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The Knowledge Management Group of Philadelphia (KMG-P), also known as the Philadelphia Chapter of the Knowledge Management Group (PKMG) or in short the Philly KMers, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Monthly (networking) events & webinars

    Feb 2014 (webinar): (cancelled?) Thinking a noon Google+ Hangout

    Nov 2013 (webinar): Thinking a noon Google+ Hangout: discussing results from our community survey
    Oct 2013: How this group might best serve the KMers community in and around Philadelphia
    Sep 2013: 1st meeting of the year: The future of Knowledge Management and local communities & KMG’s ability to re-form

    Jun 2011 (webinar): Creating an Effective Elicitation Process For Defining a New System
    May 2011: Planning KM Camp Philly (unconference) – Round 2
    Mar 2011: Planning KM Camp Philly (unconference)
    Feb 2011 (webinar): How to create a genuine Knowledge Management culture
    Jan 2011: Networking Event – No prepared presentations, but an excellent opportunity to connect

    Dec 2010: Networking Event – No prepared presentations, but an excellent opportunity to connect
    Oct 2010: Networking Event – No prepared presentations, but an excellent opportunity to connect
    Jun 2010: Performance Enhancing
    May 2010: The Success Story behind SAP’s Community Network
    Apr 2010 (webinar): Knowledge Management Implementation: Best Practices
    Mar 2010 (webinar): Stan Garfield’s Communities Manifesto

    Dec 2009: (webinar) The value of Twitter for you and your organization
    Nov 2009: (webinar) So You Want to Be a Knowledge Management Consultant
    Oct 2009: Networking Session
    Sep 2009: Summer Break
    Aug 2009: Summer Break
    Jul 2009: Summer Break
    Jun 2009: tbd
    May 2009: Personal Knowledge Management – the Personal Brain
    Apr 2009 (webinar): Virtual Training Conferences
    Mar 2009: Mining Your Inner Knowledge
    Feb 2009 (webinar): Social Media
    Jan 2009: Knowledge Management Networking: It’s Who You Know! – Networking, LinkedIn, and Relational Capital

    Dec 2008: tbd
    Nov 2008: Social Networking at DuPont
    Oct 2008: Creating the KMG’s Future
    Sep 2008: Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)
    Aug 2008: Summer Break
    Jul 2008: Summer Break
    Jun 2008: Change Management
    May 2008: Knowledge Management Structure at Fox Rothschild and Competitive Advantages of Knowledge Management
    Apr 2008: Applying Knowledge Management System Ownership Across a Medical Affairs Department
    Mar 2008: Knowledge Management Evolving in 2008 and Beyond: Notes from the Edges of Knowledge Theory (including highlights of KM World 2007 Conference)
    Feb 2008: Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)
    Jan 2008: Burning Knowledge Management Topics You’d Like to Discuss: An Open Space Session

    Dec 2007: Burning Knowledge Management Topics You’d Like to Discuss: An Open Space Session
    Nov 2007: Creating and Managing Knowledge in a Virtual World: Perspectives from a librarian and a teacher in Second Life
    Oct 2007: Storytelling as a Critical Success Factor in Knowledge Management Processes and Outcomes
    Sep 2007: Case Study: Leadership Stories
    Aug 2007: Summer Break
    Jul 2007: Summer Break
    Jun 2007: What to Leave In, What to Leave Out: Contents of a Knowledge Management Graduate Course
    May 2007: Implementing Enterprise Knowledge Management: Lessons learned gained from a 10 year career spanning 3 companies
    Apr 2007: Avoiding Reinventing the Wheel: Integrating Knowledge Management Practices and Tools with Project Management Methods
    Mar 2007: Strategies, Knowledge, and Actions That Distinguish Top-Performing, Cross-Functional Teams White Paper
    Feb 2007: Cancelled due to inclement weather
    Jan 2007: What What is the latest going on in the world of Knowledge Management? Highlights from KM World 2006

    Dec 2006: Advice Empowered: Fostering Dynamic Communities of Practice in the Workplace with Web 2.0 Tools
    Nov 2006: Knowledge Management Technology at Penske and GE: A Peek Under the Hood
    Oct 2006: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Strategies for Retaining Knowledge from People that Retire, Transfer, or Quit Your Business
    Sep 2006: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for the Masses
    Aug 2006: Summer Break
    Jul 2006: Summer Break
    Jun 2006: 5+ Years of Talk and Topics: What does that say about Knowledge Management?
    May 2006: A Framework for Knowledge Management: One Company’s Journey to an Award-Winning Knowledge Management Program (Unisys)
    Apr 2006: Compliance, Document Management and SOX
    Mar 2006: User-Contributed Content in Corporate Knowledge Sharing
    Feb 2006: Personal Knowledge Management During a Job Transition
    Jan 2006: What Blogs Bring to Business & Knowledge Management

