screening Analytics Tool
    Using Visualization to Illustrate Machine Learning Models for Genomic Data
    Analysing Emerging Topics across Multiple Social Media Platforms
    Immersive Intelligence Genomic Data Visualisation
    Clinically Comprehensible Clustering of Change in Time Series: The C4TS Algorithm
    Multivariate Sequential Analytics for Treatment Trajectory Forecasting
    Thermal comfort and physical activity in an office setting
    HIIT With Hits – Using Music and Gameplay to Induce HIIT in Exergames
    An Interactive Visualization Tool for Sensor-based Physical Activity Data Analysis
    The use of AI in health
    Using mobile health and online social networks to promote physical activity
    Towards a Blockchain based Infrastructure to enable Secure Data Accessibility in Predictive Risk Modelling
    Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Models: A Scoping Review
    Botswana’s Lab-In-A-Briefcase – A Position Paper
    Towards a Blockchain based Fall Prediction Model for Agedcare
    Understanding the Comorbidity of Multiple Chronic Diseases Using a Network Approach
    Topic modelling of vaccine safety signal detection
    Development and exploration of polymedication network from Pharmaceutical and Medicare Benefits Scheme data
    Detection of smoking events from confounding activities of daily living
    Pixel N-grams for the Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy
    Analysing Effectiveness of Multi-Label Classification in Clinical Coding
    Health Consumer Usage Patterns in Management of CVD using Data Mining Techniques
    Integrating Biological Heuristics and Gene Expression Data for Gene Regulatory Network Inference
    Cybersecurity Indexes for eHealth
    “Can I Trust the Data I See?”-A Physician’s View on Medical Data in IoT Health Architectures
    An Overall Health and Well-Being Data Model for Employer-Sponsored Personal Health Records
    BYOD in Hospitals- Security Issues and Mitigation Strategies
    Generating Log Requirements for Healthcare Processes using Work-Flow Modelling
    Systems Design Framework for a Practice-Based Evidence Approached Clinical Decision Support Systems
    Design and Implementation of a Framework for a Health Information Survey System

    Doctoral Consortium Presentations:
    Socio-Technical Perspective on Managing Type II Diabetes
    Developing a best practice framework for monitoring data quality in health research

    Student presentation panel

12th Australasian Conference on HIKM 2018, January 31 – February 2, 2018, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

(Host: Research Computing Centre, University of Queensland)

    Post-conference tutorials: (Feb 2)
    Complementary Medicine Informatics

    Digital Health – what does this mean for you
    Health Information Workforce Census: development of the first inclusive census with global applicability
    Algorithms and intimacy: Social Media on Smart Phones and the marketing of Sugar Sweetened Beverages to young people in South Africa and Australia; some observations and implications for public health campaigners in the context of global increases in the prevalence of obesity
    Providing the right balance – a holistic approach to developing safe health ICT solutions

    Design of a technology-delivered Motivational Interviewing intervention for youth empowerment
    Data Analytics to Select Markers and Cut-off Values for Clinical Scoring
    Crowdsourcing Based Social Awareness for Taboo Diseases like HIV/AIDS
    Datamining Techniques in Breast Cancer: Analysis and Potential
    Detecting short duration ambulatory episodes in Fitbit data
    Dementia Virtual Assistant as Trainer and Therapist-Identifying Significant Memories and Interventions of Dementia Patients
    Modeling neurocognitive reaction time with Gamma distribution
    A Semantic System for Answering Questions in Neuroinformatics
    Patient journey modelling: Is a single continuous clinical care venue essential to good patient outcomes? A retrospective analysis of administrative data enhanced with detailed clinical care review
    Doctors’ perception of the potential of EHR: A Singapore insight
    Educating for the next health revolution – are we failing the frontline?
    Large Scale Modeling of Genetic Networks Using Gene Knockout Data
    Employees’ Perceptions of Sharing Employer-Sponsored Personal Health Records
    Approaches for the Visualisation of Health Information

    HIKM2018—Doctoral Consortium

11th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2017, February 1, 2017, Deakin University, Geelong (Melbourne), Australia

(Host: School of Information Technology, Deakin University)

    Special Seminar on Standards and Interoperability in Healthcare: The new challenges in the Healthcare Internet of Things (HIoT)

