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Knowledge Graphs Conference, established by The Data Chefs,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Garaph Conference Community (KGC Community)2)


  • Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC)*3)
      The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) is a curated program that brings experienced practitioners, technology leaders, cutting-edge researchers, academics and vendors together for two days of presentations, discussions and networking on the topic of knowledge graphs.
  • Knowledge Connexions Conference (KnowCon), November 30 – December 2, 2020, Virtual venue
    Conference Theme: Connecting data, people, and ideas: Building a global knowledge ecosystem
    (Organizer: Connected Data London, Knowledge Graphs Conference)


  • KnowHax, the Knowledge-centric AI hackathon
    (Co-organizer: Prototype Open Knowledge Network (Proto-OKN), National Science Foundation)


Tuesday KGC series

    Categories vs Classes: Solving the Ontologist Bottleneck

Knowledge Espresso

    Mar 2024: Knowledge Centric AI & Semantic Technology: Trends and Predictions for 2024

    Dec 2023: Knowledge graphs, especially property graphs in SQL

    Oct 2021: How to achieve buy-in for your knowledge graph projects, while empowering your organization to drive Knowledge Graph democratization
    Sep 2021: Preview of Upcoming KGC Bookclub: Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs
    Jul 2021: How Relational is the Future of Graph; Business Narrative Framework: for telling the Knowledge Graph story;
    Knowledge Graph Industry Survey and Future of Data Management
    Jun 2021: Ontology Engineering — the practice, the book, and the KGC bookclub; Taxonomy Trends; Enterprise Knowledge Graph adoption: challenges, successes, pre-requisites, organizational maturity
    Apr 2021: tbd; Sneak preview of KGC2021 – Pt 2; Sneak preview of KGC2021 – Pt 1
    Mar 2021: Ruben Verborgh on Solid; KGC’s François Scharffe with Pierre Levy
    Feb 2021: The Backbone of Linked Data with; Introduction to the W3C Knowledge Graph Construction Group
    Jan 2021: Four Emerging Use Cases: Knowledge Graphs for Development, Operations, Blockchain, and the Cloud

    Dec 2020: So you want to deploy your first knowledge graph?; Applications of Knowledge Graphs and the Performance Cost of Virtualizatio; Why Data-Centricity Matters
    Nov 2020: Knowledge Connexions Preview; The Emergence of the Content Graph; Graph Neural Networks
    Oct 2020: Futurist Academy student’s portfolio presentations; Graph Embeddings; Intro to Knowledge Graphs with Grakn and Graql; Introduction to TerminusDB; “Semantic Modeling for Data” Author’s Q&A
    Sep 2020: Q&A with Paco Nathan; Technical Approaches to Graphing Communities
    Aug 2020: Knowledge Graphs for Tailored, Personalized UX in Web Science; Why You Should Work at Stardog

KGC Book Club

  • Nov-Dec 2021: The Knowledge Graph Cookbook
    Sessions: Intro, Book Overview, and a Case Study; Deep dive into selected chapters part 1; Deep dive into selected chapters part 2; Workshop on using Pool Party; Office hours for Pool Party
  • Jun-Jul 2021: Ontology Engineering
    Sessions: n.a.
  • Jan-Mar 2021: Demystifying OWL for the Enterprise
    Sessions: n.a.
  • Sep-Dec 2020: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist (3rd edition)
    Sessions: 14

KnowFood: Connecting Food Systems with Data 2020

  • 3rd Thursday of October, November, and December 2020


  • Oct 2020: Overview of knowledge graphs: latest trends (American Statistical Society)


  • Knowledge Graph Conference Lifetime Achievement Award @ Knowledge Graph Conference

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