International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (i-IKM)*

International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (i-IKM)*

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The biennial International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (i-IKM), organized by East West University (Department of Information Studies and Library Management), is designed to generate new knowledge in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS). It aims to disseminate experiences regarding the existing scenario of LIS and also to inform about best practices in managing information and knowledge around the world.

Formats: Keynotes, Technical Program (paper presentations), Poster presentations, PechaKucha/Lightning Talk presentations; Cultural Program (sight seeing)

i-IKM, organized in odd years, is complemented by a seminar on Knowledge Management in even years.

Conference History:

3rd i-IKM 2023, 3-5 August 2023, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Conference Theme: Inclusive and Equitable Access to Information for Smart Society

    Thematic areas:
    Information and Knowledge Management for Ensuring Access
    Technoloigies for Inclusive Access to Information
    Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Access to Information

    Bridging the divide: Telepresence robots in GLAMs for inclusive information access in a smart society
    Leave no one behind: Inclusive and equitable access
    2x n.a.
    (Knowledge Sharing on i-School network)

    Invited Talks:
    Inclusive education embracing for a smart society
    Technology-enabled online and digital learning for NEP 2020 in India
    Experiencing open data as a platform for equitable access to information: Learning and research perspectives
    Awareness of faculty members of universities of Bangladesh on institutional repositories
    Higher education in post-pandemic Bangladesh: Have we become media and information literate?
    The role of library and information professionals in promoting digital fluency: Emerging challenges and opportunities

    Conference Paper Sessions: (6)
    Session titles n.a.

    Toolkit Distribution (?)

Seminar on “Knowledge Management and Learning Continuity in Post-COVID Situation“, 21 June 2022, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Program n.a.

2nd i-IKM 2021, 24-26 June 2021, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Information and Knowledge Management, Innovation and Awareness for the Sustainability of Library and Information Institutions

    Let’s work together for innovation and sustainability
    Towards a national media and information literacy policy in Bangladesh: An advocacy coalition framework

    Invited Talks: (Technical Sessions)
    Simplification of Work, Knowledge: Management as a Solution
    Big data and knowledge management: An integrative approach to service innovation in libraries
    Knowledge Management: Potentials for LIS sector
    Information behavior of rural women farmers in developing countries
    Virtual cultural exhibition: LIS students Activities During Pandemic
    Use and Availability of Digital Open Access Resources in India
    Towards the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals: Issues and Challenges amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
    Media and Information Literacy: Competencies to Address Misinformation and Propaganda
    Towards the sustainability of academic libraries in developing countries: a holistic approach
    Becoming MIL Media and Information Literate
    H5 Model of Education, Learning, Information and Knowledge Management

    Paper Presentations: (Technical Sessions)
    Investigating Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in Blended Learning Environment in a Public University of Bangladesh: Students’ Perspectives
    Integration of Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
    Continuing Professional Development-Knowledge Management Nexus in Teaching: Critical Success Factors
    Online user education: An explicit knowledge for teaching library use in pandemic situation at UIN Sunan Kalijaga library
    An exploratory study on bibliotherapy to reduce excessive internet use among teenagers
    Assessing Users’ Needs and Satisfaction Level of Fine Arts Libraries in Bangladesh
    The 100 most cited articles in colorectal cancer (CRC): A scientometric analysis
    Digital Reference Service amid COVID-19: A case study at East West University
    Free flow of information for enhancing transparency: An analysis on e-Government initiatives in Bangladesh
    Practicing 21st century skills by LIS professionals during and after COVID-19 crisis
    Mapping Knowledge Structure of Artificial Intelligence Research in Bangladesh Based on Co-Word and Co-Citation Analysis

Webinar on “Next-Generation Knowledge management for Information Professionals“, 18 June, 2020, Virtual venue

    Program n.a.

1st i-IKM 2019, 25-27 April 2019, Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Conference Theme: Next Generation Information and Knowledge Dissemination to Realize the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development
(In cooperation with: Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) at the Ministry of Public Administration, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh)

    Plenary Session; Pechakuchas (Lightning Talk) Session; Poster Session

    Technical Sessions:
    Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination; Information Literacy as a Critical Skill to achieve Sustainable Development Goals; Information and Knowledge Management; Role of Information Institutions and Professionals in achieving Sustainable Development Goals; Smart Libraries and Sustainable Development Goals; E-learning, MOOCs, Social Media and Sustainable Development Goals; Preservation, Conservation of Digital Resources and Maintaining Intellectual Property Rights; Open Science and Service Innovation for Sustainable Development; Service Quality and user Satisfaction of Information Institutions; Digital Tools for Information and Knowledge Management; Bibliometrics and Scientometrics; R&D capacity for innovative institutional mechanism for public service innovation; Capacity Building Strategy for Sustainable Development Goals; Data and Information Gap Analysis for Sustainable Development Goals and challenges in achieving Sustainable Development Goals

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