Beyond Storytelling Story Camp*

Beyond Storytelling Story Camp*

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The Beyond Storytelling Conference (BST), organized by the Beyond Storytelling Network, is the international (un- or non-)conference on narrative work and storytelling in organizations, communities and beyond. The conference program combines and balances inspirational speakers and workshops with a carefully crafted learning journey – fostering conversations across disciplines, learning through experimentation and dialogue and collective harvesting of the insights.

Conference language is English (main language) and German.

Conference History:

5th Beyond Storytelling Camp 2022, 22–25 June 2022, Goldegg (near Salzburg), Austria
Conference Theme: Beginnings and endings: Story Camp Schloss Goldegg
(Host: tbd)


4th Beyond Storytelling Camp 2021, 9–12 September 2021, Paretz (near Berlin), Germany
Conference Theme: Power of Story – Stories of Power: Story Camp Paretz
(Host: Breuninger-Stiftung)


    Note: Beyond Storytelling was originally planned as a conference scheduled for 7–9 May 2021 in Berlin, Germany

(POSTPONED) 4th Beyond Storytelling Conference 2020, 7–9 May 2020, Berlin, Germany
Conference Theme: Power of Story – Stories of Power

  • Conference Workshops: Mythic Seduction: Mythological structures of cinematic narration; Embodiment journey to the power of narratives; Strong Story Short: Storytelling for Democracy; Solution-oriented and Constructive Journalism: Towards Stories of Courage; Creating Desirable Futures: Introducing Strategic Time Travelling; Storytelling work: Personal craft, purpose and community; Powered by Conflicts – How to create vivid conflicts for brands; Empowering your story with Data: Storywriting with predictive analytics; Deep Structure Storytelling: How to map 1000 human wonders with artificial intelligence (AI) to forge next-generation stories; Story Up↑ Your Artefact: Story-based performances and collective journeys as powerful short intervention; Navigate the swimmer: find those words that guide your choices; Storytelling at the Watering Hole: listening, engaging and re-distributing power to mold organizational culture; Creative Ways to Harvest and Share Stories; Turning unhappy endings into stories of power: grief and forgiveness in organizations; Stories of Change Writeshop – Learn to write and write to learn
  • Pre-/Post-conference Masterclasses (May 6/10): Tell-a-vision: Connecting with the living power of storytelling and the imagination; People, patterns, stories: Cyborg shamanism and the design of transformative experiences

3rd Beyond Storytelling (un-)Conference 2019, 26–29 June 2019, Lingenau, Austria
Conference Theme: Create – Exchange – Inspire: Story Camp/Research Lab @ Lingenau, European Storytelling Village

  • Workshops & Spaces

2nd Beyond Storytelling (non-)Conference 2018, 8-9 June 2018, Hamburg, Germany
Conference Theme: Re-Authoring Futures

  • Conference Workshops: Open Space Sessions; Stepping into Story Activism; We Are All Chimeras: Promoting Unity, Diversity, and Ingenuity through Metaphorical Storytelling; Developing the future stories of companies – open and closed storyworlds; Storytelling in a social media era; Facts, Fakes and Featured Realities: Ethics and Liabilities of Stories for the Future; Tell the story. Or it will tell you: How you can use personal memoir to re-author your future; Re-shaping a brand’s future by creating alternative narrative territories; Social Presencing Theatre meets Storytelling: Re-authoring futures through the body; Tough times: how to look up when you´re face down; Learning Histories: how a multi-perspective view on past events helps to re-author the future; How to listen to discover inspiring stories where you least expect it; Re-authoring your story with the Story-Canvas; Re-authoring the future of Tourism / Travel; Sherlock Holmes and the Things of Tomorrow; Hakuna Mañana – How to create the in-between times and design future?; The sun is still in my eyes. Reflecting on the constructiveness of life; Shaping the Future of a Story – A Live Session; What is our story to tell? Using a narrative approach to re-connect and to re-author an organization’s story for growth – a real business case
  • Pre-/Post-conference Masterclasses (Jun 7/10): Stories Imagined: Scenario storytelling for Personal and Organizational Change; Re-Authoring Futures with Causal Layered Analysis; Stories Imagined

1st Beyond Storytelling (non-)Conference 2017, 19-20 May 2017, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Conference Workshops: Open Space Sessions; Entering the tacit dimension of knowledge – narrative methods in knowledge transfer; Heroes and Heroines: a Deep Dive in Their Journeys; New models for storytelling – what´s next?; Climbing Mountains. Moving Mountains – Culture Change from a narrative perspective; Struktur und Dramaturgie in Veränderungsprozessen: Das Heldenprinzip®; Re-authoring leadership; Change-Prozesse und das „Unternehmen im Kopf“ / Exploring the “company in the mind”; Let‘s de-construct Gender – Does gender diversity need different leadership narratives?; Transformationen von Organisationen und Kulturen / The Project of Cultural Transformation: On Organisational Reorganisation; Narrative Brand Management & Strategic Story Conception; Let’s make “Lov-e & Car-e-osity” a blended model for organizational learning; The Bigger Picture – Power of visual Storytelling in intercultural
  • Post-conference Masterclasses (May 21-22): Re-Authoring practices for and within organizations: An Introduction to Re-Authoring Practices
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