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BE Wenger-Trayner, literally Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • BEtreats: Social LearningLeadership (4 days) – develop effective strategies for leading or supporting social learning initiatives 1)
    Types: State-of-the-art BEtreat; Cutting-edge BEtreat; Research and evaluation BEtreat
    Options: Regular/Public BEtreat (current: USA, Portugal w. online; past: Canada, South Africa, Slovenia), Custom BEtreat (California: State-of-the-art, Cutting-edge, Academic, at yours), Private BEtreat

    • Cultivating Communities of Practice (state-of-the art workshop)
  • Oct 2022: Liberating structures & Social learning (2 days; POSTPONED until 2021)
  • Leading communities of practice and networks

Certificate Courses

  • Social learning leadership Certificate program (1-2 years)


  • … on all aspects of social learning: Communities of practice: a social discipline of learning; Knowledge management as social learning; Social learning in the 21st century; Social learning theory and what it looks like in practice; Social media: strategies for social learning; Social learning capabilities and staying ahead; Social artists and social learning spaces; Learning citizenship and its significance in the 21st century; Crossing boundaries in landscapes of practice; Strategic HR


  • Communities of Practice Summit (CoP Summit), May 20-21, 2022, Sesimbra, Portugal / Virtual venue
      Launch of the BE Wenger-Trayner guidebook for cultivating communities of practice with an invitation to others who have produced a toolkit or guidebook to share theirs too.

Etienne Wenger


  • Communities of Practice – Interactive Workshops
    (Face-to-face and online/teleconference educational and developmental workshops )

    • Introductory modules: Communities of practice in organizations: the new frontier; True knowledge management: the value of communities of practice
    • Community development modules: Community development: principles; Community development: stages of development; Community development: launch design; Community development: community renewal; Key roles in communities: an ecology of leadership; Community coordination; High-impact communities of practice: key factors; Large and distributed communities of practice; Community-oriented technology
    • Organizational initiative modules: Strategic capability building: knowledge as strategy; Community-based knowledge initiatives: building on experience; Institutionalizing communities: five organizational structures; Developing an organizational practice of community building; The role of community sponsor: leadership in a knowledge economy; Establishing the value of communities of practice; Communities of practice and innovation
    • Theory modules: Foundations: introduction to a social theory of learning; Meaning, identity, and power in communities of practice; The community-structure of large-scale learning systems; Learning for a small planet: a research agenda

Public speaking

  • …on topics in communities of practice: Introduction to communities of practice, Advanced topics in communities of practice, Communities of practice in education, Communities of practice and e-learning, Communities of practice and corporate universities, Communities of practice and innovation, Appreciating the value created by communities of practice


  • CPsquare – The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice* (2001-2015)

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