Knowledge Management Global Network Conference (KMGN Conference)*

Knowledge Management Global Network Conference (KMGN Conference)*

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The Knowledge Management Global Network Conference (KMGN Conference) series, organized by the Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN), aims to get new ideas and solutions to the challenging problems you are facing in your organization.

Conference History:

Knowledge Management Global Network Conference, 20 January 2021, Virtual venue
(In conjunction with the Knowledge Management Russia (KM Russia) conference, branded as XI KM Russia and VI KMGN annual event)

Note: KM Russia 2020 was originally scheduled for November 26-27, 2020 in Moscow without the KMGN annual event and for December 2, 2020 in a virtual mode with the KMGN annual event; On the KMGN website the conference was scheduled for December 2-3, 2020, Online, with the theme “collaborating with technology”

(POSTPONED) Knowledge Management Global Network Conference, February 12, 2020, Hong Kong, China
Conference Theme: The Future of Business: A Knowledge Management perspective
(in conjunction with the Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum cum Hong Kong MIKE Award, Feb 11 co-organized with: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)

  • Conference Tracks: Keynote Presentations (Knowledge Management and organizational transformation; Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence; KM Global Network Speakers’ Presentations); Panel Discussion

Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit), October 4-6, 2017, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand
Conference Theme: Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation
(co-organized with: Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia, Bangkok University)

  • Pre-conference webinars: MMM 2017: #? O.I. (Organizational Intelligence) before A.I. (Artificial Intelligence); Apr 2017 #01: Designing a Co-Design Workspace
  • (TED like, pecha kucha style) Lightning talks: The role of Gamification in digital and cultural transformation; Competing in a data-driven world; Mobilized knowledge – game changers in learning experiences; After action review: Why and whats Next; Harnessing shop floor knowledge – The Tata Steel way; Convergent Knowledge Nuggets; How to right the people side of business and innovation; The key role of KM in innovation corporate internal and external learning processes; KM ROCKs! (Ready Organisations Create Knowledge); Managing digital change in a financial environment
  • Sharing and Co-Creation Circles
  • Masterclasses: A methodology and platform for massive and digital collective intelligence with thousands of participants; Can games stimulate a cultural transformation that embeds digital agility?; Principles and Rules for developping Multicultural Virtual Co- Creative teams; The Evolving Role of KM and the KM Professional in the Digital Era- Industry 4.0, AI and more; Building and Sustaining a Community of Practice; Innovating with Big Data Analytics; The Intelligent Social Change Journey: Transformation and change in a connected world; The TIPS Innovation Profiling Workshop; Relearning how to learn – how to empower change and resilience in a digital economy
  • Workshops (“Knowledge market”): Actionable Gamification using Octalysis; An Innovation Capabilities Model for Thailand; The learning processes involved in Business Ecosystem emergence and development; KM tactics toward becoming a Centre of Excellence; KM added value; Case Examples of Covert KnowNs (Technology); Designing Effective Lessons Learned Sessions to enable KM ROI; Using the Cynefin Decision Making Framework Effectively for KM; The Organizational Knowledge Sharing Framework from the World Bank; Communities of Practice: Nurturing the knowledge sharing & learning environment; Inquiry-based learning in digital and cultural transformations
  • Success Stories: Siriraj Hospital – Thailand; Hong-Kong Police – Hong-Kong; ELF Printing Company – Russia

1st Global Learning Week, 26-30 Sep, 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
(in conjunction with the Knowledge Management Singapore Conference cum the Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) 2016 Awards & the KM Global Network MOU Ceremony, 29-30 Sep; co-organized with: Information and Knowledge Management Society)

  • Pre-conference webinars: Aug 2016: #5 Organisation Creativity: Value for Knowledge Management; MMM 2016: #4 ?; Jun 2016: #3 Getting the Most of Our Social Capital; May 2016: #2 Design Thinking: How to Apply Design Thinking for Alternative & Innovative Possibilities; Apr 2016: #1 Standing on Shoulders of 200 Knowledge Management Journeys
  • Workshops (Sep 26): Content Marketing: Unlocking the Benefits of a entralized Knowledge Bank (Site Visit to Microsoft Singapore)
  • Sessions (Sep 27-28): Introduction to Knowledge Management: Understanding how the key Concepts fit into Practice; The New Knowledge Management Portal in Office 365; Seeing Systems, Strengthening Collaborations; Enhancing Human Interaction and Operational Efficiency through the Collaboration Computer (CC); Re-valuing Technology and its Impact on Knowledge Management; 2016 State of Knowledge for Customer Service; Data Analytics and Sensemaking: Strengthening Collaborative Approaches to Knowledge Management; Design Thinking: Implications for Knowledge Management; Building an Innovative Learning Organisation; Building a Knowledge Ready Organisation – Knowledge Management Comparisons between Singapore and Russian Organisations; Organisational Creativity & Knowledge Management; Co-Creation and Knowledge Management, Strengthening Innovation
  • KMSG Conference Tracks (Sep 29-30): Keynote & Topic Presentations; Thematic Networking Sessions; Case Studies & Best Practices Sharing Sessions; OpenSpace – Practitioner-led discussions; Expert Panel Discussion
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2 Replies to “ Knowledge Management Global Network Conference (KMGN Conference)*”

  1. “An inaugural KMGN conference for 9/2016 was in the planning but not realized”

    The inaugural KMGN conference for 2016, titled “1st Global Learning Week”, was conducted in Singapore from 26-30 Sep 2016 at Nanyang Technological University, supported by members of KMGN. In total, 14 masterclasses, 8 breakout sessions, 6 presentations / keynotes, and 2 site visits were conducted over the 5 days.

    1. Thanks for the hint, Faiz. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right information at the right time and the right place. Non-subscribed pages on the KMedu Hub are updated only occasionally.

      Kind regards,
      Boris – KMedu Hub initiator

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