Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit)

Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit)

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The Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK) is organized by the Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) to get new ideas and solutions to the challenging problems you are facing in your organization.

Conference History:

Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit), October 4-6, 2017, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand
(organized by the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia, Bangkok University in partnership with the Knowledge Management Global Network)
Conference Theme: Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation

  • (TED like, pecha kucha style) Lightning talks: The role of Gamification in digital and cultural transformation; Competing in a data-driven world; Mobilized knowledge – game changers in learning experiences; After action review: Why and whats Next; Harnessing shop floor knowledge – The Tata Steel way; Convergent Knowledge Nuggets; How to right the people side of business and innovation; The key role of KM in innovation corporate internal and external learning processes; KM ROCKs! (Ready Organisations Create Knowledge); Managing digital change in a financial environment
  • Sharing and Co-Creation Circles
  • Masterclasses: A methodology and platform for massive and digital collective intelligence with thousands of participants; Can games stimulate a cultural transformation that embeds digital agility?; Principles and Rules for developping Multicultural Virtual Co- Creative teams; The Evolving Role of KM and the KM Professional in the Digital Era- Industry 4.0, AI and more; Building and Sustaining a Community of Practice; Innovating with Big Data Analytics; The Intelligent Social Change Journey: Transformation and change in a connected world; The TIPS Innovation Profiling Workshop; Relearning how to learn – how to empower change and resilience in a digital economy
  • Workshops (“Knowledge market”): Actionable Gamification using Octalysis; An Innovation Capabilities Model for Thailand; The learning processes involved in Business Ecosystem emergence and development; KM tactics toward becoming a Centre of Excellence; KM added value; Case Examples of Covert KnowNs (Technology); Designing Effective Lessons Learned Sessions to enable KM ROI; Using the Cynefin Decision Making Framework Effectively for KM; The Organizational Knowledge Sharing Framework from the World Bank; Communities of Practice: Nurturing the knowledge sharing & learning environment; Inquiry-based learning in digital and cultural transformations
  • Success Stories: Siriraj Hospital – Thailand; Hong-Kong Police – Hong-Kong; ELF Printing Company – Russia

1st Global Learning Week, 26-30 Sep, 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
(in conjunction with the Knowledge Management Singapore Conference, 29-30 Sep; co-organized with the Information and Knowledge Management Society)

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2 Replies to “Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit)”

  1. “An inaugural KMGN conference for 9/2016 was in the planning but not realized”

    The inaugural KMGN conference for 2016, titled “1st Global Learning Week”, was conducted in Singapore from 26-30 Sep 2016 at Nanyang Technological University, supported by members of KMGN. In total, 14 masterclasses, 8 breakout sessions, 6 presentations / keynotes, and 2 site visits were conducted over the 5 days.

    1. Thanks for the hint, Faiz. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right information at the right time and the right place. Non-subscribed pages on the KMedu Hub are updated only occasionally.

      Kind regards,
      Boris – KMedu Hub initiator

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