    Evolving Concurrent Systems – Behavioural Theory and Logic

    Invited panel (TBA)

    Bullseye Structured Passage Retrieval and Document Highlighting for Scholarly Search
    Characterising relational view updates using relative information capacity
    Dynamic Temporal Constraints in Business Processes
    Characterizing IT-Based Consumer Health Artefacts
    Understanding chronic disease comorbidities from Baseline Networks – knowledge discovery utilising administrative healthcare data
    Vulnerabilities Associated with Wi-Fi Protected Setup in a Medical Environment
    Security of EPrescriptions: Data in Transit Comparison Using Existing and Mobile Device Services
    Data-Driven Patient Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering: The Case of Hip Fracture Care in Ireland

10th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2016, February 3, 2016, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

(Host: Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University)

    Delegation of access in an Information Accountability Framework for eHealth
    Chronicling the patient journey: Co-creating Value with Digital Healthcare Ecosystems
    Patient Journey Modelling as a Policy Mapping Method: Enhancing the Understanding of Policy Analysis
    Evaluation of Tri-axial accelerometery data of falls for elderly through smart phone
    Design of a Virtual Trainer for Exergaming
    Data Integration for Mobile Wellness Apps to Support Treatment of GDM
    Eye Atlas: A Resource for Ophthalmology Students
    Adapting Graph Theory and Social Network Measures on Healthcare Data – a New Framework to Understand Chronic Disease Progression
    Quantifying Mood, Content and Dynamics of Health Forums

9th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2015, January 29, 2015, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia

(Host: School of Computing, Engineering & Math, University of Western Sydney)

    Invited Talks:
    Big Data/Little Data: Reflections on the Role of Data in Improving Healthcare

    Development and Evaluation of an Exercycle Game Using Immersive Technologies
    Trialling a Personal Falls Monitoring System using Smart Phone
    A Content-Based-Image-Retrieval Approach for Medical Image Repositories
    Evaluation of Cross-platform Development Tools for Patient Self-Reporting on Mobile Devices
    Improving Data Quality in Disease Registries and Clinical Trials: A Case Study from the ENSAT-CANCER Project
    The security and privacy of usage policies and provenance logs in an Information Accountability Framework
    The potential for Machine Learning Analysis over Encrypted Data in Cloud-based Clinical Decision Support – Background and Review
    A Visualization System for Analyzing Biomedical and Genomic Data Sets Using Unity3D Platform
    Simulating hospital patient flow for insight and improvement
    Applying International Guidelines for Telehealth Services- a case study
    Evaluation Study of Australian Telehealth Projects

8th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2014, January 22 – 23, 2014, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

(Host: Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology)

    Invited Talks:
    Challenges and Opportunities in eHealth

    Social Media and Online Survey: Tools for Knowledge Management in Health Research
    Crowdsourcing for Clinical Research – An Evaluation of Maturity
    What Pacific People Think of Online Mental Health Information
    Investigating the Potential of Interactive Media to Encourage Engagement with Type 1 Diabetes Management
    Automatic Population of Structured Reports from Narrative Pathology Reports
    BiomRKRS: A Biomarker Retrieval and Knowledge Reasoning System
    Developing High Risk Clusters for Chronic Disease Events with Classification Association Rule Mining
    Prescription Patterns for Pacific Patients with Poor Cardiovascular Disease Medication Supply
    Building an Empirical Treatment Protocol from High-Resolution Traumatic Brain Injury Data
    Health Intelligence: Discovering the Process Model Using Process Mining by Constructing Start-to-End Patient Journeys

7th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2013, January 31, 2013, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

(Host: School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia)

    Clinical bioinformatics: decision support through data and knowledge integration

    Analysing homogenous patient journeys to assess quality of care for patients admitted outside of their ‘home-ward’
    The Role of Electronic Medical Records in the Identification of Suboptimal Prescribing for Hypertension Management: An Opportunity in Unchanged Therapy
    Validating Synthetic Health Datasets for Longitudinal Clustering
    The new Royal Adelaide Hospital –The Age of the Digital Hospital Dawns in South Australia
    Next Generation Linkage Management System

6th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2012, February 1, 2012, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

(Host: School of Computer Science and Information Technology, RMIT University)

