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Emory University offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Goizueta Business School

Graduate Programs

  • PhD in Information Systems (Concentration: Knowledge Management / Prof. Maryam Alavi)

Goizueta Business School > Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives > The Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning > Knowledge Future Initiative


  • …on topics of the impacts of digitalization on how we obtain and manage knowledge in the future


  • Knowledge Futures: Language, Culture, and Technology, April 16–17, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    This conference is part of the ongoing knowledge futures initiative at Emory University that seeks to bring together thought leaders from a variety of disciplines to discuss new and changing models of knowledge management. It aims to provide a platform for language educators and technology specialists to present their research and practices in integrating technology into the teaching and learning of languages and cultures. Participants will learn how technology is being used in developing curriculum, creating instructional materials, and designing learning tasks; and how current research and new technologies have impacted the way we teach and learn foreign languages. The conference will also serve as a platform for participants to network and explore collaborative projects across languages and campuses.

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