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Hinchcliffe & Company 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Seminars & Workshops

  • Enterprise 2.0 Workshop
  • Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0 Briefing

Web 2.0 University

  • Enterprise 2.0 Bootcamp – A Corporate Social Computing Masterclass (1 day)
      The Roots of 2.0 and Social Computing
      – 2.0: A Working Definition
      – Network Effects Explored
      – Principle 1: Web as Platform
      – Principle 2: Services Beyond a Single Device
      – Principle 3: Data is the Competitive Advantage
      – Principle 4: Lightweight Business & Product Models
      – Principle 5: Rich User Experiences
      – Principle 6: Harnessing Collective Intelligence
      – Principle 7: Leveraging the Long Tail
      Building a Better Enterprise
      – Next Generation Enterprises
      – Tacit Interactions
      – Enterprise 2.0 Defined: SLATES & FLATNESSES
      – Examining A Healthy Enterprise 2.0 Ecosystem
      – The Tools and Techniques of Enterprise 2.0
      – Change Management Approaches for Social Enterprises
      – The IT issues: Security, Integrated Search, Syndication, Etc.
      – Governance: Policy, Legal Requirements, Moderation, Community Management
      Implementing Enterprise 2.0: The Three-Legged Stool
      – The Technology Stack
      – The Processes: Enabling Emergent Outcomes
      – The Culture: Moving Beyond Hierarchy – Influencers & Change Champions
      Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies
      Current Enterprise 2.0 Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Web 2.0 (Executive) Bootcamp (1 day)
      Peer Production: Blogs, Wikis, and Social Media
      Creating Web 2.0 products and services: Open APIs, Mashups, Widgets, Badgets
      Emergent Product Structure: Tagging to 3rd Party Supply Chains
      Leveraging The Long Tail
      The Perpetual Beta and Continuous Innovation
      Techniques for explicitly triggering viral, fast growth network effects
      Social networking
      Product Development 2.0: User-generated content and Crowdsourcing
      The Leading 21st Century Business Model: Harnessing Collective Intelligence
      Best practices for creating an Architectures of Participation
      Maintaining control of hard-to-recreate data sources
  • Web 2.0 University Week (4 days)
      Web 2.0 Fundamentals
      Architecture Day
      Enterprise Day
      Economics 2.0 Day

Web Channels

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