    Opening Address:
    Knowledge Management in Biomedical Translational Research

    The Role of Emotional Intelligence on the Resolution of Disputes Involving the Electronic Health Record
    Detection of Evidence in Clinical Research Papers
    Evaluation of Web 2.0 Technologies for Developing Online Telehealth Systems
    Achieving Acceptable Structured eReferral Forms
    A Bayesian Analysis on Historical Clinical Data Concerning Treatment Change for HIV/AIDS Patients
    Inducing and Storing Generalised Evidences using Semantic Web Formalisms
    Gaining Insight from Patient Journey Data using a Process-Oriented Analysis Approach
    Effects of Physician Collaboration Network on Hospital Outcomes

5th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2011, January 20, 2011, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

(Host: Department of Computing, Curtin University of Technology)

    Decision Support Based Needs Assessment for Cancer Patients
    The ChronoMedIt Temporal Medical Audit Framework: Progress and Agenda
    Leveraging Web 2.0 and Consumer Devices for Improving Elderlies’ Health
    Real time processing of data from patient biodevices
    Coupling of Indigenous-patient-friendly cultural communications with Clinical Care Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Web-Based Database and SMS to Facilitate Healthcare Medical Emergency
    Opportunities for Knowledge Management Tools in Clinical Genetic Services
    Chronic Disease Management: a Business Intelligence Perspective
    Defining the Paperless Workplace with the Paper Metaphor – not a Contradiction in Terms

4th Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2010, January 18-21, 2010, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

(Host: School of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology)

    Health LinQ Using Routine Health Data to Link to Better Patient Care

    Session: e-Health Systems
    A Secure Architecture for Australia’s Index Based E-health Environment
    Design of an automatic appointment system to improve patient access to primary health care
    Access to E-Health information for the eNomad

    Session: Data mining and knowledge discovery
    A framework for multi-dimensional temporal clinical data
    Automatic sleep stage identification: difficulties and possible solutions
    Visualising a State-wide Patient Data Collection: A Case Study to Expand the Audience for Healthcare Data

    Session 4: Text mining and searching
    High Accuracy Information Retrieval and Information Extraction System for Electronic Clinical Notes
    A Study on the Use of Search Engines for Question Answering in Biomedicine
    Customisable Linked Data in Biology and Medicine
    Assessing Text Characteristics of Electronic Discharge Summaries and their Implications for Patient Readability

3rd Australasian Workshop on HIKM 2009, January 22, 2009, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

(Host: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington)

    Invited Talks:
    Making 12,000 Healthcare Organisations Interoperate, and Other Challenges

    Assessing Viewing Pattern Consistency in Mammogram Readers
    A classification algorithm that derives weighted sum scores for insight into disease
    Characterizing Image Properties for Digital Mammograms
    Privacy and Security in Open and Trusted Health InformationSystems
    Understanding the implementation of an electronic hospital information system in a developing country: a case study from Pakistan
    GP attitudes towards using HI Systems in their professional role

2nd Australasian Workshop on HDKM 2008, January 24-25, 2008, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia

(Host: School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Wollongong)

    Keynotes: (1)

    Open trusted health informatics structure (OTHIS)
    Febrl: a freely available record linkage system with a graphical user interface
    Security enhanced Linux to enforce mandatory access control in health information systems
    Breast cancer survivability via AdaBoost algorithms
    e-Research meets e-Health
    A platform-independent approach for auditing information systems
    Towards an architecture for quality audit reporting to improve hypertension management
    Automatically generated consumer health metadata using semantic spaces

1st Australasian Workshop on HKMD 2007, February 2, 2007, University of Ballarat, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

(Host: School of Information Technology & mathematical Science, University of Ballarat)

    Keynotes: (1)
    n.a. (CANCELLED?)

    Hospital Management Knowledge Discovery using Discrete Event Simulation
    An Automated System for Conversion of Clinical Notes into SNOMED Clinical Terminology
    A Data Warehouse Architecture for Clinical Data Warehousing
    Determining Pattern Element Contribution in Medical Datasets
    Extracting Semantics in a Clinical Scenario. In Proc. Australasian Workshop on Health Knowledge Management and Discovery
    Take Heart II: a Modular Bayesian Decision Support System
    An Interactive Knowledge-based Learning Environment for Transferring Health Knowledge
    2 n.a.

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