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The Knowledge Café Meetup group, also branded as the Gurteen Knowledge Café Club, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Knowledge Cafes, Virtual Open Houses, Workshops, etc.

  • Oct 2020: Virtual Cafe: Dynamic ReTeaming – Coaching Teams Through Change
  • Sep 2020: Virtual Cafe: What’s Knowledge Management really worth? Exploring a business case with a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Aug 2020: Virtual Cafe: How Can Knowledge Management increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Startup Landscape?
  • Jul 2020: Virtual Cafe: What are the personal and organizational benefits of ISO 30401?
  • Jun 2020: Virtual Cafe: What is fueling our inability to have the conversations to heal this country?
  • May 2020: Virtual Cafe: How can you lead change in your organization? (especially virtual)
  • Apr 2020: Virtual Cafe: How does “visual mapping” support decision making in organizations?
  • Feb 2020: Virtual Cafe: How do Knowledge Management and Diversity & Inclusion Create a Shared Strategy?
  • Oct 2019: Virtual Cafe: How can you use “Story Thinking” to improve Knowledge Sharing?
  • July 2019: Virtual Cafe: How can you stimulate better conversation? (Johari Window model)
  • Jun 2019: New International Standard for Knowledge Management (ISO 30401)
  • May 2019: Virtual Cafe: What inspires you? Have you deeply considered your inspirational patterns?
  • Apr 2019: Virtual Cafe: Shall we apply Project Management to Knowledge Management,or vice versa,or both?; (KMI Showcase: Come join us at the annual KM Showcase!)
  • Mar 2019: Virtual Cafe: 40 Knowledge Management projects, only have funding for 5, where do you start?
  • Oct 2018: Virtual Cafe: What does “embodied leadership” look like?
  • Aug 2018: Knowledge Cafe @gov930 KIDM Conference: How to Build Knowledge Management program to actual implementation (Joint event with the Knowledge Management Community DC (KMCDC)); Orshy Organization Workshop: Strategies for building successful partnerships that make successful organizations (Free)
  • Jun 2018: How Can Learning be Activated Across Organizational Boundaries?; Conversational Leadership (Virtual Open House)
  • May 2018: How do you Balance “Free Speech” and “Hurtful Speach”?
  • Apr 2018: How Can Ecperts Share and Innovate Across Different Disciplines? (Online event)
  • Feb 2018: Does Technology Help or Hurt our Ability to Learn?
  • Nov 2017: How Does Virtial Leadership Work Across Generations?
  • Oct 2017: How to Handle Difficult Conversations?
  • Sep 2017: Knowledge Cafe @gov930 KIDM Conference: What is the Future of Knowledge management? (Joint event with the Knowledge Management Community DC (KMCDC))
  • Aug 2017: How do We Develop Critical, Strategic Thinkers Later in their Careers?
  • Jul 2017: Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer – BAS Systems
  • May 2017: (CANCELLED?) What’s the Future of Organizational Learning
  • Apr 2017: Internaltional Learning – What’s Your Personal Culture?
  • Mar 2017: (POSTPONED) Internaltional Learning – What’s Your Personal Culture?

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