    Dec 2005: 2005 KMWorld-Intranets Conference Overview
    Nov 2005: Visualizing Knowledge: Techniques and Tools to Support Individual and Group Effectiveness
    Oct 2005: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
    Sep 2005: Designing a Knowledge Management System “By Users” vs. “For Users.”
    Aug 2005: Summer Break
    Jul 2005: Summer Break
    Jun 2005: Googlezon
    May 2005: Knowledge Management and the CFO
    Apr 2005: Knowledge Management Share the Power: Growing and Sustaining a Learning Culture for Bottom-line Results
    Mar 2005: Ethics in the Virtual KM World–Emerging Issues
    Feb 2005: Secrets of Successfully Introducing New Technologies
    Jan 2005: Enabling Tools for Self-Service Tech Support

    Dec 2004: Shared Knowledge
    Nov 2004: Enterprise Search and Taxonomy: A Report from the Trenches
    Oct 2004: Ethical Issues: Managing Knowledge in Virtual Environments
    Sep 2004: Show Me the Money: A Practical Framework for Knowledge Management Metrics
    Aug 2004: Summer Break
    Jul 2004: Summer Break
    Jun 2004: Knowledge Management Group of Philadelphia’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration and Knowledge Sharing Event
    May 2004: Knowledge in Action
    Apr 2004: Knowledge Management in New Product Development
    Mar 2004: eCollaboration Tools
    Feb 2004: Strategic Storytelling: Putting Stories to Work
    Jan 2004: Emerging Technologies

    Dec 2003: Social Networks: Discovery and Analysis
    Nov 2003: Unisys Knowledge Community Enablement
    Oct 2003: Selling the Big Idea
    Sep 2003: After Action Reviews: 5-years of experience
    Aug 2003: Summer Break
    Jul 2003: Summer Break
    Jun 2003: Results of APQC Knowledge Management Benchmarking Study, Part II
    May 2003: Follow Through Management
    Apr 2003: Launching a Portal: Lessons Learned in an Enterprise Environment
    Mar 2003: A Theory of Social System Order: How Theory Guides Positive Change in Day-to-Day Relationships, Conversations, and

    Actions in a Large Healthcare Organization
    Feb 2003: Results of APQC Knowledge Management Benchmarking Study
    Jan 2003: Expertise Location and Management

    Dec 2002: Applying Knowledge Management on Yourself: How Identification and Use of Your
    Nov 2002: Quality Indexes for Taxonomies and Classifications: Complexity, Performance, Usability and Maturity
    Oct 2002: Virtual Communities: Latest Views from Europe (London Conference 2002)
    Sep 2002: The Great Knowledge Management Debate: What is the Future of Knowledge Management?
    Aug 2002: Summer Break
    Jul 2002: Summer Break
    Jun 2002: Highlights from the Delphi Group’s Annual Knowledge Management Conference
    May 2002: Knowledge Management from the Customer Point of View
    Apr 2002: Back by Popular Demand: Your Chance to Ask the Questions That Did Not Get Answer the First Time Around
    Mar 2002: From Roman Chariots to Palm Phones: Lessons Learned Implementing eCollaboration @ DuPont
    Feb 2002: Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures — Or how you know the content you are reading is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with
    Jan 2002: Real-time Collaboration and Knowledge Management Archiving

    Dec 2001: In-house Design and Development of e-Learning
    Nov 2001: Knowledge Management Metrics
    Oct 2001: The Role of the Steward in a Community of Practice
    Sep 2001: Journey to a Knowledge-Based Organization: Lessons Learned
    Aug 2001: Summer Break
    Jul 2001: Summer Break
    Jun 2001: Knowledge Management Technology (Part 3): Demos of decision support, collaboration software and document mananagement
    May 2001: Customer Relationship Management
    Apr 2001: Highlights from the Gartner conference, “Knowledge Workplace 2001: Transforming Your Business for the New Economy”
    Mar 2001: Six Types of Virtual Organizations — and the Implications for Knowledge Management
    Feb 2001: Knowledge Management Technology (Part 2): Before Selecting a Knowledge Management Technology, How Do You Get the More Technology-Savvy and the Less Technology-Savvy to Understand Each Other
    Jan 2001: Knowledge Management Technology (Part 1): Creating a Framework to Understand What Knowledge Management Technologies are Out There

    Dec 2000: Communities of Practice (Part 2)
    Nov 2000: The Symmetry of Futures Research and Knowledge Management — or Everything I Need to Know, I Will Learn Tomorrow!
    Oct 2000: Knowledge Management: It Isn’t About the Toys!
    Sep 2000: Stealth Knowledge Management: Knowledge Sharing as a Covert Operation
    Aug 2000: Summer Break
    Jul 2000: Summer Break
    Jun 2000: Communities of Practice
    May 2000: Individual Learning vs. Organizational Learning and Its Relevance To Knowledge Management
    Apr 2000: Building The Baseline — To Improve The Bottom Line: Knowledge Management Competencies For The Real World
    Mar 2000: Knowledge Management in a Project Management World
    Feb 2000: Case Study: SCT’s Move to an Effective Corporate Portal
    Jan 2000: Knowledge Acquisition and Retention

    Apr 1999: Exploring to start a Knowledge Management learning community
    Mar 1999 (pre-launch meeting): Knowledge Management strategies and practices at HewlettPackard


  • Knowledge Management Camp Philadelphia (KMCampPhilly) 2011 (planned) 2)
    The KMCampPhilly is an unconference, which is a community-driven exercise in learning, networking and community building.

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